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Classic UNO Card Game Gets a Killer Twist! Play KILLER UNO with These Fun Rule Variations!


Learn to Play Killer UNO with Fun and Simple Rule Variations - No Special Equipment Needed!

UNO is a super card game for family night or parties! It is inexpensive, readily available, and the rules are simple enough for even young children to join and play. But are you ready for Killer UNO? Killer UNO uses adds twists, traps, and speed play to the classic game to ratchet up the fun - using just the regular UNO card deck!

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Basic UNO Rules

UNO is a great family game!

UNO must be played with a deck of UNO cards. For a game with more than 10 players, you may combine two decks.

1. Each player draw one card to choose the first dealer; highest number deals. Word cards count for zero. Play begins with the player to the left of the dealer.

2. Deal 7 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in the middle for a draw pile, and turn the first card over to begin the discard pile.

3. The first player must match the discard either by color, number, or instruction. So if a green 4 is showing, the player may play any green card in her hand, or may play a 4 of any color. A wild card may be played at any time, and the one who plays it declares any color. If the player cannot play, she must draw a card. If that card cannot be played, play passes to the next player.

4. Play continues, with each player attempting to match the previously played card in color, word, or number; or following the instructions on the word cards. When the player is faced with an instruction to draw cards from the draw pile, that counts as his play and he may not play a discard for that hand.

5. When a player has only one card left, she must call "UNO!" If the player is caught not declaring UNO, she must draw two more cards from the draw pile. Play ends when one player plays her last card.

See below for the exciting

rule variations for KILLER UNO!

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Killer UNO

Killer UNO adds a few exciting twists to regular Uno.

KILLER UNO is played with a regular deck of UNO cards and no special equipment. All of the above basic rules of UNO apply in Killer UNO. These added rules give the game a faster pace and several unexpected twists!

Special Cards:

Passing Zero: When the zero card is played, play stops while all players pass their hand to the player next to them. If play is currently moving to the right, pass your hands to the right; if play is moving left, pass hands to the left.

Silent Two: When a two is played, everyone has to BE QUIET! The first player to speak must draw two. The silence is lifted when the next card is played (as long as it is not another two), so you would think this penalty wouldn't catch many people, but it does!

Slap Six: When a six is played, all players must slap the table quickly. The last person to slap the table must draw two.

Special Rules:

Multiples Play: When it is your turn, you may play multiple cards from your hand as long as the face matches. In other words, if someone plays a green five, and you have a green seven, you may play your green seven AND play as many other sevens as you hold in your hand. You can NOT play other green cards, but as long as the faces match your first played card, you can play them all. Since Killer Uno is a speed game, if you play them one at a time, someone could interrupt you playing another card - either the person who is next in line to play, or with one a legal interruption move.

Interruption Play: If a card is played and you have the EXACT match in your hand - exact color, exact face - you may quickly play your card on top of the matching card. If Player Two plays a yellow four, and you are Player Five and you have a yellow four, you can quickly lay down your yellow four before Player Three takes his turn (or before Player Two completes a multiple-card move as described above). If you make your play, then players Three and Four are skipped and play continues in the direction it was going before.

Accumulating Penalties: Penalty cards cause another player to assume a penalty (draw two, draw four, skip, reverse). If a Player One lays down a penalty card and Player Two has the same card, than Player Two can play the card and defer the penalty to Player Three, who receives BOTH penalties. So, for instance, if Player One plays a Draw Two, and Player Two also plays a Draw Two, and Player Three also plays a Draw Two, then Player Four would have to draw six cards. This also applies in multiple plays: if Player One plays three Draw Two cards, then Player Two must draw six cards. If three Skip cards are played, then the next three players are skipped.

Draw Until Play: A player who has no playable card must draw from the draw pile, and continue until a card that can be played is drawn.

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hlkljgk from Western Mass on September 09, 2010:

i love new rules for classic games - keeps it fun and exciting. thanks for the ideas!

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on July 07, 2010:

We used to play Uno often but haven't in years. Killer Uno sounds really fun! Now, where did I put that Uno deck? . . .

Treasures By Brenda from Canada on July 06, 2010:

I will mention Killer Uno to my family. It sounds like fun.

anonymous on July 06, 2010:

Sounds like a very fun variation of UNO!

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