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Marvel NOW!


Not "Now", but NOW!, From Marvel Comics

Do You Remember or relish the days of yore? The fresh characters and creative plots that drew you to comic books? Well, the industry has been looking for news ways to keep existing readers and entice new ones. Recently, Marvel had started with Point One issues, where a newbie could jump right in to a story without being confused. DC comics, on the other hand, has been working through the "crisis" with a Flashpoint and a New 52 that started in August 2011.

Picture: Captain America sports his new costume look, and new team here in Avengers #1 (2013).

But that's all going to change. Again. Once more. Marvel has planned something on the bounds of extraordinary; they've explicitly stated that it's not a reboot, but a series of issue #1 starting in October 2012, which they call "Marvel NOW!". Slated to last through Summer 2013, there intent is to make it a reformation point for new and old readers alike, bringing them amazing content, plots, and stronger development.

This summary and landing page for Marvel NOW! is a snapshot of the event. (Is event even the right word here?) We're going going to catalog each cover, the comments and the intents, and see if you like what's going on. As well, you'll be able to see the news articles and opinions of others - maybe even get a few spoilers and sneak peeks.

If you're looking for the All-New Marvel NOW! (Phase Two) Event, Click This Link!

The Marvel NOW Reading Order

UPDATES COMING: 10/16/2013!!

Click Here for The Updated Marvel NOW! Reading Order

Due to size and link restrictions, this Reading Order and Summaries have been moved here.

Most Recent Update

Last Update: 10/21/2013

Rule #1: The Reading Order is fluid until the event is over.

Rule #2: I listen to your comments and work well with others.

Rule #3: No profanity.

10/21/2013. - Just letting everyone know that I'm still here and getting the final touches on the list. There's some issues that still need to be logged and some links that need to be reconnected.

04/26/2013. ::Insert Heavy Panting Here:: Okay, there's a two-part explanation in this note update. First of all, I've finally got the Reading Order and the Summaries moved over to The Superheroes List, a website I run on my spare time. I HAD to move all this stuff because it was getting extremely difficult to publish here on Squidoo. I don't blame anyone at all; my information was too much and had some redundancy. Secondly, this week's update will be implemented MONDAY, 4/24, because of the amount of time it took me to get this moved over. From then on, though, all updates will be more timely.

04/23/2013. Hey again. I'm still in the middle of moving the Summary Pages to their own spaces. All you have to do is click the links in the Reading Order if you want to view them. In the meantime, X-Fan pointed out that I was missing Superior Spider-Man #8. Once I checked that out, I ran back here and added it to the update. Thanks greatly for catching that error!

04/19/2013. Hey everybody! Although much of you already know this, the Marvel NOW! event is shaping up to be pretty long. There's already word of a "second wave" around June. The problem here is space; Squidoo is starting to rebel against the size of this page and it's creating issues. SOOOOooo, to make this work out better, I'm moving the Detailed Summaries to their own, smaller pages. You'll be able to visit them if you want and they'll get updated consistently with new releases. Even though I'd like to keep everything together, it's my only option. Hope it doesn't create a problem for anyone else; you should see changes throughout the coming week.

04/12/2013. Greetings! This is actually a good day because I came up with a strategy to refine the Reading Order and make the event easier to follow. This week's releases have been implemented and expect to see some real GOOD stuff starting Monday 04/15/2013. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

04/04/2013. Added this week's implementations. The ReEvolution Banner is now gone from all the titles, so it's just Marvel NOW! I'm also aware of the Second Wave of this event; it'll probably get another page.

03/29/2013. Hey people. I know a lot of you have been following the interviews and reviews, but I still have to say - It's weird that Age of Ultron is part of the Marvel NOW! event. I think Marvel is really messing with the timeline a lot. Either way, I implemented all the issues, added a little bit of art, and have the AU section at the end. Until next week.

03/22/2013. Well guys, here's the scoop. Now that there's only a month or two (or 3 or 4) left, the final issues are going to wind together at the end. With the exception of a few titles, like Captain America occurring in Dimension Z, most of the changes in the Reading Order will be in tandem with the rest of the titles. I've tried to keep most of the sections separated because this is a huge list, but as with all things, the conclusion should bring it all together.

03/15/2013. He there! Finally read up on all this week's releases and pulled them together for implementation.

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03/07/2013. Heyo! Just implemented this week's releases. The Hulk has been moved up now that we're getting a picture of him wearing his SHIELD armor around the Avengers and so on. Also, I took Shoxee's advice: The version of the Beast in New Avengers has to be the old one. So I have All-New X-Men lined up to assure the continuity. By the way, be aware that I'm spending early, early mornings reading the forum to see if you find any problems. I'm trying to stay on top of this huge event.

Marking the debut of the event, Marvel released a few TPBs, including Marvel Now! Point One and Marvel Firsts: Before Marvel Now! These books represent key figures in the event and some of the new things you'll see that they're working on.

"The Complete Marvel Now! Catalog (Amazon)

Discontinued Titles from Marvel NOW! (Captain America #19 (2012)

Discontinued Titles from Marvel NOW! (Captain America #19 (2012)

The Discontinued Titles - Marvel NOW!

The Casualities of The Marvel NOW! Event

Based on the October solicitations and confirmed by Marvel, these following issues will conclude their titles:

Captain America #19 - Steve Rogers pays a visit to William Burnside, a man who posed as Captain America in the past, and tells a story how it is his burden to be the man with the shield, else others will be called on to fill the role.

Deadpool #63 Wade Wilson, never to be outdone during a comic-book-altering event, finally concludes the strange plot that landed him in this issue. It turns out that the serum that would remove his healing factor didn't work. Either way, the last scene shows his evil twin shooting him in the head, and then blackness. The end? Naw. (Special thanks to MAB86 for pointing this issue out.)

Fantastic Four #611 - This issue returns many of the chronal alternate realities and dimensions back to their origins. By the end, Reed's dad decides to go and "pay his debts". Doom decides he doesn't want to be a god and Valeria hangs out in a dimension where she can get creative. (??) This ends the title, but the actual conclusion of the story occurs in FF #23.

FF #23 - Future Franklin decides it's time to leave this time-continuum and let his younger version grow. After a series of goodbyes, he tells Sue and Reed, his mom and dad, that they did a good job and disappears.

Incredible Hulk #15 - Hulk faces an army of gamma'd-out animal men and doombots and is about to die when, internally, he makes "mental peace" with his Banner side. The two then manage to overwhelm their obstacles and win the battle.

Invincible Iron Man #527 Tony makes rounds to all aspects of his life, including Stark Resilient and Maria Hill of SHIELD before he decides he wants to explore new frontiers. Grabbing some older version of his armor, he blasts off to begin a new chapter of his life.

New Mutants #50 - During a BBQ party, Warlock is assaulted by a similar techno-being named Tyro whose patriarchal side is taking over. Doug comes to his rescue and overwrites his techno-code.

Mighty Thor #22 - Having tricked Odin to return and save them, Thor is now on the Ring of Doom, and under trial until the people of the Nine Realms, especially Baldur, stands for him, breaking the cycle. Strangely, though, this is an intriguing part of Odin's plan yet to be unveiled.

Uncanny X-Men #20 - A bit of a surprise, this title was concluded and restarted back in 2011 with the end of the X-Men: Schism. In this issue, Scott finds out Mister Sinister is still alive while he's in prison. Elsewhere, Magik and Colossus battle it out and she dispels the Cyttorak enchantment on him. Danger is finally release by Unit, and he leaves his imprisonment.

X-Men Legacy #275 - In this long-lasting series, the final issue is about Rogue and Mimic, both superheroes with powers based on other heroes, taking on super-criminals escaping from a prison. The point of the story is that they are learning to trust their powers and their ability to control themselves.

How Foul Marvel NOW!? - A question to the fans.

Much of the impressions given by the editors at Marvel suggest that NOW! will not be twist in reality. It will still retain all the characteristics of an earth-shaking event, but the characters (the ones who survive) will get lots of great stories and updates that won't hurt their backgrounds and past histories.

What do you think? Will this work out? Please vote here and leave a message in the guestbook if you have further opinions.


And thanks for dropping by! Marvel has been avoiding the use of the terms "reboot" and "alternate reality"; it sounds like they don't want to be viewed in a negative light. But what do you think? If you've seen or heard anything pertaining to information provided here, or you'd like to submit some of your own, please feel free to sound off with your constructive criticism or opinions. All are welcome; just remember to be courteous because this is a free resource.

Updates Archive

The Previous Updates.

03/01/2013. Hey guys. Just thought I'd fill you in on my absence. There was a huge storm here and things were sporadic at best. This week's issues are implemented. Submit your discrepancies this weekend and I'll go over everything Monday.

02/22/2013. I've been reading your comments, guys. Just finished this update. Keep up the debate. Like you, I noticed issues that have "discrepancies", but I'm waiting to see how everything plays out. This list is updated for this week.

02/15/2013. Took me awhile, but I finally got this week's update in. The integrity of the Reading Order seems to be holding. Also, it might take a few more days before I can response to any comments below. But I will respond as soon as I can. If you see anything messed up, just let me know.

02/08/2013. Hey people! Just wanted to drop in one last time this week and add the two optional issues I previously mentioned. I'll catch you all next week.

02/07/2013. Hey Everybody! Wow, this event is really a tough one. Right now a major portion of the Reading Order has been shifted around. Spider-Man stuff has been moved up. I also learned that the Beast mutated himself before he joined in on New Avengers #3; that means moving up All-New X-Men and from there just about everything else. This week's releases are in. Tonight I'll be looking at two other issues: Venom #31 and Winter Soldier #15 to see if they should be included as optionals. I'll know tomorrow. See you then!

02/04/2013. Hey Everybody, I'm in the midst of research. There will be updates throughout the next few days, but don't fret. Most of this will remain the same. This is all about streamlining the Reading Order puzzle pieces into a better, more thoroughly explained fit.

01/30/2013. OKAY OKAY! Here's what you need to know! There's enough markers out there - Storms Mohawk, Cap's New Unform, The New Spidey, Beast Mutation, etc - that the Reading Order is going to have a strong reorganization in the next week. Starting Monday, some of the issues - specially the ones without Marvel NOW! - are also going to be pulled out.

Hawkeye and Dark Avengers, for example, don't carry the NOW! banner. I also can't find anywhere, specifically, where they are part of the event.

Anyhow, I'm not doing this to aggrevate readers; this is a normal thing that happens as more clues appear. Expect to see the updated Reading Order changes beginning February 4th, 2013. ALSO, if you find something you disagree with - and can provide data to back it up - I'll give you full credit and fix it up. Start researching, folks!

Last Added Note: I'm also in the middle of giving the section a facelift. I might refresh some of the artwork, but more importantly, I'll go through and skim excesses - like this section you're reading right now. If you need to view past update notes, they're at the bottom of the page now.

01/28/2013. Mizagium and ryanmfraser checked in and pointed out that Uncanny X-Force #1 was missed this week. Today I added that in. By the way, this is going to cause another shake-up in the Reading Order because now we'll be able to pinpoint some errors based on Storm's mohawk. Expect some of the sections to be moved around in the weeks to come.

01/23/2013. Added all the updated for this week.

01/16/2013. Added all the updates for this week and gave Spider-man his own section. It will include all the characters from his franchise. Pulled out non-bannered issues and left them as optional.

01/09/2013. Added this week's releases. One thing confusing about Marvel NOW! is the lack of a central theme. It appears varied across the list of heroes. Some are just different. Others, not so much. Guess we'll wait and see what happens. Also, in the coming weeks, look for Spider-Man to have his own section.

01/02/2013. Happy New Year everybody! This week, there are 5 released issues. They've been added to the Reading Order. Just a note. The normal technique until we have hard, chronological evidence, is to break up the event into different sections. Once they start showing us where they fit, we'll be reintegrating them (unless they're better off left alone.)

12/17/2012. Updated this week's releases with two optional issues. They are important because they lead up to two official issues in the event. (Go Spidey!)

12/21/2012. Deadpool and Shoxee1214, two legendary friends, caught my mistake yesterday...even though they warned me earlier..that Hawkeye #6 was missing from the list. Okay, okay, I added it in. You see, people? This is why you make friends!

12/19/2012. Lots of titles releasing this week and it took awhile to summarize them. The Indestructible Hulk titles have been moved near She-Hulk, and The Avengers-based titles have been divided into two separate sections (before and after) to coincide with Captain America changing his uniform. There will be more changes, including a breaking up of the X-Men titles, but that will be next week.

12/14/2012. Completed this week's update; thanks for your patience. Make a point to note that although Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 is not officially a part of Marvel NOW!, its story falls right into the coming Morbius #1 title. Also, if you're following the Indestructible Hulk title, expect it to be moved next to Red She-Hulk just because it's always good to keep your Hulks in one basket. Thanks all!

12/13/2012. Installed some issues today, but plan on doing the bulk of the new releases tomorrow, Friday.

12/10/2012. Picked up and added Red She-Hulk #60 to the list. Thanks to Deadpool for his keen eye! Also added upcoming issues provided by Shoxee. Thanks greatly for keeping me honest!

12/05/2012.This round of releases has been added and given us some idea of the chronology. It's not perfect yet, but one of the key markers is Captain America's costume. We can now place all issues around Avengers #1, where he upgrades.

11/28/2012. Added this round of releases and some of it is giving an indication as to placement. I'm pushing the All-New X-Men series near the end to coincide with Scott Summer's escape - something which doesn't happen until later on.

11/26/2012. Updated the Thanksgiving Day week releases (finally). Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. One thing to look for in the future is a separation of Thor from the Avengers NOW! section. His title and Journey Into Mystery may be put together for a section of their own.

11/19/2012. As anticipated, I've divided the event into sections due to the lack of chronological markers.

11/15/2012. Lots of issues released this week and it was expected. Starting within the next few days, the titles will be broken up into their own correlating sections to contain their plots or affiliated heroes. Expect to see a few more changes very soon.

11/07/2012. Added two issues to the event. One thing we're seeing from Marvel NOW! is a lack of a central plot, just a shake-up of the way things were. They continue to point out that this is not a reboot. And it appears they are right.

11/02/2012. Thanks to Shoxee1214, I realized that A+X #1 belonged in the event. It should have been obvious, but that's why I always make sure I respect the comments section! Thanks for keeping me in check!

10/31/2012. Updated this week. One new issue and two discontinued issues.

10/24/2012. - Updated this week, but there are no specific NOW! releases. Established some brief summaries in the Concluding Titles section.

10/17/2012. - Marvel NOW Point One #1 was released this week.

10/10/2012. - Added the two issues this week, an update section, and made the tie-in from the previous Avengers vs. X-Men event.

So what do you think NOW? - Your comments on this Marvel "event".

Michael on September 21, 2015:

Cool reading guide! I never thought about doing an issue by issue look at the "era's" as it were. Maybe we can do some interlinking on each others guides?

Dan from CNY on January 12, 2014:

Why do you have a paragraph or two about Green Lantern in a Marvel Now lens???? GL is DC.

Blake Czirr (author) on October 21, 2013:

@juank-pipoca: Hey my friend. Your comments are never a bother, especially since you're keeping me in touch with things that need to be done.

I plan on doing the Age of Ultron Aftermath and the Battle of The Atom events today. Battle of the Atom should appear on Squidoo and the Age of Ultron Aftermath will be on my website. I'll be tying the the AU and AUA pages together.

After that, I'll be fixing up my Marvel NOW! stuff.

juank-pipoca on October 19, 2013:

Hey Blake... I've seen that you moved Age of Ultron lense, hope I'm not bothering you again with this consult: Indestructible Hulk, in its current arc, is dealing with the Age of Ultron Aftermath, just like Iron Man has done in its previous arc. Will you consider to put this as the Age of Ultron Aftermath?

Thanks again :D

Blake Czirr (author) on October 14, 2013:

@anonymous: Hey Henda. Sorry for late reply. Was pretty sick, but I'm back now and working on both! Thanks for kind words

anonymous on August 26, 2013:

@anonymous: try this - http : // goo . gl/Asa3PE

anonymous on August 15, 2013:

Hey Blake, Marvel NOW! "oficially" ended last week. All issues which were released this week were labeled only with Marvel sign. As we can see now, it was only a concept to draw an attention of new readers. Nevertheless, what happened with you, man? Did you give up? If so, i totally understand. It was so hard with all those different titles. However, you can get ready for the Infinity. It should be way much easier... ;-) Wish the best! :-)

anonymous on June 28, 2013:

please what's happen with thesuperheroeslist? the site has Expired where can i find the reading order?

(sorry for my english)

anonymous on June 24, 2013:

@anonymous: Here's a majority of it. The last update he had was on the 5th I believe. There was a AoU section he had incorporated that I didn't copy out, and there was an unsorted section near the end I added my pulls to as the weeks went by.

Marvel NOW!

Marvel NOW! Point One #1

Avengers Assemble #9-13

Deadpool #1-6

Wolverine and The X-Men #19-23

X-Men Legacy #1-6

Captain America Vol. 7 #1-7

Amazing Spider-Man # 700

Avenging Spider-Man #15.1

Superior Spider-Man #1, 2

Daredevil #22

Avenging Spider-Man #16

Superior Spider-Man #3-5

New Avengers #1-6

Avengers #1-13

Indestructible Hulk #1-5

Iron Man Vol. 6 #1-5

Red She-Hulk #58-66

All-New X-Men #1-8

Uncanny Avengers #1-5

Cable and X-Force #1-5

A+X #1-8

Avengers Arena #1-10

Avengers Assemble Annual #1

Young Avengers #1-5

Fantastic Four #1

FF #1

Fantastic Four #2

FF #2-4

Avenging Spider-Man #17

Fantastic Four #3-8

FF #5-7

Thunderbolts #1-10

Thor God of Thunder #1-8

Journey Into Mystery #646-650

Wolverine and The X-Men #24

Uncanny X-Force #1-5

Savage Wolverine #1-5

Uncanny X-Men #1-3

All-New X-Men #9-11

Uncanny X-Men #4-6

All-New X-Men #12

Cable and X-Force #6, 7

Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

Morbius, The Living Vampire #1-5

Avenging Spider-Man #18

Superior Spider-Man #6-11

Fearless Defenders #1-4

Secret Avengers #1-4

Iron Man Vol. 6 #6-8

Nova #1-4

Guardians of The Galaxy #0.1, 1, 2

Thanos Rising #1-3

X-Men Legacy #7-11

Deadpool #7-10

Uncanny Avengers #6-8

Wolverine #1-3

Avengers The Enemy Within

Indestructible Hulk #6-9

Journey Into Mystery #651, 652

Iron Man #9-11

Cable and X-Force #8, 9

X-Men #1

Thor God of Thunder #9

Uncanny Avengers #9

Superior Spider-Man #12

anonymous on June 24, 2013:

does anybody have the latest incarnation of the list?

anonymous on June 24, 2013:

Looks like he gave up...

anonymous on June 22, 2013:

@anonymous: Because he forgot to pay his bill.

anonymous on June 22, 2013:

just wanted to ask, why is the new website with the order not working?

anonymous on May 03, 2013:

Think you missed Fantastic Four #7 from last week.

anonymous on April 30, 2013:

Do you know when the X-Termination crossover takes place during the Marvel Now event ? Is there any reference to it ? Or is it impossible to place it properly ?

Deadpool on April 29, 2013:

Hey blake will you also incorporate the optional comics in your list at the superheros list site?

Deadpool on April 26, 2013:

Hey Blake, i don't see a couple of new books in the list yet , New Avengers #5, Avengers # 10, A+X #7, Avengers Arena #8, Young Avenngers #4, Fantastic Four #7, FF #6, Journey into Mystery #651, Uncanny X-Men #5, Morbius #4, Deadpool #8, Uncanny avengers #7 and Guardian of the Galaxy #2.

Blake Czirr (author) on April 23, 2013:

@anonymous: I checked my pull list after I read your post. Oh crap! I missed it. I'm updating today; I'll fix that immediately. You have my greatest thanks for catching that error on my part. I'm in the middle of a reorganization of this page and my distraction created that screw-up. Thanks again!

anonymous on April 19, 2013:

Sorry, but I'm not seeing Superior Spiderman #8 in your list, it came up this week. Did you just missed it? Or that issue is not part of Marvel NOW!? BTW: great reading order! Congrats on your work :D

Blake Czirr (author) on April 19, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi there. Excellent observation on your part. Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and some of the other issues have "Join The ReEvolution", but not "Marvel NOW!". Originally, I placed them here, but they were optional. What's happening lately is two things: 1) The list is growing huge, so I'm weeding out as many optionals as I can, and 2) The people who run Squidoo and control the TOS don't want this page to grow much larger.

In the near future, I will probably have to pull the summaries and place them on other pages, just so I can keep the Reading Order in a single, uniform spot. It's kinda yucky, but that's how it has to be.

anonymous on April 16, 2013:

Hey, i noticed that none of the Captain Marvel issues are part of your reading order?

Is captain marvel not part of Marvel NOW?

thanx for the great work by the way :)

Blake Czirr (author) on April 16, 2013:

@anonymous: Thanks, my friend. I'll check that out and work it through. This has been a real tough Reading Order and I appreciate it.

Blake Czirr (author) on April 15, 2013:

@anonymous: Hey atomchild, just wanted to let you know that I'm on the same page with you. I've been expecting some "defining" characteristic or event, but actually it's just a reformation or reinvention of their universe and heroes/villains. That's what I'm working on this week; To organize it based on that.

anonymous on April 12, 2013:

Great job on this. Thanks for keeping it going.

anonymous on April 12, 2013:

I am not here to disparage anything you've done, however, I believe that Marvel NOW! is not at all an "event" in the sense that you are assuming. If you look at it as more a reformation rather than a finite story to be told, you may have an easier time with the organization of your list.

That being said, thank you for making the effort to "simplify" this mess of continuity into a more comprehensive and logical reading guide.

anonymous on April 09, 2013:

Hey i noticed in your description for Uncanny X-Men 1, you said there was no chronological marker. Im not sure if this adds a specific marker, but you could say Uncanny X-Men takes place some time after the first 6 or 7 issues of All New X-Men. My only evidence for this is that in All New X-Men, present Cyclops is shown still sporting his all blue costume whereas in Uncanny, hes in the red and black get up.

anonymous on April 09, 2013:

Hey i noticed in your description for Uncanny X-Men 1, you said there was no chronological marker. Im not sure if this adds a specific marker, but you could say Uncanny X-Men takes place some time after the first 6 or 7 issues of All New X-Men. My only evidence for this is that in All New X-Men, present Cyclops is shown still sporting his all blue costume whereas in Uncanny, hes in the red and black get up.

Blake Czirr (author) on April 02, 2013:

@Mizagium: You know it. I'm working on a strategy right now.

Mizagium on March 29, 2013:

Well, looks like Marvel NOW! isn't going to end any time soon. Marvel just announced Avengers A.I. which carried both the NOW! and R'Evolution banners. I guess you still have your work cut out for you.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 21, 2013:

@Mizagium: It's been a long one. Some events will go six months; but the really hard thing about this is lack of a central theme. I'm having a hard time seeing a conclusion to NOW!

Thanks for your comments, my friend!

Mizagium on March 16, 2013:

Blake, I came down here to the comment all riled up to argue about Beast in New Avengers, but on the way, I happened to go back and open New Avengers #3 and All-New X-Men #5 to the relevant pages and now find myself in support of that decision. Varying art styles can be a pain in the rump, huh?

Anyway, it's good to see you're listening to what we all say down here (even though we don't like to agree on much) and that you have a firm grasp of your sanity, still.

Anyway, thanks for the update. It's funny to see how the order has shifted since waaaaay back in...October? God has it been that long...?

Shoxee1214 on March 13, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: well i asked that question to Tom . actually thing is in uncanny avengers #1 its not new costume of cap. Tom said that cap have multiple costumes. and there is also a thing that avengers #1 is taking 1month after at least AvX but uncanny avengers is happening just after AvX. look AvX #12 in the end cap said that he is forming new team. and these things are also confirmed by marvel and Tom. i'm not able to find those links but believe me it is as i said and you can also see story.

SOOOOO uncanny avengers is way before avengers. i can't agree with you. sorry but its true.

Shoxee1214 on March 13, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: what i meant was superior spider-man section should be after Avengers #1-4 . coz in issues #1-4 there is peter parker

Blake Czirr (author) on March 13, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Hey Shoxee, don't worry, I always appreciate your comments.

I definitely understand why you're adamant about Uncanny Avengers being before Avengers; it's because they have the Xavier Funeral and the Summer's meeting.

But in the timeline, the Avengers, All-New X-Men, and Uncanny Avengers are running near-simultaneous. The Avengers reformation occurs at the end of Avengers #1; that reformation is where Captain America adopts his new costume. In Uncanny Avengers #1, Captain America is now in that costume and creating the new mutant-human supergroup. And actually, creating the Uncanny Avengers would fit perfectly into the new Avengers theme from Avengers #1, so that's why I have it this way.

It could change, but for now I'd like to leave it alone.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 13, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: If it's the Superior Spider-Man debuting in Avengers #6, why should I move the Superior Spider-Man section after it?

Blake Czirr (author) on March 13, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Shoxee, in regards to your link, Jonathan was making a joke: "Always blame the other guy". He's not actually answering the question.

Shoxee1214 on March 11, 2013:

@NKRoots: yeah and i was the one who asked this question :-)

NKRoots on March 10, 2013:

@NKRoots: Sorry, I meant before All-new X-Men.

NKRoots on March 10, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: JH confirmed it was Cat Beast in New Avengers on his Formspring Page, so it really takes place before New Avengers.

Shoxee1214 on March 10, 2013:

and yes regarding uncanny avengers being set before avengers i have something to show. look at the answer of this question a fan asked to hickman http : // www . formspring . me / JonathanHickman / q / 421923124729107819

Shoxee1214 on March 10, 2013:

well no a big thing but i asked tom brevoort on his formspring that when will marvel now! tag be removed and he said that it will run through summer.

Shoxee1214 on March 07, 2013:

from avengers #1-3 the spiderman is doc ock version or superior spiderman version so blake you will have to put superior spiderman after avengers section. as yes you can confirm by doing slight research because Avengers writer said clearly that superior spiderman will make its debut in avengers #6 . so you have to move another section my friend :-)

Shoxee1214 on March 07, 2013:

@Mizagium: so this means you didn't get my point. look i'm also trying to say that story matters main when costumes conflict occurs. but Avengers is set at least one month after AvX as it was shown in #1 that one month has been passed since tony and cap discussion. but uncanny avengers is immediately after AvX as in AvX #12 it was said that cap is putting new team and you can also see story flow. and just don't say you also think that cyclops jail scene in uncanny avengers #1 was a flashback

Mizagium on March 06, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: So then Avengers must be...before AvX? I'm not arguing, I'm trying to understand what's going on. Maybe the costume change isn't as important as we assumed...

But that does not sit well in my gullet.

Shoxee1214 on March 06, 2013:

hey blake i have noticed that due to many comments you was not able to see my one comment. i don't agree with you on uncanny avengers being after avengers . you said that particular cyclops scene could be flashback and that's just unbelievable man how can you say that.i'm copy pasting my comment which you didn't notice. here it is when you said that that scene was flashback

"believe me no offence but hey when did that type of assumption became legal in this reading order .

hey blake if you really want to stick with uncanny avengers after avengers then no prob do as you want to its your thing man but how can you say that in one comic book some scenes are flashbacks and some are not without being mentioned oh come on.

in uncanny avengers #1 professor's funeral and havok's visit to cyclops in jail is taking place parallely and then when havok decided to leave then cap and thor meet him and asked him to become head of new avengers and then during their discussion attack takes place and then continue till #4. now how in the world this can be a flashback ohhhhhhh come on blake how much more will i have to tell that whole fight of uncanny avengers #1-4 is way way before avengers."

hope you will again read uncanny avengers and read previous interviews of writers (which i could not find) in which they said again and again that its really first thing after AvX. and yes main thing is story flow which is clearly showing that uncanny is way before everything. Regards

Blake Czirr (author) on March 05, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: For the record, guys, I have no idea if Uncanny Avengers #4 plays into #AgeOfUltron or not. I've got an AU trailer, though, and it does show a Marvel NOW! banner, which surprised me. Anyhow, I'm keeping track of all this and put up an Age of Ultron Summary page up.

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@Mizagium: well i'm not saying that its confirmed. actually its writer said that uncanny avengers #8AU will not be a simple tie-in but it will be a big issue to his complete story arc which will also play in age of ultron so judging from his words i said that.

Mizagium on March 04, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: While I agree with the sentiment, the end of Uncanny Avengers wasn't a clue to Ultron, at least as far as I can tell. It's a clue to the next story arc in Uncanny Avengers that has to do with the Apocalypse Twins.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I don't think that's an Age of Ultron cliffhanger.

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: beleive me no offence but

hey when did that type of assumption became legal in this reading order .

hey blake if you really want to stick with uncanny avengers after avengers then no prob do as you want to its your thing man

but how can you say that in one comic book some scenes are flashbacks and some are not without being mentioned oh come on

in uncanny avengers #1 professor's funeral and havok's visit to cyclops in jail is taking place parallely and then when havok

decided to leave then cap and thor meet him and asked him to become head of new avengers and then during their discussion

attack takes place and then continue till #4

now how in the world this can be a flashback ohhhhhhh come on blake

how much more will i have to tell that whole fight of uncanny avengers #1-4 is way way before avengers.

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: yeah you are right. hey as in avengers #1 we see that tony and cap have that discussion one month before which means avengers #1 was more than one month after AvX and

in uncanny avengers #4 we see at the end that 3 month later ultron robots are destroying world and uncanny avengers are running away from them . we can assume that that teaser was of age of ultron and then considering first story arc of uncanny avengers which happened immediately after AvX we can say that there is 3 month plus some days gap between AvX and Age of Ultron :-)

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

Hey guys, I know that this event is huge with over a hundred issues in the reading order; but isn't this about a month to 2 months of timespan in the Marvel Universe? I think I read somewhere about 6 or 8 weeks have passed at most. That means a lot of the events are happening near-simultaneous.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

Hey guys, I know that this event is huge with over a hundred issues in the reading order; but isn't this about a month to 2 months of timespan in the Marvel Universe? I think I read somewhere about 6 or 8 weeks have passed at most. That means a lot of the events are happening near-simultaneous.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Haha! Man, I'm laughing because we're having this debate. I can totally see what you're talking about, and the truth is that each artist is doing Cap a little different. The same with The Beast. Luckily, following Storm's haircut is much easier.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

@Mizagium: It's kinda funny how each week I expect a whole mess of comic books to ruin the Reading Order. That's why I learned to always listen to you guys. :)

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: You make some good points. Perhaps that scene is just a memorial or a flashback. Marvel is always sketchy like that. Plus, one thing I've learned is that Comic Book Writers love to jump around the timeline in their books. It makes it hard on us.

What I would say is that Cyclops has been in jail for about a month, and Xavier's funeral happened anywhere from a week or two after he was killed; it probably took time because of all the damage that occurred before everyone could get together.

The funny thing about the Reading Order is that all these issues only cover about a month's worth of time. Do you disagree? It's a bunch of near-simultaneous adventures. Marvel really shoved a bunch of stuff into this event; It's one of the biggest I've had to follow.

Also, I just put up an Age of Ultron page. I might tie it into this one, but because it's a big event, I'm giving it its own reading order and summaries.

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@Mizagium: well blake as cap costume is a major marker i want to highlight somethings about cap costume. actually due to different artists interpretations and styles cap costume is really a confusing topic so i think right now cap is supporting four different types of costumes

1: old traditional costume with metal wings . (new avengers #1-3)

2: helmet type costume with chin strap and metal wings (uncanny avengers #1-4)

3: new marvel now! costume with painted wings and chin "Cover" not chin strap. (end of avengers #1)

4: costume with metal wings and chin cover (uncanny x-men #2 and captain america #1)

well interestingly in captain america #1 cap is supporting 4rth type of costume while in #2 he is seen in 3rd type of costume with painted wings.

well you can see now i think we should assume that permanent costume of cap will be of 3rd and 4rth type with chin cover not chin strap which

is in uncanny avengers.

and if we flow story wise then we can also judge that uncanny avengers is way before in story and not to forget that marvel writers said that unanny avengers is the first glimpse of post AvX universe.

Mizagium on March 04, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: You're right about Age of Ultron, Blake. I kept hearing stuff around about it being a Marvel NOW! event, but they released the cover art for Age of Ultron #1 on and it carries neither the Marvel NOW! nor the ReEvolution banner. Hopefully that event will be less confusing.

Blake, you are dedicated to keep up with this mess :P

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: hey blake you have put uncanny avengers after avengers while cyclops is in jail BUT you have put all-new x-men before avengers in which cyclops has bee already freed from jail . boy oh boy that a big error .

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: yeah i think best solution is to wait for future issues of new avengers . but i will go with old form in new avengers #3 because new transformed beast do not have so much facial hair. while in new avengers #3 beast is supporting facial hair like his old form.

Shoxee1214 on March 04, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: yeah sure . but there i am really confused about uncanny avengers.

look you are saying that it is happening after avengers because cap is supporting chin strap but not 'painted' wings. well i say it is happening before avengers because look because in uncanny avengers cyslops is in jail and also professor x funeral takes place in that issue. while avengers is taking place one month after cap and iron man discussion which means it at least one month later AvX. well noe we cannot assume that they buried professor x more than one month later. and yes marvel also said that uncanny avengers is a somewhat foolowup to AvX #12. so this really means uncanny avengers should be way up in the order. what do you think now?

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

Hey Shoxee, I'm adding one more comment because I'm still willing to listen to arguments about The Beast. The thing is, I still see all sorts of Beast Versions running about. There's the real old one that appears in Jean Grey's dream in All-New X-Men #5, the cat-whiskered one in All-New X-Men #1-4, and the newest incarnation at the end of #5 and beyond.

Looking more closely at New Avengers #3, you may be right that that's the older version of the Beast. I say we hold off until we see more. If his appearance changed during New Avengers, we'll have a definitive marker.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Hey Shoxee, this is very good info, but I can only address a few issues at a time. In this specific post, I'd like to talk about the first block of issues on your list.

Marvel Point One is officially the start of Marvel NOW! event. It's got to be the first issue because Marvel "Point One" issues are always the official starting points. So that's why I put it first and Avengers Assemble next.

I put Captain America issues next because he's in his older uniform in issue #1 (Not a chin strap and helmut, but a face-mask).

You have Uncanny Avengers next. I specifically see multiple panels with Cap wearing a chin-strap and helmet. Specifically page 9 and 10 where he is talking to Havok; that's the new uniform and that means Uncanny Avengers occur after Avengers #1

Also, I don't consider the Beast and Storm pictures on issue #4 to be a glitch. Those pictures are a projection of the Red Skull, not the official representation, and I give the artist discretionary freedom to draw the villains however Red Skull wants.

And lastly, about The Beast: I am recording to version of the character:

1) Cat-faced Beast with whiskers, the BEFORE version, and

2) Hellboy-flat-faced Beast with no whiskers, the AFTER version.

In New Avengers #4, that's the AFTER version. No whiskers. Wearing goggles and tech gear doesn't really make a difference.

If you want to make your case, what I might do is put up a post on my website and see if others want to chime in. I'm always willing to go along with the consensus.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Hey Shoxee, checked out all the titles you listed.

Punisher War Zone is not Marvel NOW! and also not ReEvolution.

Alpha is ReEvolution, but not Marvel NOW!, so I'll put it as optional.

Age of Ultron is it's own event and not Marvel NOW! and I've seen nothing that says it is; would you provide me the line showing this is part of Marvel NOW!? I'm actually giving Age of Ultron its own page.

X-Termination is not Marvel NOW! or ReEvolution.

Hey Shoxee, I appreciate all your suggestions, but I can't throw every issue in here just because they have the costume changes. Some of these costumes are going to be around for a long, long time. Anyhow, that's why I'm putting the ReEvolution issues as "optional". Part of the deal is that they have to have the "Marvel NOW!" banner to be part of the official list. If they lack "Marvel NOW!", but have "ReEvolution", I'll put them as optional.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 04, 2013:

@Mizagium: Well, I'll have to take another look at the Nova #1 issue, but in the Guardians issue they bring it to present day where Iron Man is already in space.

Iron Man has had two story arcs so far.

Believe is a 5-part arc. This is where Tony changed into the new modular armor and hunted down all the rampant extremis tech in the world.

AvX Godkiller is where Tony decides to go into space, ultimately confronting alien justice concerning the Phoenix.

Guardians of The Galaxy #0.1, on the other hand, occurs after AvX Godkiller; Tony is already out in space.

Mizagium on March 03, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: i don't think Punisher: War Zone should be included. It doesn't carry the Marvel NOW! or the Join the R'Evolution Banner. It's not a part of this event.

Shoxee1214 on March 01, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: and second thing is i have read some titles and i have arranged them in following reading order. no offense but believe me your reading order has got many many errors

so here is my order

-Avengers Assemble #9-12 (hulk with avengers,iron man old armor,cap old costume,)

-Marvel NOW! Point One

-Iron Man #1-4 (#1 already has iron man new armor)

-Uncanny Avengers #1-4 (#1 iron man's new armor and cyclops is in jail,captain america's old costume,xavier's funeral :GLITCH: in #4 new beast and mohawk storm on pictures)

-New Avengers #1-2 (cap old costume)

-New Avengers #3 (old untransformed beast,5 days later iron man's new armor and cap kicked out by doc strange)

Note:as shown in Avengers #1 flashback around this time after new avengers #3 cap and iron man discussed to form avengers squad so this a one month time in which they formed avengers and then head to mars in avengers #1

Avengers Assembled

{ 1 Month between New Avengers and Avengers

-Indestructible Hulk #1 (slight bald hulk not joined avengers yet,hulk joined s.h.i.e.l.d)

-Indestructible Hulk #2 (after 9 days of #1,iron man's new armor,hulk has armor)

-Indestructible Hulk #3 (bald hulk)

-Avengers Assemble Annual #1 (captain marvel,new iron man armor,in the end vision meets billy of young avengers)

-Gambit #8 (gambit helped people traped in forever city)

-Atonshing X-Men Annual #1 (New Mutants are poping up)

-Wolverine and the X-Men #19 (storm joins wolverine's x-men,jia jing and eye boy joins x-men,angel get control of company,husk left school)

-Wolverine and the X-Men #20 (angel recruits shark girl,hellfire club recruits more villians)

-Wolverine and the X-Men #21-23

-Astonishing X-Men #57-58 (storm is in wolverine's x-men)

-X-Men Legacy #1-6 (from #2 to #6 old beast and long hair storm)

-Captain Marvel #9 (captain marvel and spider woman together fought meaning they are avengers)

-Hawkeye #6 (dated 13 december, peter parker is spiderman and they are avengers)

-Hawkeye #7 (tribute to sandy storm)

-Hawkeye #8 (no marker, but a Valentine's Day tribute)

-Thor God of Thunder #1-5 (in #3 iron man new armor,in #4 thor went to future)

-Fantastic FOur #1

-FF #1

-Fantastic FOur #2-4 (#3 has new year)

-FF #2-4 (#3 dark johny arrives and new year,#4 medusa villain??)

-Iron Man #5-6 (#5 iron man mentioned he intentionally waited long to capture final extremis villain)

-Guardians of Galaxy #0.1 (iron man space armor)

} (end of one month time between new avengers #3 and avengers #1)

-Avengers #1-3 (hulk with hair ,cap new costume & peter parker spiderman)

-Avengers #4 (GLITCH: cap freed hyperion in new costume with old iron man's armor)

-AvX Consequences #1 (long hair storm on wolverine's side,cyclops in jail,iron man 'old' armor,after xavier funeral)

-AvX Consequences #2 (cyclops in jail)

-AvX Consequences #3 (iron man old armor,s.h.i.e.l.d and s.w.o.r.d,long hair storm in jean grey school)

-AvX Consequences #4 (iron man old armor,s.w.o.r.d working with magneto,hope visit alone namor,long hair storm visit alone collossus)

-AvX Consequences #5 (cyclops is freed at end,cable is injured and ran away into hiding)

-A+X #1 (wolverine and hair hulk are in avengers tower meaning both have already joined avengers)

-A+X #2 (rogue mentioned her being an avenger, BUT in second story iron man is in old armor)

-A+X #3 (old storm mentioned being in school and hawkeye mentioned being an avenger)

-A+X #4 (old beast and spiderman is peter,in second story cap has new costume)

-Punisher War Zone #1-5 (cap and iron man new costumes and peter parker spiderman)

-Amazing Spider-Man #698-700 (captain america's new costume and superior spiderman is born)

-Superior Spider-Man #1-3

-Daredevil #22

-Daredevil #23

-Avenging Spider-Man #16 (old beast, long hair storm in wolverine's team)

-Avenging Spider-Man #17 (FF team exists, still F4 hasn't returned)

-Astonishing X-Men #59 (she-hulk has a picture on her table of new FF team)

-All-New X-Men #1-5 (beast transforms, long hair storm,iron man and mr fantastic were said to be not responding calls meaning they both are on their journeys)

-All-New X-Men #6-7 (#7 has mystique pretend wolverine to be an avenger meaning wolverine has already joined avengers,long hair storm,new beast)

-Uncanny X-Men #1-2 (captain america new costume with avengers,hulk with somewhat big hair)

-Wolverine and the X-Men #24 (storm's mohawk in the end)

-Wolverine and the X-Men #25 (mentioned that braddock academy kids are missing)

-Avengers #5 (hulk with hair)

-Avengers #6 (superior spiderman)

-Red She-Hulk #58-62 (#59 cap new costume and iron man new armor,#62 in the end she-hulk decided to go after red she-hulk)

hey blake give this a very good look and then tell me is there any problem?? and yes in new avengers #3 there is untransformed beast because transformed beast do not wear shirt and goggles but the beast in new avengers #3 was wearing both. and yes we should that iron man is consistenly changing his armor from red to black to red or else we can not make a proper reading order. now give this a very very good look :-) Regards .waiting for your response

Mizagium on March 01, 2013:

Not to be a nitpicker, but shouldn't Nova #1 and Guardians #0.1 be placed ahead of everything else? Considering that both of them are flashback (Nova to Six Months Ago, which is actually before AVX; and Guardians is thirty and twenty years ago).

I wonder then if the Godkiller arc leads to Iron Man being on the team or not...

Shoxee1214 on March 01, 2013:

@BlakeCzirr: ok blake i want to say two things. first is that can you include following stuff in this lens

*Punisher War Zone #1-5 (cap new costume)

*Alpha #1-(right after ASM #700)

*Age of Ultron (said by marvel that its taking place in NOW!)

*X-Termination (crossover, this also takes place in NOW! time because Astonishing X-Men #57 saw storm in wolverine's team)

these are all taking place in now! era. and including these all will make this lens a perfect NOW! reading order. do include these all titles. if you don't want to then do tell why?? ok.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 01, 2013:

Hey everybody. Please reply here to list your current discrepancies. I plan on going through this list on Monday to fix all the stuff. Sorry for the late responses. Had a bit of a snow issue here.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 01, 2013:

Hey Shoxee, Spidergeek, Mizagium, et al. Sorry for the late replay, but we had a huge storm in the midwest and it took us from online to sporadic for the last two weeks. What I did was set your comments to approve automatically. That also means that I probably missed some of them.

I am hearing about your discrepancies and trying to read back through the forums. If I miss them in the coming week, please let me know. This list is really huge and I'll try to get it right. I'll definitely use your keen insight, too.

Blake Czirr (author) on March 01, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Hey Shoxee! I consider it to be the mutated version. He's got a "Hellboy" look to him, though and seems like a cross between the old and new one. One thing I look for is the nose to be more pushed in.

Shoxee1214 on February 28, 2013:

can anyone tell me which form of Beast is in New Avengers #3 ?? is it old beast or mutated beast which of All-New X-Men #5 ??? its really disturbing the whole reading order??

so Mizagium? Deadpool? spidergeek2000? Henda17? anyone?


Shoxee1214 on February 26, 2013:

@JamesBond07: hey hey no .let me tell you something in avengers we saw peter parker spiderman and then after that superior spiderman is born and then in avenging spiderman we see superior spiderman teaming with x-men with old(untransformed) beast so this put all-new x-men after avenging spiderman. so in this way all-new x-men is also after avengers. see ???

JamesBond07 on February 26, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: I have to disagree, All New X Men is supposed to be right after AvX, so it just can't be after Avengers, but yeah, uncanny avengers should be before the avengers

Shoxee1214 on February 23, 2013:

@Deadpool: yeah but still major errors are not corrected yet like superior spiderman and all-new x-men should be after avengers. and uncanny avengers should be before avengers. these are major errors and are still to be rectified.hope they will be corrected sooner

Deadpool on February 23, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: he did reply in the update note above here is what he said" 02/22/2013. I've been reading your comments, guys. Just finished this update. Keep up the debate. Like you, I noticed issues that have "discrepancies", but I'm waiting to see how everything plays out. This list is updated for this week.

Shoxee1214 on February 23, 2013:

@Deadpool: hey no prob. 0.1 was actually a reprint . real story starts in #1 and will conclude in #5 and it is happening after Amazing #700 and its writer said that. so this puts it in marvel now! .

well still there are many things to set straight in this lens. i wonder what's taking Blake so long to reply. once and when he will i think then many thing will get right.

Deadpool on February 23, 2013:

Shoxee sorry about that i was thinking you meant the 0.1 Alpha

Deadpool on February 23, 2013:

Hey Shoxee, Alpha Big time #1 Alpha is to be under Peter Parkers Training... This Should go before Amazing Spiderman #692 or #693 which both are the same story, that's where you see Johnny Storm talking about alpha being spiderman's sidekick . Therefore it would not be in Marvel Now yet

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

Hey hi Blake .wanted to ask something actually its been so long since you replied to any comment so ?

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

You missed

*"Alpha Big Time #1"

released on 20th Feb 2013. it directly follows Amazing spiderman #700 according to writers

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

You missed

*"Alpha Big Time #1"

released on 20th Feb 2013. it directly follows Amazing spiderman #700 according to writers

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

hey blake you have just updated reading order for 20th feb 2012 but still you haven't correct things like superior spiderman should be after avengers and hulk should be before avengers, uncanny avengers should be before avengers,deadpool should be before and many more things. i will like you to see may all recent comments . i have highlighted ''many'' error or glitches. Regards

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: ahhhhhhhh here is a complete list again (as of now)

*All Marvel NOW! titles (33 ongoing series,1 one-shot,1 limited series)

*All Revolution Bannered titles (9 ongoing series,1 limited series "Alpha Big Time")

*Titles which fall in marvel now! time but are not bannered either now! or revolution (daredevil #22,astonishing x-men #57-59,astonishing x-men annual 01)

*Punisher War Zone #1-5

*X-Termination #1-2 (Astonishing X-Men #60-62, X-Treme X-Men #12-13, Age of Apocalypse #13-14)

*Age of Ultron #1-10 (Tie-Ins)

*Avengers The Enemy Within (Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble Crossover)

Hope you will include all of these as they are essential part of marvel now! timeframe/timeline

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: oh sorry i meant age of ultron

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

hey hi blake. i've just seen punisher war zone #1-4 and found out that it also fall in marvel now! fact it actually is taking place after avengers #1-3 but before superior spiderman. in this limited series iron man is seen in new armor, captain america is in new costume but without mask and spiderman is peter parker. so i think these details make this limited series worthy of being included here.

and in the end following are the titles or series which fall in marvel now!

*punisher war zone #1-5

*x-termination (crossover)

*age of apocalypse

*avengers the enemy within (may 2013, captain marvel and avengers assemble crossover)

*all marvel now! titles and revolution bannered titles.


Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

@anonymous: no prob at all my friend. thing is i read comics after a story arc is finished that's why i haven't written other titles in above reading order but i do have all the now! titles in my collection .

one more thing i want to know whether you (both) like age of ultron titles to be placed here?? actually AU is also taking place in now! timeframe if it will be put here then we will have a complete smooth now! reading order. so what do you say?? we can convince a creator of this lens to put those titles here when they released if we give him a solid reason for this.

Shoxee1214 on February 22, 2013:

@Mizagium: hey hey hey come on man i know they are not meant to be. But they(Marvel) also say that we shouldn't worry about continuity much. thing is dude this lens is created to provide best reading order so that everyone can have best reading experience. and that's is why everyone is trying his or her best to adjust things :)

anonymous on February 21, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: That is amazing. Thank you for the accurate reading order, Shoxee! I am only collecting Avengers titles, so the Cable and AvX Consequences thing can be ignored. Thanks!

Mizagium on February 21, 2013:

@anonymous: The thing with the A+X issues is that the writers specifially make a point of ignoring continuity. Sure, they kinda fit in places, but I don't think we shoukd try to chronologize (if that isn't a word, it is now) them if they aren't meant to.

Shoxee1214 on February 20, 2013:

@Mizagium: oh sorry i was also referring to that #6 but i think i typed it wrong. great man.its really nice to have someone like you in there who is also taking things with great concentration.

Shoxee1214 on February 20, 2013:

@anonymous: well problem is in A+X #2 (first story) rogue mentions that she is an avenger meaning uncanny avengers has been created so this makes this issue's place after avengers and iron man respectively.

Shoxee1214 on February 20, 2013:

@Mizagium: yeah i also found this little error after reading consequences. but thing is in cable and x-force cap is in his old costume but in consequences #5 he is in his new costume. so i take it that's a glitch from marvel so i think it would be great for cable title to be put after avengers because we have to prefer story over costumes. but its true this really is an error by marvel. gr8 Mizagium

and there is also a similar kind of problem with new avengers #3 but it's a big one. if there is transformed beast in new avengers #3 then how come there be a beast in avenging spiderman #16 where peter parker is not spiderman???

any guess??

Shoxee1214 on February 20, 2013:

@Henda17: oh no problemo.

yeah thing is if it took before AvX then how come captain marvel be in a new costume?

so this points that #8-11 really happened after AvX . ok now thing is that how come hulk be an avengers when iron man is in his old armor but in indestructible hulk iron man is new armor and hulk hasn't joined avengers yet.ohh its so tricky. so we can assume that hulk was temporarily with them and then left and then after meeting iron man in new armor decided to join again :P . what can i say i think that would be our only assumption

Mizagium on February 20, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Curious: where are you getting that Superior Spider Man in Avengers #5? I don't see any evidence for this. He's in #6, but....#5?

Mizagium on February 20, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: Not to ruin this awesome, but Cable and X-Force can't be before AvX Consequences #5. In Consequences, Cable has his arm in a sling i.e. no robot arm, and Hope is still looking for him. Hope doesn't find him until Cable and X-Force #1.

Mizagium on February 18, 2013:

@Shoxee1214: What, do you want to mess the ENTIRE reading order up or something? :P

But yeah I actually do remember them saying that...oye vey.

Shoxee1214 on February 17, 2013:

Hey Blake check this order ,i have read following issues and set them in their best order you can see many differences between this and your order. you have put uncanny avengers after avengers but its wrong coz uncanny avengers has cap old costume and also superior spiderman should be after avengers coz in avengers #1-3 we have peter parker and then superior spiderman meet old beast in avenging meaning all-new x-men will be after avenging spiderman and all avengers section.

Following is a order

Avengers Assemble #9-12

AvX Consequences #1-4 (iron man old armor ,cyclops is in jail)

Atonshing X-Men Annual #1 (New Mutants are born)

Wolverine and the X-Men #19-23 (storm joins wolverine's x-men)

Astonishing X-Men #57-58 (storm is in wolverine's x-men)

Marvel NOW! Point One

Iron Man #1-4 (iron man new armor)

Deadpool #1 (captain america's old costume)

Uncanny Avengers #1-3 (iron man's new armor but captain america's old costume)

Cable and x-force #1 (uncanny avengers with old captain america's costume)

Indestructible Hulk #1-3 (hulk hasn't joined avengers yet,iron man's new armor)

New Avengers #1-3 (issue #3 has iron man new's armor ,BUT is this "OLD" or "NEW" Beast,i hope its old beast or else a disaster will happen to reading order!!!)

Avengers #1-4 (captain america's new costume, peter parker is spiderman)

Avengers #5

A+X #1 (wolverine and hulk are in avengers tower meaning both have already joined avengers)

A+X #2 (rogue mentioned her being an avenger, BUT in second story iron man is in old armor but we should put this issue here)

A+X #3 (storm mentioned being in school and hawkeye mentioned being an avenger)

A+X #4 (beast is untransformed and spiderman is peter,in second story cap has new costume)

Captain Marvel #9

Hawkeye #6 (peter parker is spiderman and they are avengers)

Amazing Spider-Man #698-700 (captain america's new costume and superior spiderman is born)

Superior Spider-Man #1-3

Avenging Spider-Man #16 (storm is in wolverine's team and has old hair, BEAST is also not transformed)

Daredevil #22

Fantastic FOur #1-4 (FF characters were shown to be celebrating a new year, so that's a great marker)

FF #1-3

Iron Man #5-6 (#5 should be placed immediately before #6 because iron man left for space in the end of #5)

AvX Consequences #5 (captain america's new costume and cyclops is still in jail)

All-New X-Men #1-7 (cyclops is just out of jail, beast transforms so should be after Avenging spiderman #16,storm's long hair,iron man and mr fantastic were said to be not responding calls meaning both are on their journeys)

Wolverine and the X-Men #24,25 (storm's mohawk in #24)

Red She-Hulk #58-62 (captain america's new costume and iron man new armor)

Give this a good look and adjust slight errors. and i have written many things in my many comments . Blake do answer my all comments. because with this discussion we can set this order with precision.

anonymous on February 17, 2013:

Hi there Blake, just to mention you forgot one key point in Avengers Arena #4 and is that Chase finds the Darkhawk amulet, and now has taken the mantle of Darkhawk since Chris Powell (the original one) went M.I.A.

Shoxee1214 on February 16, 2013:

the Chapter 4: The Jean Grey School of Higher Learning NOW! should be like this

Astonishing X-Men Annual 01 (gambit mentions that new mutants are popping up signaling marvel now! era)

009 Wolverine and The X-Men #19

Astonishing x-men #57-58 (storm is seen as x-men and in old costume and hair)

010 Wolverine and The X-Men #20

011 Wolverine and The X-Men #21

012 Wolverine and The X-Men #22

013 Wolverine and The X-Men #23

hope you will give it a try . its just like a daredevil #22 thing and yes remember total package lens pal :)


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