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Infinity Blade 2 Money Guide

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Tips for Getting Gold Faster

Infinity Blade II is a fun iOS game that lets you vanquish villains for loot and more loot glory. And then it makes you spend the loot to upgrade your hero gear.

So here's my ten tips for raking in the gold in IB2 as efficiently as possible.

More importantly, I've created a walkthrough with screencaps showing you treasure locations, including dozens of hidden ones that you may not have found.

Finally, I'll share a few vids of a game glitch/cheat that gives easy money, assuming you have faster reflexes than I do. But boo on game glitches! Let's get gold the awesome way, by playing the frickin' game.

General Infinity Blade II Money Tips - (Good thing you have a bag of holding for all that gold)

  1. TOP TIP: Click on obstacles like rocks to pick up gold hidden behind them. Also check shadows.

    For example, there's always two moneybags under the far end of this bridge, but one (magenta) is invisible.

    You can vastly increase your money haul by checking concealed hotspots.

  2. Before you finish a Rebirth -- when you're about to fight a Blood Sentinel or whoever's at the top of the tower -- buy up to four keys of each type, starting with the most expensive you can afford and working your way down.

    After each Rebirth, the prices of keys and the value of treasure chest contents rise, so this lets you keep ahead of inflation.

    Leave one empty key slot, because it sucks to find a key when you're already maxed out with five.

  3. Master gem forging. Try to have the Gem Forge working whenever possible (or at least when you quit playing for the day). Notice which gems you use often; forge the rest into strong gems and sell them for big profits. For example:

    See Proph's Master Gem List for the maximum that each gem can be forged (e.g. Gold+ gems are capped at 37%) and its sales price.

    I don't buy many gems from the store -- apart from gold-boosting gems and the ingredients I needed for one Rainbow Gem (see below) -- instead, I save money and mostly stick to the gems I find along the way.

    There's one thing to keep in mind with gems you use: it costs gold to remove a gem from an equipment slot, which you have to do before selling mastered equipment or transferring the gem to new equipment. So sometimes I'll just use new gems I've found/forged for the next equipment I pick up, rather than paying "Gem Recovery" fees again and again to keep transferring my favorite gems to new weapons.

    (The fee varies by the power/scarcity of the gem...)

  4. Keep/exploit Perk Drop Gems, especially "Drop Gold."These increase the chances of that kind of thing (gold, gems, weapons, items) appearing. If a drop is useful, it's one less thing you'll need to buy; if not, it's one more thing you can sell.

    Forge together 3 gems of the same type to create a more powerful one of that type. Gold Perk Drop gems may be forged up to 400%. The other Perk Drops may be forged up to 525%.

    Many types of equipment have diamond-shaped slots for Perk Drop gems, so you can "stack" them and boost your chances of treasure quite a bit.

  5. Collect and forge up at least one Gold+ Gem (yellow hexagon-shaped). These increase the amount of gold in each drop (end of battle, inside a chest, random moneybags found along the way).

    Gold+ gems are capped at 37%, and armor only has one hexagon-shaped slot, so once you've forged a 37% Gold+ gem, you can sell extras for a decent amount of gold.

  6. Forge a Rainbow / Rare Defense gem. (See FAQ). This gem protects you from elemental attacks (fire, ice, water, wind, poison, dark, light). Hang onto or buy one each of defense gems for fire, ice, water, wind, and poison: you will need them as raw materials to forge the Rainbow Gem.

    Once you've got a Rainbow gem, you'll take a lot less damage, so you won't burn through healing potions and will survive battles more easily even when using non-healing rings. More importantly, if you were like me, collecting several shields with different elemental protections to face different foes, you can sell all of them.

  7. Now and then you'll find gems that give you extra gold for scratches, slashes, stabs or combos.

    They can be forged with other gems of the same kind to build up to 125 gold per slash/stab/scratch, but even then, they're not all that efficient at building up gold quickly. So you may prefer other gems in those slots.

  8. I stopped using gems that cause Siris to gain XP faster. The problem is, the faster he gains XP, the sooner he needs more gold in order to replace equipment he's mastered. Why not earn more money and get more treasures -- maybe even weapon / armor drops? -- before maxing out current equipment?
  9. Sell weapons and armor after you've mastered them, unless...

    (a) they're used in sidequests (i.e. the Vile Armor, Widow Shriek, Noble or Infinity Blade).

    (b) they're the most powerful item you have in that class/type,

    (c) they have extra-handy gem slots (I love gear with several diamond slots for Perk Drop Gems.)

    (d) the cost of Gem Recovery (removal) exceeds the profit of selling the equipment. Then you have to decide whether the gem's continued usefulness outweighs the cost. (You can always change your mind and sell it later).

    (d) it's your last healing ring.

  10. There are ways to back up if monster difficulty or key costs are outstripping your skills or gold supply.

    You can Restart the Last Rebirth after Siris is killed by a regular monster (not a boss like the Blood Sentinels), or by clicking the Infinity Blade icon at the top of the screen, then the Settings gear icon at right...

    ...then scrolling down to "LAST REBIRTH."

    Why do this? Supplies cost less in earlier Rebirths (although chests and drops also yield less). I've been known to reach for the LAST REBIRTH option, when I realize I need to restock my keys. This restart doesn't "reanimate" any of the bosses you may have killed; it just lowers costs and Titan stats slightly. Also, I think there's a higher frequency of treasure spawns in the earlier rebirths, although since each moneybag holds less, it may not help much.

    In Settings, you can also Restart at Rebirth 1, which lets you keep all gold, XP and items and go back to the days of cheap keys (and drops). This also resets the three seals and respawns all bosses. You replay the prologue, at the end of which your inventory is restocked with the cheapest sword, shield, helm, armor and ring (but their resale value is about 500 combined, so this isn't an effective gold farming method). Late in the game, Restart at Level 1 can be a valuable way to farm money: the first time you defeat Ryth, he drops a +400 Fire Gem worth 500,000 gold, so once you've acquired the weapon that unlocks him, keep restarting, playing up through the first Ryth battle, pocketing his Fire Gem, and restarting at Level 1 again.

    Once you've fought all three Blood Sentinels guarding all 3 seals, you proceed to the endgame. Afterwards, the game cycles back to the beginning and starts from the prologue, except that Sirus' Rebirth is what it was for the endgame. Siris will have the same items (except spare potions) and levels he finished with, and all the bosses have reset. You can defeat them again and get XP and nice drops from them. HOWEVER, bosses that dropped unique weapons/armor like "Vile Shield" won't drop them again. If you've sold those items, you can buy them back (at a steep price) by going to that weapons class in the store and clicking the ALL button.

Infinity Blade Money Walkthrough - Here's my ugly diagram of Infinity Blade Rooms...

Infinty Blade II Map

Infinty Blade II Map

In the following slideshows, I've mapped all possible hotspots by Photoshopping together multiple screencaps of each location. You won't see a treasure spawn at every one of those spots during every Rebirth (although lots of maxed-out Perk Drop Gems in your gear will help).

Jump to:


RED: treasures you can pick up when Siris is standing still. Pan the camera around and check those locations. (These may also appear in cutscenes, but they're usually easier to pick up when Siris isn't moving.)

ORANGE: treasures that are only visible during a cutscene, when Siris is walking from one place to another. For these, you'll only have a second or two to pick them up. So, if you're following my walkthrough while playing, before you move Siris ahead, check the upcoming cutscene in my notes to see if there's any treasures marked orange. Then you'll be ready to grab them if they're there.

MAGENTA: invisible treasures! Either they're hidden in deep shadow, or they're behind something. Click a few times in that general spot to see if one is there. (They may be revealed in a different screencap / vantage point, or they may be visible briefly during a cutscene). Note that there may be two hidden treasures, one in front of the other, depending on where Siris is standing, so tap the same spot a few times.

Tip: YOU CAN PAUSE THE GAME! While playing, you can click the sword-on-shield icon at the top of the screen to pause. While using my walkthrough, pause as you leave a room so that you can read up on the next section.

Start of Walkthrough - Treasure Spawn Spots: 10 + 1 Unlocked Chest

Infinity Blade II Start Screen

Infinity Blade II Start Screen

When you've been playing for a while, it's tempting to fast forward to the first fight. Hang on! There's one or two treasure spawning spots even before the "Rebirth X" screen appears.

I'll be referring to "moneybags" a lot in this walkthrough, but of course, sometimes they're replaced by potions or keys. The more Perk Drop Gems you have, the more likely that gold or keys/potions will appear at each location.

Keys are often really hard to see, so it's a good idea to poke every hotspot just in case.

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The Marsh / Base of the Dam - Maximum Moneybags: 25 + 1 Unlocked Chest

The Marsh

The Marsh

The Marsh was added to Infinity Blade II by the "Vault of Tears" update, and it's blocked off on your first run through. (The first time through, you'll head straight to the Tower entrance, the next section.) The Marsh becomes accessible after Siris deals with what's waiting at the top of the tower.

I'm still not sure I've found all the treasures down here -- there's so many!

Moneybags in the marsh are usually quite visible, but a few are concealed behind low rocks scattered nearby.

Also, as usual, there's a few money bags that only appear during the cutscene as Siris walks into the area.

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Front Entrance of Tower - Treasure: 12 Spawn Locations + 1 Unlocked Chest, 1 "Small Key" Chest

Saranthia Dam Entrance

Saranthia Dam Entrance

Once you've finished puttering around the base of that statue (or investigating a treestump), that's all there is to the Marsh; climb up to rejoin the main path.

You're standing on a ruined dam in front of the Tower, where a friendly (not) Titan will greet you. There's more treasure here than you'd think, thanks to concealing rocks, tufts of grass and broken wall bits.

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The Brazier Hallway - Maximum Treasures: 5 + 1 "Medium Key" Chest

Entrance to Sarantha Tower

Entrance to Sarantha Tower

I almost grouped these with the last slideshow, because that "entering the Tower" cutscene keeps going into this hallway.

So be ready to grab the treasure on the right as you step inside.

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The Dragonslayer Fountain Courtyard - Maximum Treasure: 12 + 1 Unlocked Chest


You'll now be in a round courtyard with a fountain and three staircases: one facing you on the far side of the fountain, one left, and one right.

The right-hand one leads to a dead end with a treasure chest, a moneybag, and a Titan to fight. Go there first.

Then you must choose: (A) left to the Arena and Underground areas, or (B) straight ahead towards the Clock Hallway and Archivist's hall? The divergent paths join up again on a balcony near the top of the tower.

But before we go anywhere, let's grab all the loot here.

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The Arena - Maximum Treasure: 14 + 1 Unlocked Chest


Ah, the arena, where money really does grow on trees.

Once you've kitted out your armor with Gold Perk Drop Gems, you'll quickly grow to love all the moneybags cropping up at the top and bottom of nearly every stadium section.

There's up to three gold bags down around the perimeter of the arena floorpit; they're sometimes easier to spot from above.

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