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Krusty the Clown Treehouse of Horror Talking Doll

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Have you ever seen a Krusty The Clown Talking Doll?

It doesn't have to be Halloween to appreciate the raw edged gothic humor of this work of animated art. Yes, I consider the "Krusty The Clown" as seen in "The Treehouse Of Horror" doll as a work of art.

This animated Krusty The Clown Doll talks, and it has both a good and bad side. How do I know? Because I have one. My husband got me one for Christmas a few years ago, and I was amazed at its unique color, size, overall look - and dialog.

The doll speaks in a similar fashion as a Chatty Cathy. It has a ring-pull mechanism that activates the doll's vocal chords. However, what makes this particular Krusty special is that this is the real Krusty The Clown as seen in "The Treehouse of Horror." The doll was made to be both good and evil, and his mood is activated by a switch in the back.

One probably wonders what an old lady would do with a talking "Krusty The Clown" doll. In truth I use it as a Halloween prop. The doll is frighteningly funny looking. Its animated appearance is perfect for the season, complete with a bipolar personality. One minute the doll states he loves you, the next minute it is calling you an idiot.

The Simpsons is now the longest running television cartoon in America, and Krusty the Clown is part of its history. A bizarre toy made for those with a wicked sense of humor. It is the perfect gift for someone who collects dolls or The Simpsons television memorabilia, and appreciates a good laugh.

The Simpsons "Krusty The Clown" as seen in "The Treehouse Of Horror" is a full size doll that is approxomately sixteen to eighteen inches in height. It is constructed with a colorful soft vinyl head, hands, and feet attached to a plush body.

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For those who appreciate Krusty The Clown and The Simpsons, "Treehouse of Horror," below is an example of what one will find on Amazon.

The Spooky Spot: Simpsons' Tree House Of Horrors

Sometimes you can get a better idea of a character from seeing examples of them in use. Below are a few videos that will briefly introduce you to Krusty The Clown and The Simpsons "Treehouse Of Horror."

Learn How To Draw Krusty The Clown

Learn How To Draw Krusty The Clown

One way to learn the art of cartooning is to practice drawing one of your favorite cartoon characters. Here is a little video about how to draw Krusty The Clown.

The Simpsons: The Talking Krusty Doll

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Hello! Have you ever heard of Krusty The Clown? What do you think of this character?

Shay Marie from Southern California on October 30, 2013:

Ha! I didn't know they made these!

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