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Stevie Nicks by Laurie Everton

Stevie Nicks by Laurie Everton

Welcome To VikisFinds

Thank you for stopping by. If you are a collector of OOAK Dolls, the VikisFinds is the place for you. More than 500 collectors and artists gather at the VikisFinds Yahoo Group from all over the world to share their creations, knowledge, and collections, and information about one of a kind dolls. Many members are displayed right here on this page. This is a place where doll artists can market their creations, and collectors can learn about their favorite doll artists and friends. Here you will find great links to artists and information about the wonderful world of one of a kind (OOAK) artist dolls.

From this page, buyers and sellers of one of a kind art dolls can feel at home. Please consider this spot your source for one of a kind dolls, doll houses, 1/12 to 1/2 scale, doll art, doll fashion, accessories, doll news and how-to's, and the place where you can show off your work. This includes miniature works of art such as ATC (artist Trading Cards) and ACEO (art card editions and originals) that beautifully add to the decor of well composed dioramas.

From old rescued dolls to brand new dolls repainted for show, play, or display - this is the place to be. This sight has something different to offer on a daily basis, and it is all about promoting the arts and the art of the doll. Now, on to the show -- The Top Artists you'll see below.


OOAK Laurie Lenz


You never know what you  will find from the Angels Gallery of Laurie Lenz Doll Studio . . . You can view her web site by clicking here.Laurie's daughter makes fine ooak doll jewelry.  Click on the Shilo Winter  for a view of her ooak hand crafted jewelry . . .  

The Barbie Canvas by Laurie Everton - Award Winning Celebrity Doll Artist

One Of A Kind Portrait Doll

Angelina Jolie by Laurie Everton, The Barbie Canvas

Looking for more One Of A Kind (OOAK) Barbie Dolls? If you follow the stars, you may enjoy seeing more of your favorites at Hollywood Dolls, TV Dolls, or The Rock Star Doll Of Fame.

Show-Stopping OOAK Dolls By Passion - A OOAK Passion For Detail . . .

The art of Elaine Donovan

The art of Elaine Donovan

Dolls By Passion

OOAK artists seem to have one thing in common and that is detail. Details are what make an artist's creations one of a kind.

Elaine Donovan's attention to detail in her OOAK dolls is true candy for the eyes. This award winning doll artist works has appeared Barbie Bazaar and Devolution Magazines.

To see more, click on the link beneath the photo to visit the artist's web site.

Tabloach Productions

Tabloach Productions Online Direct

OOAK (One Of A Kind) Doll) by Tabloach Productions

Visit Tabloach Kelly Tommy Puki Clothes & Accessories Online Store & Buy Direct

NEW! You can now find friends and fun with Barbie's littlest sister Kelly at Kelly's Corner - Kelly OOAKs, Kelly Sets, Kelly Clothes, Kelly Videos and more!

OOAK Blythe by KMIRO Creations

KMIRO Creations - Blythe:  KMIRO is also a Hollywood Doll artist.

KMIRO Creations - Blythe: KMIRO is also a Hollywood Doll artist.

Ellowyne Wilde by Lisa Gates

~Bailey~ OOAK Ellowyne Repaint by Lisa Gates

~Bailey~ OOAK Ellowyne Repaint by Lisa Gates

Designing A Doll

Mini Baby by Cheryl Hill



  • VikisFinds Yahoo Forum
    This is where it all began. A place where doll artists meet, greet, buy, sell, share information, and enjoy perfecting their craft. All artists who work with dolls are welcome here - and that means all kinds of dolls.
  • One Sixth Sense |
    Elegant one of a kind fashion doll repaints, custom couture, furnishings, and hand sculpted accessories.
  • Mystical Rose Designs
    This is a wonderful place to stop for one of a kind Kelly Dolls & Fashions - Plus Memory Quilt Art and Crochet.
  • Sewaddictd's Doll-e-House
    Talented and Diverse. Wonderful fashions and accessories for a wide assortment of dolls.
  • Marita's Doll Fashions
    Wonderful one of a kind creations from the Great Up North. Various custom dolls, clothes, crochet, doll furniture, and accessories. Marita is also a nature photographer and ACEO ATC artist.
  • Gerry B. Designs - Items For Sale
    Gerry Broerman custom patterns and frocks for Barbie, Tonner, and more.
  • DollsByAltona
    Dolls by Altona specializes in the rescue and restoration of the Tammy Fashion Doll & Family made by Ideal Toy Corp. from 1962-1966. OOAK Ideal Tammy Doll Repaints, Custom Clothes and Accessories. Promoting the Art of the Doll, Doll Portraits, Ph
  • Kaya Designs
    Doll Fashion Flair direct from the UK. Beautiful dolls and designs. Barbie fans will enjoy visiting here.
  • The Enchanted Attic - Barb Spencer Dolls
    Wigs, Doll Making Supplies, Craft Supplies, Scrap Booking, Lace, Books, Magazines, and much, much, more.
  • Brutal Sun Studio
    Talent to the tenth power. Art dolls with stories, sculpts, and scenes. Writer, Artist, Web Designer, and Equine Afficianado.
  • Welcome to Moon Lily Dolls
    There is a wide assortment of custom clothes from Kelly size to Silkstone to Tonner sized dolls. Plus - there is a lovely assortment of one of a kind dolls, too!
  • Doll Fashions By Sweet Creations
    This is the Our Sweet Creations eBay store where you will find lovely one of a kind outfits for inspiration and lovely fabrics for the creative seamstress, as well.
  • Karen's Glamour Doll Designs
    You will love visiting this site. Beautiful creations from detailed historical fashion to sophisticated bedroom ensembles. You will love viewing the custom design doll fashions straight from the Hollywood Runway . . .
    This is one of the hottest haute links on the list . . . definitely a site you will want to see. Exquisite fashion, photography, and talent.
  • Maxamy-Doll-Design by Ilse
    This is Maxamy Doll Designs of the Netherlands eBay link. The Maxamy web site direct is - wonderful place to visit . . .
  • WVLZ Doll Fashion
    WVLZ Doll Fashion of the Netherlands is another place you will not want to miss. Wide range of doll couture, and Willy's fashions are fabulous . . . and so is her web site.
  • Cheryl Castillon's Dolls
    This is where you will find Cheryl Castillon's Dolls. A talented doll artist with four galleries of lovely ooak dolls to view.
  • Doll Fashions by Alana
    "Gold Level" Royal Dressmaker/Trader Award Princess Diana Doll Club Replicas of many original styles. -- Recreates your wedding gown in 11.5", 15.5" or 21" fashion doll sizes
  • OOAKFOLK One-of-a-Kind Fashion Doll Makeovers
    Beautiful artist and an IFDC Favorite! You will definitely want to stop by and peek at this talented artist's creations . . . Detail from head to toe . . .
  • Michelle Candace Custom Dolls
    Art Cards, Home and Garden, Photography, and Lovely Doll Makeovers. Michelle Candace designs from the heart, with a web site that will make you feel at home.
  • Barb Spencer Dolls
    Barb Spencer is a one of a kind doll artist, crafter, quilter, and supplier of doll accessories and supplies. A wonderful place to stop and visit, you will feel right at home here, too.
  • Diane Paone Designs
    Diane Paone is a miniature artist, web designer, and more. Lovely work on a small scale, nationally recognized, and a member of VikisFinds.
  • SweetWaterDesigns by Julie Miller
    Sweetwater Designs Store Julie Miller of Sweetwater Designs creates OOAK dolls and doll fashions for dolls such as Barbie, Fashion Royalty & Friends.
  • Weaver's Upholstery Too Creating 1/6 Scale Furniture
    Creating 1:6 scale (playscale) furniture for all 11 1/2 to 12" dolls! About my business:Weaver's Upholstery Too is a web-based business offering custom handmade 1:6 scale doll furniture and Doll Fashions, too.
  • Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold
    }Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold - News, reviews, and more.
  • The Doll Plaza
    Doll repaints by Donna Neeley
  • Donna's Doll Designs
    Welcome to Donnas-Doll-Designs - OOAK Dolls and Clothes of Distinction
  • OZZ DOLLS FACTORY : Julien Martinez official website.
    OZZ DOLLS FACTORY : Le site officiel de Julien Martinez, cr�ateur de poup�es d'artiste et � caract�re. The official website of julien Martinez, character dolls and craft.
  • Couture Doll Shops
    Get in the groove - shop with marvelous merchants of all types of dolls and doll items. Shop Couture Doll Shops today.

OOAK New Born Baby Dolls

Oh, baby - Some of the cutest babies ever are reborn baby dolls. The Unique Art of OOAK Reborn Baby Dolls is interesting, and very detailed.

Reborn Baby Dolls

Willy's Doll Fashion

Modella models one of Willy's finest frocks.

Modella models one of Willy's finest frocks.

Designs By Willy Z

The exclusive doll fashions by Willy Z as shown below are only a taste of what you will see from the artists below on The Fashion Plate. For OOAK Couture for OOAK Dolls, visit the The FashionPlate where you always find something good on the dish, and the plate is always full.

Maxamy Doll Designs

Maxamy Doll Designs

VikisFinds - Kedra Barrett - OOAK Doll - Camille 2010

VikisFinds - Kedra Barrett - OOAK Doll - Camille 2010

Oh, how sweet! - Maxamy Doll Designs by Ilse Verhoef

2005 Viki Tarrani started the VikisFinds Yahoo Group and composed a daily list of lovely one of a kind dolls. Three years later, the VikisFinds Yahoo Group has more than 500 talented members both artists and collectors of OOAK Dolls and art related items. VikisFinds DIY Doll Supply Shop is comprised of places where members can find items related to making one of a kind dolls, fairies, and more.

An Eye For Beauty Creations

If You Are Looking For Trouble . . .

There is nothing quite like Kedra's AnEyeForBeautyCreations .

Kedra's dolls have been featured in Haute Doll Magazine. Check out the October 2007 Issue of Haute Doll to read about her and her dolls.

Something For The Doll Set

You are going to love this . . .

The VikisFinds Group has many, many talented artists who work in, around, and on the art of the doll. Dioramas and sets are wonderful ways to get the doll into a real scene. If you are looking for something for your doll house or something special for your diorama, Marita has something rather unique. Shown is the latest Victorian Chase Lounge by Marita. Her quality furniture is Barbie size ((1/6) scale).

Click on the banner below to see the eBay supply shops of your friends of VikisFinds. You can find fabrics, how to books, mohair wigs, dollfie eyes, tools, and a whole lot more.

OOAK Doll House, Scenes, Dioramas, & Furnishings - Here is some food for thought . . .

The hardest working models in show business get hungry, too. Here are some miniature food works of art . . .

It's A New Dawn - Michelle Candace Fashion Doll Repaints


 Custom Doll Makeovers by Michelle Candace Custom Dolls

Special HubPage Invitation To Etsy Members - Etsy lovers - this one's for you!

VikisFinds Etsy Members: Post your Etsy Links Here

  • Doll Fashions by Sweet Creations
    WELCOME to our Sweet Creations store! Our goal is to provide utmost quality for the discerning collector and complete customer satisfaction!Our fashions are designed and created in a smoke free/pet free studio for 8" Vogue Ginny ...
  • Maxi B's -- Suezee2 on Etsy
    We will happily combine shipping, when possible, to help save you money.We are a Mother-Daughter team who strives for quality and pays special attention to even...
  • OSS Designs for the Diminutive Diva by OneSixthSense on Etsy
    Welcome to OSS...One Sixth Sense for the Diminutive Diva! OSS specializes in OOAK (One Of A Kind) Doll Art in both 1/6 and 1/4 scale, fashion doll

OOAK ACEO - Small Art For A Great Diorama

Art Card Editions and Originals (ACEO) and Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are the size of a regular playing card, with the overall size being 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The size of this original art makes it great for shipping. Small art goes with everything in the doll world, and small art can fit perfectly anywhere in the big world, too.

© 2007 Tonie Cook

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