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Hyper Dash Electronic Game

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Hyper Dash Box

Hyper Dash Box

Hyper Dash Game Instructions

Update: a/o 6/08/18 Hello! Hyper Dash Game Instructions are posted below. I also included the battery instuctions and general info and the back side of the game instructions. The entire sheet that came with the game is now posted here.

I am just an owner of the game willing to share the sheet of instructions that many people may have lost. Enjoy your discontinued Hyper Dash game. Get the young kids moving again.

Hello, Readers,

A/O 04/12/13 This Hyper Dash toy is in closets everywhere, but with toys the sparkle is not always seen as a long term deal with Incs.

The website for Wild Planet Entertainment, the company distributing and/or manufacturing all Wild Planet toys and this Hyper Dash game, is gone from the Internet. My link to the Hyper Dash Game directions is no longer working. I had bought the toy in 2010 and had the instructions and no copy of it was made by me. How shortsighted am I?

If anyone is out in toy land that has this pdf on hard copy, can you share it with us? I get visits everyday for the instructions and consumers everywhere need it. Posting the instructions may be a good idea.

Hyper Dash an electronic toy that was introduced in 2007 with awards. There were a few operating issues and in 2008 Wild Planet released a new version in 2008 that did not involve RFID coding. In 2011 the price has come down so now is the time to consider this toy for your big kids (ages 6 -11) in the house. According to the customer reviews the adults have fun with Hyper Dash too. Kids younger can have fun with supervision.

Unfortunately, Wild Planet discontinued making this toy. It is still widely available on the Internet, but please be advised that there is no official support for this product on the Internet or through the mail. April, 2013.

Copy of the Hyper Dash Game Operation Instructions

Hyper Dash Game Instructions Page 1

Hyper Dash Game Instructions Page 1

Hyper Dash Game Instructions Page 2

Hyper Dash Game Instructions Page 2

Hyper Dash Game Instructions Page 3

Hyper Dash Game Instructions Page 3

Battery and Safety Information

Hyper Dash Battery and Safety Information

Hyper Dash Battery and Safety Information

Hyper Dash Battery and Safety Information

Hyper Dash Battery and Safety Information

Hyper Dash Battery and Safety Information

Hyper Dash Battery and Safety Information

Note: All the info in the square above about the company is out of date. All my efforts to contact them failed in 2013.

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Hyper Dash Yourself to Dashing Fun

The game is simple like tag. A joy stick or stick shift center piece controls the play and calls out the commands to send you to the number or color it announces. You tag your target disc with the cone at the bottom of your stick. The stick reads your tag with a switching device the senses the level of the color target. Boom, it gives you another command and the player runs to the next target.

The targets are different heights and three switches inside the cone does the sensing to signal the next command. Targets work best on harder surfaces. Pillows and soft cushions do not give enough stability for the push button switches to activate the commands.

It is amazing how easily a young person will move with a fun challenge. All this action is accompanied with music and cheers from the joy stick. The joy stick also keeps track of the person with the fastest time and will announce it at the end of the game. No fudging the rules, it is set in the command stick.

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The center piece has auto shut-off for battery saving. It takes 3 AA batteries. Batteries Not included. The disks do not need batteries.

Four Levels of Play

Level One is for dashing colors. Place your targets on the floor, on tables; anywhere in a room. The player will listen to the command, hunt for the appreciate color and place the stick cup over the target which prompts the stick to say another command to send the player to the next color target.

It can be good exercise and small children can play with supervision and learn colors and listening.

Level Two includes numbers with the colors. Two things to listen for.

Level Three features special commands such as strike your target three times. Level 3 would need same study with the rules sheet. This level is for playing on the table. More of a memory game.

Level Four gives simple math problems and is appropriate for the age group that can handle adding and subtracting.


Hyper Dash on eBay

A/O 4/14/13 If you are buying a used or opened box version ask if the instructions are included. The Wild Planet toy company no longer offers the original PDF for the game on the Internet.

In May 2013 I bought my new game for $19.98 with shipping on eBay.

When Buying Hyper Dash on Amazon

Unfortunately, the company who manufactured this toy is no longer in business. Support for this product is no longer available.

Remember to check Amazon for Free Super Saver Shipping and possibly the lowest prize on the Internet.

This toy had a 15% per cent failure rate. Check the return policies to decide if this is the best choice. To avoid disappointment on the special gifting day, test your Hyper Dash first. The three AA batteries and a small Phillips screwdriver is required and some families had frustration with this. Better doing this part before the kids are excitedly standing by.

I noticed that the slightly older age group, 8 and above, and some girls did not find this game much fun. It is for the competitive and those that like a challenge. I honestly have a feeling that slamming the stick is not going to be a thing that will make the toy last, either. Slamming is for baseball batting practice not computer chips and wiring, know what I mean?

Since the new version is non-RFID the reviews may get better. Without the RFID the toy is less expensive.

The group of favored reviews (85%) indicated they were very happy with the interaction the toy creates, and I wish I had grandkids to play with to get into the game.

I am going to purchase this game and give it a try. Update will follow.

A/O 10/25/2010.

Received my Hyper Dash; non-RFID version. Put the three batteries in and I was playing right away.

A/O 12/02/10 Brought the game out another time. My husband is going to donate the toy at a Christmas party for a children's help group. It works fine and the lucky recipient will be able to play right away.

Hours of Hyper Dash Fun

I never thought a toy would become a saga to follow. I became rather miffed that money spent was a possible waste just because the manufacturer is out of business, but much later I realized that is the case with thousands of products.

The internet can help if you know how to search and maybe look long enough. Since I invested in this toy I decided I would share my discoveries with other owners so kids can have fun dashing around with the toy in their closet.

© 2010 Sherry Venegas

How Do You Use Your Hyper Dash Game? Let the Games Continue!

captcal on March 03, 2014:

does anybody know how to increase the volume on the Hyper Dash Game?

doctorsambrown on December 31, 2013:

Thank you! We got this game as a hand me down and the PDF helps a lot!

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