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Dragon Nest - How to Get a Pet

Dragon Nest Pet

Dragon Nest Pet

Dragon Nest Pet

Dragon Nest, like other online games, also boasts a pet system that enables players to have their own personal companions aside from mounts. These pets aren't only for the show, as they go around with you and loot items in dungeons as well as provide you with additional stats as they level. (Yes, these pets also get EXP from leveling.) If you worry that your inventory might get flooded with loots however, simply set the minimum item grade your pet will loot and viola, you won't be having problems anymore.

One disappointing fact however is that these pets aren't permanent, well they expire within the time limit but of course you can extend them with more cash credits. To extend them, simply buy the 'Horn of Life' item in the pet's functional tabs in the cash shop.

Don't forget to give them a really suiting name!

How to get a pet

You can purchase them at the cash shop under the 'pets' tab for 5500 CC. For accessories, you can dress them up at the cost of 3000CC each accessory (Front and Back). Horn of Life, the item to extend their duration costs 3500CC for 30days.

Pet's Functional Tab in the Cash Shop

Pet's Functional Tab in the Cash Shop

What are pets for in Dragon Nest?

Aside from having a really cute companion by your side, pets give you a stat boost depending on their level. At level 20, pets give the following stat bonus:

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  • +20 all stats
  • +200 Max HP and Max MP
  • +20 physical DMG and magic DMG

Buying pet accessories via the cash shop also entails additional stat bonuses aside from making them look even more cute.

Moreover, you can designate if you want your pet to pick up items for you, something very useful in farming runs!

How to level your pet in Dragon Nest

Pets gain exp when a dungeon is completed, and by complete it means the exp that you gain from your accumulated points by hits, skill combos, and prop break during the run. What is important to remember is that the dungeon needs to be completed for the exp to be gained, and that the exp that you get by killing mobs doesn't count.

Also, pets on gain around 10% of the dungeon exp you gain. Nests also give experience for your pet upon completion.

Once again, take note that the only exp that your pet can have is the one given at the completion of a dungeon run.


jon on April 22, 2013:

once pet expires, can it still be revive using the horn? or you need to use the horn before it expires?

euwan on October 22, 2012:

ganahan ko og pet dapat kay gwapo man

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