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Inexpensive Hobbies to Overcome Boredom

Tricia Deed is a freelance writer describing the different types of hobbies which can be done during our leisure hours.

Hobbies Make Us Happy

Busy hands with or without tools make us happy because we are doing something we love.

Busy hands with or without tools make us happy because we are doing something we love.

Inexpensive Hobbies

Are you concerned about having money to pursue personal interests?

There are many inexpensive hobbies to choose from. One does not always have to spend a great deal of money; free and low budget is good.

Getting involved in a hobby enhances your current skills or talents and awakens you to new education and knowledge. Any hobby will change a day in your lifestyle.

Are you bored or need some type of stimulus to improve or change your lifestyle?

  1. Relieve your boredom by getting active in searching for a new hobby.
  2. Write down without hesitation all the things that you like to do. Review your list and select as many items as you wish to start which are free or meet your budget.
  3. After your list is completed of things you wish to do. Do a walk-about in your home, garage, storage sheds, and yard areas.

The reason for the walkabout is to locate items which are:

  1. Never used
  2. Need recycling or re-purposing
  3. Parts and knickknacks
  4. Tools
  5. Miscellaneous accessories, e.g. glue, paints, adhesives, knots, bolts, screws, and so on

Congratulations! You now have a project to assemble and all, most, or a percentage of the project can be done for free or a few dollars.

Organic Vegetables

Grow organic vegetables or flowers. It appears that most home gardeners prefer growing their home crops organically.

Grow organic vegetables or flowers. It appears that most home gardeners prefer growing their home crops organically.

Organic Gardening

Growing vegetables or flowers is a popular hobby for any age group. Organic gardening is inexpensive because you will be working with whatever you may have available on your property.

The first critical step in gardening is to know what type of soil is in your yard. For instance, if sand is dominant on your property, top soil and additives will need to be added in order to enrich the soil. Do you have clay soil? It will have to also be remedied. The best soil is to have a mixture of sand, clay, and loam.

Look about your yard and see what can be used for composting. Composting includes throw away vegetables and flowers, grass clippings, leaves, and twigs. .

Check your local news online or off and gather free animal manure. The manure can be from cattle, chickens, horses, and rabbits. Consider worm farming for additional help.

Mix all that you have collected and build a compost pile. Use the broken down products in the garden. No commercial fertilizers will be needed.

The main difference between organic and man-made fertilizer products is this - organic fertilizer adds nutrients to the earth and the plant roots will seek out their nutritional requirements. Man-made fertilizers will feed the plants, but not the soil.

This becomes expensive farming because each planting season will require buying chemicals to fertilize each growing season with no land improvement. The organic materials will feed the soil and each year the soil becomes richer with nutrients and therefore costs are reduced as no additives are needed.

Deco patch or Paper Mache

Decopatch or create figurines with Paper Mache techniques.

Decopatch or create figurines with Paper Mache techniques.

Decoupage Anything

Gather objects around the house even items you have considered throwing away. Look at the object with an open mind and imagine how it might look if it were Decoupaged.

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Decoupage is nothing more then cutting pictures, symbols, numbers, and alphabets from magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper, or other lightweight papers.

Homemade decoupage recipe:

  1. Mix school glue with water into a lightweight mixture.
  2. Use a brush to apply the diluted paste onto the wrong side of cutout.
  3. Place the cutout on the intended object; brush a layer of thinned paste on top side of cutout..
  4. Continue to cut and paste until the object is completely covered in the manner you wish. If a mistake is made, replace with another cutout.
  5. Let dry overnight.

I decoupage cardboard boxes for storage. The pictures on the outside of the box identify the contents.

List Your Hobbies and Interests

Make a wish list of hobbies and interests. Do not doubt your talents and skills.

Make a wish list of hobbies and interests. Do not doubt your talents and skills.

Make A Hobby Wish List

Inexpensive hobbies are those which meet your financial expectations. Free is available. Many hobbies are affordable. It's your choice.


  • Reading is free. Look around your house, visit your local library, click onto the Internet or borrow reading materials from friends and family members.
  • Reading is affordable: Purchase paperback books.
  • Reading is expensive: Purchase leather-bound books for a home library.
  • Reading is collectible: Become a book collector.

Here is a sample list to help jog your memory.

  • Athletic activities
  • Horseback riding
  • Snow skiing or water skiing
  • Archery
  • Golf
  • Any health interests?
  • Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Boating and Sailing
  • Do you enjoy an easy lifestyle?
  • Sewing
  • Drawing, painting
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Rollerskating or ice skating
  • Ball games
  • Jogging or running
  • Flying a kite
  • Puzzles
  • Orgami
  • Playing cards and other table games
  • Paper mache
  • Travel
  • Walking
  • Marathons
  • Collecting

Photography and Painting

Taking a photo of a landscape can be essential to painting landscapes.

Taking a photo of a landscape can be essential to painting landscapes.

One Hobby or Two?

After completing your list, select one hobby to start your new found interest. This may not be as easy as you think. Your excitement may cause you to want to do more than one hobby.

Stop! attempting to do too many interests at one time as this will cause confusion and you will meet with disappointment by trying to accomplish too much at one time and nothing will be completed.

Start and finish each project. At its completion make a decision to continue or change to another interest.

If you wish to do more than one hobby consider one type of hobby for an indoor activity and another for an outdoor activity.

It is not uncommon that a choice for one hobby will also open other avenues within that selection. For example, taking a photograph of an outdoor scene and then returning indoors to sketch and paint from that photo.

Music Hobbies

The guitar is a popular stringed instrument

The guitar is a popular stringed instrument

Music As A Hobby

Music does soothe the soul. Learn to play an instrument of your choosing. I would recommend that you visit a music store and with their permission sample some of the instruments which interest you.

There are four categories of instruments; stringed, wind, keyboard, and percussion, but there are hundreds of national and international instruments to select from.

  1. There are stringed instruments, such as the guitar, violin, harp, and banjo.You will need to toughen up your fingertips as the wire strings will cut delicate fingertips.
  2. Consider playing keyboard. These instruments include the piano, organs, accordions, .or any other instrument which has a keyboard.
  3. Do you have strong lungs? There are many wind instruments; flute, clarinet, tuba, saxophone, bagpipe, trumpet, Kazoo, harmonica, and trombone.
  4. Perhaps rhythm is your instrument. There are many percussion instruments of every imaginable type. Examples include drum sets, triangle, bongo drums, and tambourine.

Before making a final decision of instrument choice check on instruction availability, and teachers, After you learning how to play this instrument will you playing it as a hobby or would you wish to play for an audience?

For instance, playing the harmonica can be a satisfying self interest instrument but handy to take along for indoor parties or outdoor activities.

Playing the piano has its restrictions because of the size of the musical instrument. Enjoy playing for self, church, parties (electric portable keyboards), and public show events.

Pencll Drawing

Drawing your hand can be quite a challenge.

Drawing your hand can be quite a challenge.

Drawings with Pencil, Ink, or Crayons

A pad and a pencil are two tools to begin drawing. Drawing is a great way to keep a visual record of people, animals, places, and things which are important to you. Drawings may be simple or complex..

Do you remember drawing the directions to a person's house to confirm a visual picture for your descriptive words? This is a simple drawing.

Sketching or drawing will jot down a visual memory. If in need of a quick and detailed picture; take a photo with a camera..

There are many occasions when we draw; this form of communication is not restricted to artists.

Your drawings can be filled in with color from colored pencils, crayons, ink, and paints. The artist in you will want to complete your sketches with acrylic, water color, or oil paints.

How to Start a Hobby on the Cheap

Comments Welcomed

Tricia Deed (author) from Orlando, Florida on August 26, 2019:

Ava, I agree with you 100%. Even if I cannot carry a tune it is very renewing when taking a shower or driving a boring highway for many miles. All the world should sing. Everyone would be better for it.

Ava on August 22, 2019:

Wonderful article you have produced! With regards to instruments you can master, the voice should be noted. Not many people respect or even begin to consider that the human voice is, at it’s core, an instrument that can be trained, and learning to sing a piece really well goes way beyond karaoke to a discipline which is challenging but really fun, and naturally low cost or free. I love singing and it should be more widely recognised as a hobby because of it’s mood boosting effects.

Kara Skinner from Maine on August 10, 2017:

There are a lot of good suggestions here. Gardening is definitely a good hobby when you have the space because not only is it fun and relaxing, but then you are rewarded by fruits and vegetables at the end. Making homemade musical instruments is a really cool idea as well.

CreativeExpress on April 16, 2014:

Great lens to gather info on hobbies. The low cost angle is also clever!

Eugene Samuel Monaco from Lakewood New York on April 04, 2014:

A wonderful list of hobbies you have come up with here, some people make a little extra money with their hobbies :) Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!!

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