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Lords of the Fallen Special Weapons Guide


In Lords of the Fallen, weapons are of paramount importance because the spells and their skill trees are not as developed as Dark Souls 2. The use of weapons can be simple or elegant depending on the play style of the hero. Using the weapons is of utmost importance because it will determine how easily the boss fights will be for the hero. In addition, the 'clunk' heard when one smashes the heads of the enemies is strangely satisfying. Therefore the hero aspire must understand at least some aspects of wielding weapons, and the. various effects of the weapons. This will guide the hero on how to use the special weapons especially, those that the hero will get from difficult locations and boss fights in the world of Lords of the Fallen.

Some simple facts first -
The effectiveness of the weapons is dependent on a few factors, namely

  • strength - this will determine the damage of the weapon
  • agility - this will determine the damage of the weapons for weapons dependent on agility
  • poise - this will affect the 'wieldability' of the type of weapons. Massive weapons such as My Axe needs to heavy arm to maintain the poise needed to create maximum damage. The hero Harkyn can wear light armor, can evade faster, but swinging the heavy weapon feels awkward. Vice versa for light armor and light weapons
  • energy - this determines how many swings of the weapon one can achieve before the hero tires, if one can get in an infinite number of swings, the enemy will surely be defeated.

Now, for the simple weapons, provided in a guide.

Further to this, one now presents the more sophisticated weapons. But before one proceeds further, here is a simple yet effective weapon to use early on in the game - the staff.

  • The simple staff allows for multiple attacks on the simpler enemies at the beginning. As the game progresses, the staff becomes rather ineffective.

Get the staff as one descends to the outside after defeating the first boss of the game - the warden.

Lords of the Fallen Magic Weapons from Boss Fights and Chests

Random enemies will drop random weapons. These can be good but are usually redundant by the time the special magic weapons arrive. Right after the first boss, and when the hero meets Yekta for the first time, the way to the catacombs is open, assuming the hero finds the tower key and then Yekta's daggers.

Lords of the Fallen Weapons Guide


Lords of the Fallen Get My Axe

Now, descend into the catacombs. Go to the save shard that leads to the door that leads to the graveyard.

  • Get My Axe

My Axe is a weapon that scales with the hero's strength. It is quite effective at slaying bosses and enemies in one fell swoop.

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  • My Axe drawback is that it is slow to swing compared to other weapons. Hence the hero needs to run or dodge away after one massive swing. Or wear very high armor rating armor and just stand there and keep swinging My Axe.

The other drawback is the inability of My Axe to unshield stronger enemies with shields. One may have to rely on spells to mislead the enemy or take away from the shield holding ability of the enemy.

Lords of the Fallen Use Persistence Greatsword

  • Persistence Greatsword

The hero can get the persistence greatsword after he defeats the warden. This weapon is good for a while after the hero whilst hero levels up and gets his strength up and up.

Lords of the Fallen Use Conceit Staff

  • The hero will tire of the above weapons and yearn for better or more fun weapons. It's a tough choice between levelling up agility versus strengthen, but its impossible to experience the contrast in weapon mastery with strength and agility without levelling up all the attributes.

With agility level up is the ability to wield the improved version of the simple staff - the conceit staff. Feels the same as the simple staff, but does more damage.

Lords of the Fallen Get Bloodsick Sword

The hunt for better agile weapons continue. Here the hero looks for the Bloodsick sword.

Lords of the Fallen Get Clawfinger

To add to the masses of weapons already collected, the hero will encounter weapons that require faith or will scale with faith. One of these is the Clawfinger, which the hero will get after defeating the worshiper.

Unfortunately, the Clawfinger requires a faith of 18 to wield.

Lords of the Fallen Use Stain Hammer

Then there are the weapons which add elemental damage such as

  • the stain hammer (adds poison damage)
  • the hero will get the stain hammer after defeating the beast.

The stain hammer is a better upgrade compared to the My Axe weapon because it allows one to create a poison pool by hitting the ground. Then lure the enemy into the poison pool and let the enemy disintegrate from the poison. This is particularly useful for enemies hiding behind shields.

Lords of the Fallen Craft Weapon

  • One can also imbue weapons with runes to add elemental damage to it, or add sheer power to it.

Unlock the craft weapon ability after the hero gets to the plane of the Rholgar. The hero will have to defeat the worshiper to get to that area.The crafts-master will imbue the weapons with runes. Use experience points to unlock large runes. Then imbue the weapons with runes, for example, My Axe to make it more powerful.

Lords of the Fallen Weapons After Harkyn Speaks to Antanas

After Harkyn speaks to the saviour of the world at the cathedral, more areas and weapons will be unlocked. This is one of them -

  • the glow dagger
  • the justice greatsword
  • the fiery shortsword (defeat the guardian)
  • the guardsman axe - allows 100% blocks on some enemy attacks, get the guardsman axe from the back passage from the cathedral

There is a myriad of weapons out there. More weapons will follow. Comments on other useful unique weapons are welcome.

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