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MapleStory Meso Guide: How To Get Unlimited Mesos


MapleStory Meso Guide: How To Make Easy Mesos In MapleStory

This MapleStory Meso guide aims to provide simple, easy and quick methods to make Mesos in MapleStory. With these tips no item will be out of your reach allowing you to build a stronger character regardless of your class.

Mesos are the main currency of MapleStory and are used for all NPC and player transactions. If you are a MapleStory fan you'll understand the importance of Mesos in the MapleStory world.

There are a lot of websites advertising MapleStory Meso hacks but don't fall for them! There is no way to "hack" Mesos in MapleStory and abusing any temporary bugs or glitches will lead to your account being banned.

However, by using the tricks, tips and strategies on this page you will be able to legitimately earn yourself an unlimited Mesos and buy that godly piece of equipment that you've had your eye on.

The Most Mesos You've Ever Had

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What Are Mesos?


Mesos are the in-game currency of MapleStory and are used for all NPC and player to player transactions. Mesos can be obtained in many ways including monster drops, selling items to NPCs, completing quests and trading with other players.

There are several in-game restrictions attached to Mesos. This includes not being able to drop less than 10 Mesos at a time and no more than 50,000 (to prevent people accidentally dropping large amounts of Mesos). The maximum number of Mesos that a single player can hold in their inventory at any time is 2,147,483,647 (this is to do with 32bit integer). However, there is a storage NPC that you can store Mesos/items with in every town. These storage NPCs also facilitate the transfer of Mesos between characters on the same account.

Mesos are an important currency for any MapleStory character as good equipment in MapleStory can be expensive, especially with the increasing amount of Meso inflation.

Quick Meso Making Tips

  1. Sell Fame Everyday.
  2. Pick Up Everything From Monsters
  3. Complete Quests.
  4. Sell Your Rare Items In The Free Market.
  5. Save Your Mesos, Don't Waste Them On Useless Items.
  6. Get Free Karma Koin to use on the MTS or to purchase a pet to pick up loot.

MapleStory Max Meso

MapleStory Max Meso

MapleStory Max Meso


Hunt Monsters & Bosses

The most simplest and easiest way to earn Mesos in MapleStory is to simply kill and hunt monsters, in particular bosses. You earn Mesos in more than one way using this method because not only do monsters directly drop Mesos but they may also drop rare and expensive items for you to sell in the Free Market. Monsters also drop etc. drops which can be sold to NPCs for even more Mesos.

You can even use this technique to hunt for your own equipment, saving you lots of Mesos. You can use Hidden Street's Database to find which monsters drop expensive items or which monsters drop the gear you are after.

If you are serious about using this method then I strongly recommend purchasing a pet (with Meso Magnet & Item Pouch) with NX Cash to ensure that you don't miss a dropped item. If you don't have any NX Cash then you should consider investing in some through Mesos or getting free NX Cash (see further down for more information).

MapleStory Meso Drops

MapleStory Meso Drops

MapleStory Meso Drops



Completing quests are a great supplement to hunting monsters to get lots of Mesos for MapleStory. Quests provide Mesos in many different ways that most people may not realise.

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Firstly, many quests reward the player with a small amount of Mesos upon completion. They also reward the player with large numbers of potions which removes the need for the player to purchase them, saving a lot of Mesos. There are also many quests with great rewards that can sell for several millions of Mesos, see the MapleStory Must Do Quest List.

Lastly are the repeatable quests in MapleStory, which can be repeated an unlimited number of times. Often the items that you receive from these quests can fetch a resonable price and they are also usually easy to complete. See the full list of repeatable MapleStory quests.



Merchanting is definitely the best way to earn the most Mesos in MapleStory. However, it can be very time consuming and is quite hard to get started.

To start being a merchant you require a few things; capital (a large amount of starting Mesos), knowledge of prices (research), a store permit and the time and commitment required to be successful.

So what actually is merchanting? Merchanting involves buying items for prices below what they sell for in the Free Market. This occurs in a few ways; buying from people who are unaware of prices, who accidentally misprice something in their store or don't own a store permit and thus cannot receive maximum price for an item (as they are limited to spamming in the Free Market).

Over time by making small profit on items you will quickly build up Mesos which in turn provides even more capital that you can use to make even more Mesos. There are some great merchanting guides around including BurnxFlame's and Smartguy11's Merchanting Guides.


Create A Farm Character

If your looking for even more ways to make Mesos you can consider creating a farm character. A farm character is a MapleStory character that performs very well with minimal gear and is able to earn Mesos very quickly. These requirements make the Cleric a very popular choice, as you are self-healing and completely self-sufficient once you get MP Eater. As you advance to a Priest and a Bishop you are also highly sought after and are often even paid for your services.

Creating a farm character also allows you to repeat very well rewarding quests.

Miracle Cubes & Meso Sacks

Miracle Cubes & Meso Sacks

Miracle Cubes & Meso Sacks


Cash Shop / Selling NX Cash

Using the MapleStory Cash Shop can also lead to large amounts of Mesos but it does require a real money investment and there is no guarantee.

With the Cash Shop you can purchase Gachapon Tickets and use them at various towns with the chance of obtaining rare and unique items worth hundreds of millions of Mesos. You are also able to purchase special Meso bags (during special events) that reward a random amount of Mesos.

If you have access to NX Cash you also have other options to make Mesos. You can either sell NX Cash directly to players (risky), sell it to your friends (less-risky) or you can use the Maple Trading System (MTS) and buy rare equipment for NX Cash with the plan to re-sell it for Mesos (risk-free but less Mesos for NX Cash ratio).

If you are unable to get access to NX Cash there are Free NX Cash options available.



Participating in the many MapleStory events are also a great way to boost the amount of Mesos you have. Often these events require the use of basic etc. item drops which can be sold for a sizeable amount to rich MapleStory players looking to quickly complete the event or complete it multiple times.

Often the rewards from events are also worth holding onto and selling later on when the price skyrockets as the number of items in the market reduce.

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WriterJanis2 on December 27, 2011:

First I've heard of it, but it looks like fun.

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