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5 Ajay Che (Lifeline) Quotes in Apex Legends That Reveal Who She Is

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Octane's face-reveal during Lifeline's backstory animation almost trivialized her quotes. But despite all, our beloved combat medic managed to put her personality into words.

The following are five of her most memorable quotes in the Family Business, her tribute episode in Apex Legends' Stories from the Outlands series.

TL;DR? here are the quotes:

  • "Don't you believe in second chances?"
  • "This boy!"
  • "Am I any different from my parents?"
  • "You don't want them; you want me."
  • "Whatever it takes."

"Don't You Believe in Second Chances?"

Lifeline manages to save her "boyfriend" on the battlefield. But later, she finds out he despises her family. In hopes of getting his approval, she asks, "Don't you believe in second chances?" to which the guy replies, "Not for them."

Although born a Che, she'd like to have a second chance to prove she's different. But the conversation breaks Ajay's heart, worsening her feelings of guilt and shame for her family's actions.

The young Lifeline is so desperate for a chance that she gets out of her way to steal medicine from Silva's dad's pharmaceutical, something she'd never done if it wasn't for her guilt pang.

"This Boy!"

The cinematic backstory of Lifeline revealed her lovely friendship with Octane, a crazy, uncontrollable Legend. Before their Robinhood-ish heist, Lifeline reluctantly asks her childhood friend, "What's your plan?" to which he replies, "I made us this playlist."

Frustrated by Octane's airheaded decisions, she has a two-word remark, "This boy!" As simple as it may look, the quote implies she's used to seeing her bestie do crazy stuff. (We all know that not everyone could be Octane's friend).

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"Am I any Different from My Parents?"

Right after taking out two Silva Pharmaceutical guards, Lifeline faces a semi-existential crisis. She wonders if others are right and you'll be a Che, no matter what. Nervously looking into her hands, she goes, "Am I any different from my parents?"

But luckily, Octane is there to help Lifeline snap back to reality and escape the place. It's obvious that she's seeking others' validation and cannot forgive herself for who she is.

"You Don't Want Them; You Want Me."

When Ajay's mom invades the hospital, she doesn't hesitate to sacrifice herself to save others. "Stop!" she says, confronting her mom. "You don't want them; you want me." Despite hating it back home, Lifeline promises to go with her mother in exchange for her friends' life.

But, again, Octane is there to save everyone's butt. He starts live streaming from the hospital as Che soldiers are about to slaughter the innocent. (We all need a friend like that).

"Whatever It Takes."

Revealing her true identity costs Lifeline her boyfriend; he leaves her after finding out she's a Che. But to everyone's surprise, this doesn't hold her back. She seems to be eager to prove herself worthy despite the challenges.

When Octane asks her about their plans, she replies, "Whatever it takes," implying nothing will stop the two. But this is also a rebuff of her parents' family business, as they always insist on doing whatever it takes to succeed.


Apex Needs More Lifeline Quotes

The dedicated episode of the Stories from the Outlands, Family Business, lacks memorable quotes from Ajay Che. It might be because Octane's stealing the show. His lines are just over-the-top. But whatever it is, Lifeline deserves a better backstory.

During the said episodes, she's often dragged by others to do what they want; first, it's her boyfriend who asks her for drugs, and then Octane who forces her into a heist. And throughout the whole story, her dialogues are mostly dull and superficial.

With a 4.5% pick rate, Che is one of the popular Legends in the Apex universe, and fans would surely like to see a stronger, more dominant character.

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