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Knight Online Guide 2022


Choosing a Class

The hardest option is the one you are given right away. Whichever class you select at the outset will affect whether or not you have a fun time playing the game. Do not worry, however, as this section of the guide is devoted to assisting you in selecting the appropriate class to play with.



The class you can choose is the Warrior, which is by far the easiest. Although it is rather monotonous, I highly recommend this lesson if you are just beginning Knight Online. Their Health, Defense, and Attack are all excellent. They are often your front line and have access to a vast array of weaponry (perhaps the most options out of all classes). Attack and Defense are the two skill lines that Warriors use the most (Attack as primary, Defense as secondary).


The class that requires the greatest talent is the rogue, in my opinion. One of the better classes for solo play is this one as well. They have exceptional burst damage, great mobility, and a wide range of other skills like healing and curing. In their skill tree, the Rogue character has the options of Archery and Assassin. With the Arrow Shower/Multiple Shot combination, archers are lethal at close range and excellent at long range. Since assassins are an extremely challenging class in PvP, they are frequently referred to as the "VS" class. It is most well-known for its distinctive combo, the "Minor Combo," which will cause you finger cramps if you're just starting.


For group play, the Priest class is crucial. Gotham needs you to be its hero. Priests have the power to heal, resurrect, and augment (or decrease) the health and defence of their targets. Priests have the option of using a buffer or a debuffer. Buffers are priests that boost their team's health and defence, whereas Debuffers, also referred to as Duffers, are priests who lower the health, defence, or attack of monsters or other enemy users. Priests can be divided into two categories. Priest or BP in INT (Battle Priest). Priests that wear armour of a higher quality, a mace, and a shield are known as INT priests. Priests known as BPs concentrate their stat points on their strength. They typically carry a Two-Handed Mace or similar weapon, lower-quality armour, a sword.


A class for cooperative play is the mage class. You will be able to destroy anything in your path if your team is fully comprised of mages. The three elements that are available to mages are Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Mages come in two distinct subtypes. Paper mages and INT mages. INT Mages are magicians who employ staffs and armour of a higher calibre. Mages known as "Paper Mages" invest all of their stat points in Magic Power (MP) in order to deal more harm. They typically have staffs and armour of poorer quality. Mages are excellent for mining things and gold because they have Single Target and AOE (Area of Effect) skills.

Start Leveling Up

Your adventure starts once you've created your character. As a player, you should be aware that there is no one right way to play this game; you are free to choose your strategy. You can choose to prioritise money, items, levels, or national points, among other things. Whichever you decide, and that's its allure. EXPing can be divided into two categories: grinding and questing.

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Venture outside of the starting town and start exploring! kill a few worms, pick up the chest they drop to obtain heals, money and weapons, continue running around killing a few monsters..

The absolute best way to level and get gear is by doing the quest given by the npcs around the starting town..


In knight online, this is perhaps the most efficient method of levelling up. More so at lower levels (Level 1-70). There is simply no reason for you to grind at lower levels if you're just starting off. At lower levels, quests provide you with massive numbers of experience points (some even provide you a full level), as well as incredibly useful quest-specific weapons, armour, and accessories. There are also quests in a chain that, once you finish one, a new one starts. So be sure to read the quest details because they can instruct you to speak with a certain NPC.

After Quest.


Due to the limited number of quests at higher levels, this technique is typically employed (Level 70-80). Many people dislike grinding, therefore they decide to stay at level 59 or level 69. (See the PvP Section for more information as to why they do this). Grinding typically refers to spending a lot of time at one location killing the same enemy. To kill creatures that offer more EXP rewards, this is typically done in a party.


Your gear has a huge impact on how effective you will be in PVE and PVP, regardless of your level or skill level. There are several ways to obtain your things, and the items you require will mostly rely on your position and class. This section will be divided into two distinct sections: one for items and one for money.

Farming Items and Gear

The most popular and laborious way in Knight Online is undoubtedly this one. There is a lot of grinding involved, but it's for drops rather than experience. In Knight Online, the likelihood of finding quality gear is not very high. There are numerous locations where high-class items can be found, including (but not limited to!) the following: the Harpy Family (Harpy/Raven Harpy/Crimson Wing/Falcon), the Troll Family (Troll, Troll Warrior, Troll Captain, Troll Berserker), the Golem Family (Stone Golem, Giant Golem, Dark Stones, Titans), the Dark Mare, the Dread Mare, the Centaur.

Making Money

Everyone wants to accomplish this, but they may not know how to do it well. One thing that KO users need to understand is that effective money management is necessary in order to make money. Knowing when to fix, which pots to purchase (720 HP Pots aren't always necessary! ), and what to purchase is necessary. Having a spare weapon or two is something I always advise because it will save you from having to repair something every two seconds. Although there is a "set in stone" way to farm gold, the best method for beginner players who can't camp and kill tough monsters is to loot Hobgoblins' Noahs and Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, Cardinals' Asga Fruit and Cardinal Jewel, and Mastodons in Colony Zone's, Hornets in the homeland (Loot Noahs), Saitoros/Aioncolo in Eslant (Loot all Garbage, sell to shop), Burning Stones (NOT FLAME ROCK) in the homeland, Hobgoblins (Loot Noahs, Blessed Upgrade Scrolls), Cardinals (Loot Asga Fruit [For Humans], Loot Cardinal Jewel [For Orcs/Karus]), Mastodons in the Col (Loot all Garbage, sell to shop).

Pro tip is to open up your map and type the npc or location you would like.. and follow :)


The Trade Zone in Moradon is well-known (it's also where the game starts). It is well known that Moradon may either make or break a person. Moradon also has an anvil, which provides you the opportunity to strengthen your weapons, but be aware that the anvil has two sides. While there is a potential that it will make your weapon much stronger, there is also a chance that it may be destroyed. This manual aims to provide you a general overview of how Moradon operates and what steps to take to double and safeguard your money.


Just dont trade with people.. buy only and sell only from the merchant shops people offer which you will see around your starting homeland..



In Moradon, this approach is arguably the most popular. You can utilise this technique successfully if you know how to stalk effectively. Some people will sell their goods for less money than they are actually worth in an effort to earn a quick buck. It is your responsibility as a BuyLowSellHigh user to pounce like an eagle, buy these products swiftly before someone else does, and then resale them at their market price or somewhat more. Please note that selling high does not necessarily mean asking four times the item's market value. To put it another way, if an item costs, let's say, 10,000,000 Noahs, you might resale it for 15,000,000 Noahs.


Press Q on your keyboard to bring up the quest tab.

Just explore around, read and click things is the ultimate way to learn.

Good luck and have fun!

To travel use the teleport portals! it is located just before you leave the homeland castle you start at, on the right and left side. you cant travel untill level 35 though, so its best to stay around your starting area before venturing out.

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