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How to Become a Successful Pro Gamer

Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.


So, You Want to Become a Professional Gamer?

It's definitely a question which has rummaged through the mind of any gamer when they first discovered that people actually did it for a living. From the ages of twelve to forty-four, there are tons of gamers who think of why they can't be a professional gamer. It's the perfect job, right? You get to have fun, play games, and get paid to do it. However, being a pro gamer is not all fun and games - there is actual work and dedication involved, just like any other job.

Being a professional gamer is not something that happens just overnight either. There may be a few exceptions to the rule, but most professional gamers went though years of grueling gaming and competitions before they were brought under the folds of a sponsor. Once sponsored, you then have to get yourself out there and involved within the gaming community, spending a lot of time traveling and competing, and getting your sponsor's name out there. Your sponsors dictate a lot of what you do each year, and obviously the more you compete the more money and prizes you could possibly win.

However, being completely uneducated as to what they went through, makes your job of becoming a pro gamer that much harder. You have no clue as to how they got to where they are, and that makes your journey longer and more difficult. So, we will work to increase your chances, and hopefully shorten that journey a little, by guiding you through some obstacles, and showing you the doors that you need to go through in order to build your online gaming presence and to get noticed within the community.

Find the Game that You're Best At

Competitive gaming requires that you play the games which have the most activity out there in regards to competitions. First person shooter games, or FPS games, are the biggest and baddest out there. They are the games which are making the most money, getting the most exposure at gaming conventions, and having the most available tournaments at your local and national levels.

You can buy them new or used at, or at your local video game retailer as well. Best Buy just started to take used games in for re-sale, but Play-N-Trade is also a popular venue for used games, as well as Slackers. However, Amazon pre-order always gives you new game titles a day earlier than the release date and gives you a discount for the pre-order if you have an Amazon Prime membership!

A little research may also turn up a privately owned store, and I'm a heavy supporter for local businesses, so shop there when you can. You can even buy the digital download copy from Xbox and PS marketplaces. Just be sure to get an external hard-drive and format it properly following media formatting instructions, as you may need more than the 500GB to hold all of the game titles that you want to stream and you don't want to waste time downloading games plus all add-ons for the game title in order to stream.


1. PUBG - One of the most popular games on PC and consoles right now is PUBG. It's a First Person, or Third Person, shooter game, that was one of the most realistic Battle Royale games to hit the market. It has had numerous updates since its introductory launch first began, and the final release of the game has still yet to be sold in stores. You buy the trial version, or early access version, of the game for half of the price, and get to parachute into a map with 100 other players, scavenging for guns, ammo, and gear, and then fighting for your survival. Play single player, or with a squad, and see if you are the final survivor(s), earning the much coveted "Chicken Dinner"!

2. OVERWATCH- Overwatch is a fast paced first person shooter strategy game, which uses animated characters (each with their own special and unique abilities) to allow players both individually, and as a team, overcome the opposing team with good strategy. Skill also comes into play, as you have to shoot the players on the opposite team. However, proper planning, coordination, and utilization of their special abilities that charge as you play, can make the difference between winning and losing. Special abilities charge faster depending upon how well you are fighting and surviving in the game. There is a huge following for Overwatch, and it is one of the most searched after games on Mixer and Twitch. I highly recommend that you add this to your list of games that you play during your streaming schedule.

3. RAINBOW 6 SIEGE - Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege, or "RB6", is a first person shooter mission based strategy game. You are either LEO/Military members trying to infiltrate a facility to take out terrorists, or you're the terrorists trying to stop and take out the infiltrating forces. Each character in the game has their own special abilities and/or equipment, which helps them to accomplish a specific task in the game to help you complete your mission. However, you have to be careful that those skills also don't cost you the mission! You don't want someone with high explosives blowing up a wall next to the hostage that you're trying to save. However, if they're barricaded up really well, you will need a way to breach the reinforced walls to gain access to the terrorists inside or the mission objective. Use your wits and check your corners, as even the slightest sliver of a corner peak can make the difference in this game!

Once you've picked the title that you're good at, or great at, then it's time to start putting in the hours to become one of the best at it. Play, learn from others, and elevate your gaming skills to where you're always improving and trying to catch the best players in the world at that game.

Sign up and share to get early access.

Sign up and share to get early access.

Start Streaming + YouTube + Social Media

The best thing to get yourself out there, and to start monetizing your gaming accomplishments, is to start streaming your gaming sessions. With the correct setup configuration, you can start streaming your gaming sessions via or and getting some of your gaming exploits out there for people to see. If you also capture your gaming session as a video file, you can then edit it, add a nice video & music branded introduction, and then close with a sponsor promotion. This video you can then upload to your YouTube channel, that you will have to create and brand yourself as a professional gamer around your GamerTag. I recommend creating a gamer-tag that isn't taken across platforms that you choose to play in, which may take some planning and coordination with creating of your accounts. Otherwise, you will have to pay to rename your gamer-tag to be the final one you wish to use across all platforms. If you're going to be a single-platform gamer, then you only need to get the one you wish to use on that platform only, and you're ready to start branding yourself immediately.

Also, sign up for the new site Streamer Nation. Streamer nation is the latest site which is launching this year, geared specifically towards training streamers who are first starting off, helping small streamers to grow and market themselves better, and to help advanced streamers to more effectively monetize their abilities. If you want to be a streamer who finds success, become a professional gamer, and make money while doing it, then this is definitely the community that you want to join. It's the first of its kind, and has an internet marketing powerhouse behind it!

Some top streamers that you may want to look to as examples of what kind of style you want to brand yourself as, as well as how to create videos and promote sponsors, are xSHEWULFx , GBO_Tacklebox , ThugLyfeGaming , Syko_Playz , QueenieKris , and xCHA0TICWOLFx. All of these streamers are on, and each one has a different format in regards to how they stream, how they brand themselves, as well as how they promote their sponsors. They stay true to themselves, the games that they like, as well as who they are. By being yourself, you are a more powerful force in regards to how you game, stream, and promote. Just be sure to work with other community members to learn about streaming, help to promote those community members who help you, and try to keep everything rated G, PG, or PG-13. Pro Gamer sponsors have some leeway in regards to behavior, and some will be willing to accept more risqué behaviors than others. However, certain in-game communications and behaviors can lose you sponsors or sponsorship opportunities.

You want to keep sponsors happy, and try to involve them as much as possible without being too much of a salesperson. Just be natural about when you mention them, try to include them in your social features within the stream platform, and answer question about your sponsors products when asked. Try to get free or discounted product for give-aways is a great place to start, and you want to promote those give-aways at least a week in advance on all social media accounts used to promote yourself as a gamer. This gives everyone time to get the word out, and for people to plan being present when you're live-streaming for the give-away announcement. You can also ask for coupon codes for the vendor's products, offering your streamers a custom discount. This also motivates your followers to get your name out there by sharing the fact that you helped them to save money on an in-demand product. Help them help you to become a Pro Gamer.

Streaming on Mixer

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Join The Competition

Sometimes it's just a good idea to jump in head first. Playing competitively online as a professional gamer will achieve just that. So, you have to create an account on the top competition websites available, and get some play time for some free competitions in order to build up your site ranking. This allows you to have more clout whenever you meet and talk with people in the future, as well as allows you to be recruited by someone further down the road. No travel is involved, and you can play from the comfort of your own living room.

Free for all type matches should be what you're looking for in the beginning. It is a fast-paced match where everyone is out for themselves - the lack of friends will speed up your in-game reaction time in order to prepare you for competition and develop your gaming skills at the same time. You can worry about team competition later on. In the beginning, you must build your stats and your in-game reputation. Plus, you want to get as many wins beneath your belt as possible. Being a "pro gamer free agent" isn't that bad, and being a good one can be fun when you have tons of teams trying to recruit you.

Game Battles - By far the most popular gaming competition website to date. It has the largest member base, has tons of impromptu challenge matches, as well as their "Ladder Matches" that can allow your team to climb to the top of their rankings. I have played many matches on Game Battles without issue, but I have also had bad experiences with their "honor-system". The website is clean, and they obviously have ample funding and sponsorship, but the site also has some quality issues:

1) Support Tickets - Can take a very long time to get resolved.

2) Honor System - One member from each team has to track points in game as well as identify if anyone is cheating or going outside the rules of the match. If there is a disagreement between the two teams, then a support ticket must be submitted. Unfortunately, not every player or team is honorable.

Top 10 eSports Games!


Get The Tools of the Trade

As a budding Pro Gamer, if you want to avoid getting shot or "stabbed in the back" in-game, you may want to invest in a high quality gaming headset. They cover both ears, unlike the normal wired headset or Bluetooth headset that you can buy. This enables you to have total surround sound of the game, and helps to block out any ambient noise in the room around you. What this means for you, is that even the slightest sound within the game comes across your headset, and can mean the difference between you hearing someone coming or having another in-game death. However, you also want to consider whether they are light weight or comfortable, as hours of continuous game-play can lead to issues with discomfort if the headset it too bulky or heavy.

There are some more expensive models out there, but the RIG 500 Pro is definitely one of the best values out there. There are more expensive models out there, however RIG has been making headsets longer (their headset was used on the moon by Lance Armstrong and by NASA for decades), has Dolby ATMOS surround sound, and is more light-weight and comfortable than the competition. The price-point for all of their headset models is amazing and well below their top competitors, allowing you to buy and entry level model and work your way up to more expensive models later on without breaking the bank.

Definitely look at the RIG 400, the RIG 600, and the RIG 800 as well, as each of them are amazing headsets which gamers swear by. There are different models for PC gaming, Xbox gaming, and Playstation gaming, so pay attention when you're shopping online. Also, stay engaged with the vendor and work to promote them if you believe in their product. RIG Gaming does sponsor gamers, and sends them new headsets each and every year, so being in a vendor's good graces will help you to save money on gaming gear. However, if you do well enough as a player as your career advances, sponsors will most likely give you one of the best models out there just so you'll perform better, or because it's their headset that they want to be seen on you while you're playing!


Join a Clan or Community

Joining a good team can also gain you public recognition simply by association. Players who have never met you before may like you or hate you simply because of your clan affiliation. A clan that has a good reputation in the gaming community will find that its members get treated with more respect. Plus, a lot of professional gamer recruiters look at these "top clans" for new talent to join their ranks and promote their products. They are looking at the "creme de la creme" to see which one would be the best representative for them and their product(s).

Another benefit of being a clan member is that being a part of a highly competitive team can also develop your gaming skills. Some friendly inter-clan head-to-head matches with some of the best players online can really step up your game, taking your Pro Gamer skills to the next level. So, not only will you be developing your abilities of working with a team, but you will also develop your skills as an individual. Remember, keep it positive and keep it clean. One bad comment in a match by a clan member can ruin a clan's reputation - some sponsors recruit players online and in-game! So, that negative comment could be heard by a recruiter, and could cost you an opportunity or many opportunities down the road. They are looking within teams with good reputations because they want reputable people to work for them - they want to keep negative exposure to a minimum, just like anyone else. So, be a professional gamer, and assume that someone is always watching.

Finding the right clan for you is a personal journey. It's like trying to find your favorite restaurant or vacation spot. You'll rarely get it on the first try, and will most likely hit a few duds along the way. However, when you find the one that is right for you you'll feel "right as rain". (To quote The Matrix). You'll feel right at home with the players, will get along with them, and will simply "click" with them when you're gaming. You won't mind spending a few hour online line with them 1 - 2 days a week, or more often than that eventually. In the end, it's like being a part of a new family.

Good Clan Resources:

Looking for Clan - A website completely dedicated to helping up and coming gamers to find a gaming community that best suits them and their needs. However, it also is an amazing resource for Clan Leaders. It offers them the ability to search for and find quality clan members from its membership base! So, clan searchers and clan leaders alike, join LFC and start your searches today!

Winter Clan - A down and dirty, hard-hitting, and professional clan, Winter Clan has earned a good reputation in the gaming community. They have proven time and time again to be consistent during tournaments and game-play, and deliver when they make promises to sponsors and gaming community sites. They are multi-platform clan, which offers a long list of titles for you to compete in. A recommended clan for those who like to walk the fine line of professional game-play & all out war!


Be an Active Gamer & Be Professional

Last, but not least, be an active pro gamer. Start gaming one day a week, or night a week. Make it the same time each day, for 1 - 2 hours. This "schedule" will get you ready for what you'll need to do once you get involved with a clan. Clans, overall, have scheduled practice times during the week. This schedule becomes even more important when you are dealing with streaming. It's how you maximize concurrent viewers on your stream, because they know when you're going to be online. They either require you to make one or all of them, so you want to get used to scheduling your game time. Plus, it allows you to ensure that your game time doesn't interfere with the rest of your life. You learn to schedule it, just as you would any other activity.

Be a consistent pro gamer. Show up at practice each and every week. There will be exceptions, due to family emergencies or work issues that cannot be avoided. However, make up the practice by attending both practices the following week if that's possible. Show your clan that you're dedicated, so that whenever opportunities come up for tournaments they will want to pick you to go. You want to be there for your team, so that they will know that they can depend upon you.

Impromptu practices aren't frowned upon, but keep them to an hour. You want your gaming to be a developed skill, and not just some extra time that you're trying to kill - or because you have nothing better to do. Find other things to do - exercise, clean your house, work in your yard, run errands, or whatever you may have on your to-do list for that week. Treat your gaming like it's a job or a hobby, and your mindset will lock into a developmental mode when it comes to it. You will care more about improving yourself subconsciously when it comes to gaming just because you're treating it like a job. Think of it like learning how to play an instrument - you have your scheduled practice times, and you practice for a set amount of time on the same days each week - and as time progresses you'll get better and better. Improvement comes from the desire to improve, and that is what you want to instill upon yourself. just updated their requirements for becoming a sponsored streamer, or Mixer Partner, on their platform. In order to become a Mixer Partner, you must now meet the following criteria:

Their emphasis is now being placed upon Quality of the professional gamer and what value they bring to the community. They are heavily scrutinizing each application and are focusing on professionalism, which means that gamers which don't treat their streaming like a business, and represent their brand well, won't be considered. They released the following statement regarding this new direction:

"Every application is read by our team of on-boarding agents and each partner candidate is reviewed personally. We consider a lot of factors, but primarily focus on Professionalism, Uniqueness and Community Building. We still review average concurrent users in your chat, but now we are able to use averages that are based on the content you stream, instead of applying one number to all content. To pass this part of the review remember: always strive to improve your channel and keep a community-first attitude."

Make a Good Impression on the Gaming Industry!

Leave your mark, post your ideas, share your gaming experiences, and post a link to your clan's website! Once you have your favorite game, are an established player, and know that you can hold your own, start promoting your Mixer, Twitch, and/or YouTube channel on your social media profiles, and publishing videos of your gaming feats on YouTube more frequently. Xbox allows your to record gaming moments with the "Xbox Record That" command via the Connect, and you can then edit your videos later on and publish them for other gamers to see. The goal is to put amazing and entertaining gaming videos out there for others to enjoy, that there are a lot of them for gamers to find, and to make a good impression of yourself upon other gamers.

You need to network without your community, as well as try to help others within the community. So, don't enter other people's streams and ask them to co-stream or ask them for a shout-out. What you should do is promote other streamers, and help them to grow. Be consistent with your streaming, and publish a schedule, so that other streamers know when you'll be online. Try to get your followers to follow other streamers which are of high quality, and avoid talking bad about other streamers. Essentially, if you are a good streamer your reputation will build and others will gravitate to you. If you're negative or or a bad streamer, then they will gravitate away from you, so be sure to work on the quality of your stream each and every day.

Remember, even Ninja wasn't a hit overnight. He had years and months of bad days and games before he even found Fortnite, and even then he had to work to develop his gameplay before he started to achieve recognition. Stay consistent, keep gaming, keep streaming, and help others to do the same. You will grow each and every month if you follow these guidelines!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 PrometheusIV

How to Become a Pro Gamer ~ Guest Book

anonymous on June 04, 2013:

Hey man, I'm a South african guy and I have been surfing the net as much as possible about pro gaming. To be honest, I know that it is not easy but even though I know there are players who are better than me, I still would like to become a pro gamer one day. I still need to get the essentials for playing online but I will get there evetually. I know for a fact that becoming a pro gamer takes a lot of hard work and I'm prepared to reach it. Just for interest sake I am currently a student at a university and I do wish to finish my studies and get my degree, but gaming is something I love doing and being able to become a pro gamer would be dream come true for me. I know that may sound silly but all of us have dreams and this is my dream. I will reach it someday and I will show that I am capable of it.

anonymous on April 02, 2013:

Thanks dudes...I really wanna show my parents that video games do present beneficial real life opportunities.

ClassicGamer83 on January 21, 2013:

Pretty good info. Mind liking my lens? thanks

anonymous on July 30, 2012:

if you wanna get noticed out there join nau today on mw3 we got 127th place in todays clan op add Tmanw17 on xbox live and we can talk

anonymous on June 14, 2011:

Would be awesome to someday be in a professional clan! Unfortunately here in Malta gaming is not one of the choices to make a living...and thus there are no opportunities to be noticed. I was, and always will be a's just natural for me.

I am a HoN, LoL and very recently started even BLC gaming. I never had the opportunity to compete and improve my skills, I know I am capable of doing much better. My online nicknames are as follows if you want to check me out or just play some games togheter:

HoN: bulle3t

LoL: DarkPresence

BLC: dele3t

Thank you for any consideration, I am looking forward to play with any of you.

Cya on the battlefield ;)

anonymous on February 02, 2011:

Great lens. Being a pro gamer would be awesome! Check it out I tweeted about your lens on twitter @ squidootweets

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