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LEGO Instructions: for new and old LEGO sets and even custom models


How to find LEGO set instructions, and building instructions for custom LEGO models

This page helps you to find LEGO instructions online for all kinds of sets - official LEGO company sets (old, retired and new), and custom LEGO models as well. Most of them can be downloaded, but you can also find ways to get original printed instructions.

  • Have you lost the instructions for your favorite LEGO set?
  • Do you want to see LEGO instructions for a set you don't own yet?
  • Are you yearning for the instructions for a set you used to own when you were a kid?
  • Would you like to find instructions for unique custom models?
  • Are you looking to build retired LEGO sets and you need the instructions?

Then this is the place! Read on for answers and resources to help you find those elusive instructions...

Custom LEGO model images copyright 2000-2011 Kevin R. Wilson, Lions Gate Models.

LEGO model of farmhouse

LEGO model of farmhouse

Don't panic if you've lost your LEGO instructions - you can find them again!

If you're seeking lost instructions for a recent set you own, you can contact LEGO customer service and they'll send you new instructions - for a small fee.

If you'd rather get your instructions right away, several sites provide an archive of LEGO building instructions, and allow you to download them so you can print yourself a new copy.

To find what you're looking for, you need some information about the original set. The set number is most useful, as most of the sites index by this. Next most useful is the name (which varies between countries, even in the same language!) But even if you don't have either of these, so long as you know something about the set, you can probably find it.

Assuming you know the official LEGO set number, or at least part of the name...

Try the LEGO company's own site and enter the number or choose a category of sets to pick from, or search by a keyword in the set name.

Still no joy? Let's try another site. Go to Worldbricks, choose Instructions Number and pick a number range from the dropdown list at the top of the screen, or Instructions Theme and pick a starting letter from the dropdown list.

Without knowing the number or name, you can still find the set. Several sites provide databases of lego sets which you can search by theme, or using a single word you remember from the set name, or even just something related. Try LUGNET or Peeron, which will link you to instructions once you find the set.

You can even buy an original copy of instructions if you'd like to have the real thing. This catalog page on Bricklink allows you to find a set by theme, promotion or year, or search by set number. Once you get to the page for the set you're looking for, click on "Instructions Entry" below the small pictures.

LEGO model for railroad depot

LEGO model for railroad depot

Custom Instructions

when the standard LEGO sets are not enough...

Given the huge numbers of LEGO fans online, adult and youth, it's not surprising that some of them create instructions - some free and some not - so that you can build your own versions of their models. A Google search on "custom LEGO instructions" will find all kinds of interesting things but here are some sites to get you started:

The very best resource for custom instructions used to be the Building Instructions Portal, or BIP. Unfortunately the website no longer exists, but you can still see much of the content using the internet archive Wayback Machine. Links from this page may be broken but it's worth exploring. Scroll down the page to see the list of categories. is an image archive service for LEGO creations, and some people display instructions there too.

Other individual sites include: Small buildings, vehicles and train cars

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Lions Gate Models (my site): Large, detailed LEGO City building instructions such as this Car Ferry model.

My instructions come on CDs for US$15 each, with multiple models per CD (and shipping is free anywhere in the world). You can also download a bundle of instructions (equivalent to a CD) for $12, or download individual model instructions for US$7 each.

You can also visit the LEGO "Design by Me" site, where many fans have created models and uploaded them to the LEGO company site.

LEGO Official Instructions sites

Sites which archive official LEGO set instructions

The Buying LEGO FAQ

Where to find it, best deals, new and used LEGO...

I maintain a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page) about how best to buy bulk LEGO bricks, LEGO spare parts, minifigs (people), etc - including Duplo, Mindstorms and technic as well as regular System LEGO. If you're planning on buying any LEGO sets or pieces, take a look here first :

Buying LEGO FAQ - New LEGO, LEGO sets, Bulk LEGO, Used LEGO and spare LEGO pieces

What do you call Instructions?

While the LEGO company calls them LEGO "Instructions", there are other names for them too. LEGO plans, directions and patterns are all ways of naming the same thing: those pages of (almost) wordless pictures which teach you exactly how to make an amazing LEGO creation. I wonder if IKEA modeled their wordless building instructions for their furniture on LEGO instructions? Is it something in the air in Scandinavia?

More LEGO information by me here on Hubpages

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What do you think? - Know of more sources for instructions? Let me know!

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hayleylou lm on February 16, 2011:

**Blessed** by the Squid Angel for legos and featured on my Squidoo Angel for Lego lens :)

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