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Hunchback of Notre Dame Personality Quiz


The Personality Quiz of Notre Dame

This is just for fun and laughs. This Personality quiz was originally made for Facebook but I decided to re-work it to make it as fun thing to do. It's like a Cosmo quiz, the majority of a certain letter indicates the character you're most like.

The quiz is based around the book but there are answers inspired by other adaptions.

Remember this is for fun. So grab of pen and paper or your prefer method of keeping track of your responses and have some fun.

Remember, No Cheating! It's more fun that way. Or Cheat but then you're Jehan and no one wants to be Jehan.

The Internet

The Internet

Question 1

What do you primarily use the internet for?

A) Socializing

B) Research

C) Everything.. I never have to go out

D) Meeting girls

E) Publishing my works of genius and crying when I get a bad comment

F) Watching videos & playing games

G) Naughty Things

H) Shopping

I) Scams

J) Reconnecting with friends and loved ones

K) Maintaining my site



Question 2

Pick an animal

A) Butterfly

B) Spider

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C) Dog

D) Horse

E) Otter

F) Goat

G) Leech

H) Swan

I) Orca

J) Sloth

K) Hermit Crab

Color Wheel of Hunchback Versions

Color Wheel of Hunchback Versions

Question 3

Pick a Color:

A) Green

B )Black

C) Pearl

D) Yellow

E) Blue

F) Gold

G) Whatever color money is

H) Rose

I) Rainbow

J) Brown

K) Vermillion

Save by The Bell Cast

Save by The Bell Cast

Question 4

Which High School stereotype are you most like?

A) Prom Queen

B) Nerd

C) Musician

D) Jock

E) ADD/Stoner

F) Cheer Leader

G) Class Clown

H) Preppy

I) Delinquent

J) The Teacher's Pet

K) The Fat Kid



Question 5

What is your dream job?

A) Diva

B) Doctor/Scientist

C) Maestro

D) Officer/ Soldier

E) Shakespeare

F) Comedian

G) P-shhh, why would I want a job?

H) Haute-Couture Designer

I) Mob Boss/ Dictator

J) A Stay-at-Home Parent

K) an Edifice

Madame Monet by Claude Monet

Madame Monet by Claude Monet

Question 6

Of these, which would your perfect day?

A) Everyday is a perfect day when you're loved by someone super-hot who rides a horse.

B) The culmination of my alchemic experiments: when I turn lead into gold.

C) Perfect days are not for the likes of me.

D) Everyday is a perfect day when you're young, handsome, and women love you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge ^_~)

E) Receiving critical and popular acclaim for my literary accomplishments.

F) Frolicking and learning a new word.

G) Spending someone else's money on beer and women.

H) My wedding day.

I) The Revolution, or at least a pleasant uprising

J) Spending the day with my family.

K) Standing around the bank of the Seine with and feeling the wind in my face

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Question 7

Here's a nightmare scenario: You're cuddled up in bed and hear that "step- thump, step-thump" of pirates coming up your stairs. You'd hide under your covers, but, it's not going to do you any good. They've drank your liquor and They're looking for gold.

A) Give them them the big ole doe eyes.... No one can resist me!

B) Rage against the cruel hand of fate.

C) Pour molten lead on them-- they have it coming.

D) Grab my weapon of choose, strike a knightly pose and get late medieval on their asses.

E) Read them one of my sonnets, they'll go way, they always do :(

F) Head-butt them; simple problem, simple solution

G) If you can't beat them (which would be work), join them!

H) I would not condescend to take notice of their presence, though I might, perchance, attend their hanging. ;)

I) Welcome your minions with open arms & flowing rum, after all they have been working hard for you.

J) Whatever, as long as them they don't touch the shoe.

K) Just stand there.

Movie Film

Movie Film

Question 8

What type Movie do you like?

A) Musical/Bollywood

B) Documentary

C) Mystery

D) Comedy

E) Art-House

F) Cartoon

G) Adult

H) Foreign

I) Mob/Gangster

J) Tear-Jerker

K) Home Movie

Barbie's Dream House

Barbie's Dream House

Question 9

What would your dream house be like?

A) A Cottage

B) A chateau complete with basement lab

C) A Penthouse Loft

D) Fort

E) Where ever my patron puts me

F) A pad with your closest friends

G) Moulin Rouge

H) A Posh Town House

I) A house with tons of trap doors and secret passages

J) A studio apartment

K) Where ever I am is perfect

Notre Dame in 1939 version

Notre Dame in 1939 version

Question 10

What would you pray to Notre Dame for?

A) Protection


C) A Couture Paper Bag with eye hole already cut out

D) Permission to sin

E) Fame

F) Food

G) Money, Women, Good times

H) To keep what is mine

I) A New World Order

J) My Baby Back

K) I'm good, I be Chilling

Disney's Clopin

Disney's Clopin

Question 11

Why did you take this quiz?

A) It was a whim

B) I got distracted in my course of research

C) Somebody asked me

D) Cause my friends were taking it

E) I was examining its artistic merit

F) Quizzes are cute

G) You said you'd pay me!

H) Because I had no polite way of declining the invitation

I) All the invalids were doing it

J) I was hoping beyond hope that this quiz would contain a clue regarding the whereabouts of my baby

K) Cathedrals Rock!



Question 12

What did you think of this Quiz?

A) I can not love a quiz that can't protect me

B) A sweet torture

C) I can't hear the question

D) I would date with it

E) If you had asked me, I could have written a better quiz

F) Baa

G) I loved it, can you lend me 5 bucks?

H) Comme Ci, Comme a

I) Nice try, but we're still going to hang you, Mwahahahaha!

J) It failed to return my child to me therefore it was worthless

K) I don't think it will with stand the test of time



Mostly A's


Congratulations you are La Belle Esmeralda! You are pretty, popular, and beloved. You excel at singing, dancing and goat training. You are so bewitching that you're sometimes actually mistaken for a witch. Romantic, impulsive and generous, you can also be superficial and naive.

Dom Claude Frollo

Dom Claude Frollo

Mostly B's

Dom Claude Frollo

Congrats! You are the driving force of this novel. Often characterized as a 'bad guy' its really a lot more complex than that. A man of the cloth you have dedicated your life to religion, science and the care of orphans you adopted. You were once a happy man, enthusiastic in the pursuit of knowledge, gentle and patient in caring for children, and totally asexual... then She came (cue dark sound effect "Duh, duh, duhnnnnn!') You hate loving her, and she hates you... it's probably your fault since you glare at her, get in the way of her income, and call her names. Its not your fault that you don't know how to talk to a girl-- this is your first crush!



Mostly C's


Congratulations you're Quasimodo!... Maybe that's not something that one would normally be congratulated on, being as how that means you're hunch-backed, half-blind, deaf, and hideously ugly. You also the nicest, deepest, and most soulful character in this book. You are intelligent, loyal, a connosieur of beauty, and hard-working musician of great skill. You are soul of Notre Dame.

Disney's Phoebus

Disney's Phoebus

Mostly D's


Congratulations, you're Phoebus! Women love you, though not any particularly good reason. You were probably a football player in high-school, and a fratboy in college. You're a great person to have beer with, which is great because most of the time you can't afford the tab. As captain of the King's Archers you cut a striking figure in a uniform and impress the 16-year-olds with how heroic you look on a horse. I'd say you're not the type to take advantage, but you really are. That said, you're not actually a bad person, you are good humored, and are generally well-meaning.

Gringoire balancing a chair in this teeth 1844

Gringoire balancing a chair in this teeth 1844

Mostly E's


Congratulations you are the poet Gringoire! You are poet of great talent and never cease to impress yourself. You may be under-appreciated for you poetic and dramatic works, but people love the way you can balance a chair in your teeth. You appreciate talent in others, and know who your true friends are. When it comes time to choose sides you reward loyalty.



Mostly F's


Congratulations, you're Djali! You are intelligent, talented and popular. You have a great a sense of time, and can keep people amused for hours with your delightful imitations. Given a choice between you and a tragic heroine any poet would choose to save you. You also happen to be the most beautiful goat in all of Paris!

Brandon Hurst as Jehan Frollo

Brandon Hurst as Jehan Frollo

Mostly G's


Jehan, ma man! You're such a mooch dude! Your brother loves you, You love you, and um... does anyone else matter? Life amuses you, and when it doesn't you crack jokes or start trouble or borrow more money, and thus you amuse yourself.

Helene Whitney as Fleur de Lys

Helene Whitney as Fleur de Lys

Mostly H's

Fleur de Lys

Congratulations you are Fleur-de-Lys. You are rich, beautiful and a snappy dresser. You are the only character content with your role in life, because after all it's a good role. For you you alone the book has a happy ending, you weren't friends with any of the people who died, you weren't even aware of most of them. You marry your fiancé and carry on as normal.

Disney's Clopin

Disney's Clopin

Mostly I's


Clopin King of Paris underground! You're cool, witty, powerful, you can organize a mob, which is about on par with herding cats. You witness miracles everyday, Hell!, you Are a miracle! A gash here, a broken leg there, you juggle fictictious maladies with best and turn out a handsome profit.

Sister Gudule

Sister Gudule

Mostly J's

Sister Gudule

You're sister g! You are soooo overlooked, but you are a good mother, and true believer. You look like a mouse and fight like a lion. You can withstand years of hardship without losing site of your goals. You also like shoes. Do not be surprised if, when opening you next chinese cookie your fortune says, "Do not trust fortune tellers!

Notre Dame in 1939 version

Notre Dame in 1939 version

Mostly K's

Notre Dame

Congratulation you are Notre Dame YaY!. Some people may not consider a building a character, no matter how famous a landmark, fortunately Victor Hugo wasn't one of them. You are eclectic, yet timeless. The strong silent type, you aren't one to chose sides. In a thousand years when mankind is spread throughout the stars people will be traveling thousands of lightyears just to visit you. Oh yeah, and in case you didn't realize the Original title is Notre Dame de Paris (c'est toi!)

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Disney's Clopin dressed as Frollo with Phoebus

Disney's Clopin dressed as Frollo with Phoebus

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Ebenezer on January 12, 2019:

Ha ha! I got Claude Frollo, my favorite character! He is my favorite character because he is truely a good guy, he is just misunderstood.

anonymous on July 13, 2011:

That was interesting! Thanks for sharing. :)

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