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How Game Pass Revolutionized Gaming

I am a video game enthusiast with years of experience in the gaming world.

Are you owning an Xbox? Then Game Pass should be of the highest interest to you.

Are you owning an Xbox? Then Game Pass should be of the highest interest to you.

Netflix For Games? Yes, Please!

It needs to be said straight away. Game Pass does remind me a lot of Netflix, mainly of how it presents the content. Of course, Netflix offers movies, and Game Pass offers games, but overall that's the only difference you'll find.

Both services offer a great mix of content at a very reasonable monthly price. Both offer the so important variety. In the Game Pass case, it's a tremendously well-picked game library that consists of some of the most known AAA titles and remarkably interesting indie games.

All genres are represented, so the players are given a perfect opportunity to widen their gaming horizons. And that is exactly what happened to me as well.

How Streaming Concept Changed the Gaming Industry

To understand the revolution of gaming that Game Pass is, without a doubt, a part of, we need to head back and look at the trends within the entertainment industry that started to occur for a couple of years ago. Yes, I am talking about the birth and more importantly so, the establishment of streaming services.

Streaming changed the way we consume movies, series, sports, et cetera. In the past, we had to subscribe to various TV channel packs. Nowadays, we can choose the streaming service or services that resonate with us the most and that offer us the content we seek, and start watching right away on whatever device of our preference.

There's also a lot of free content available on platforms like YouTube. That is also an aspect that contributed to change in the entertainment industry that needed to react to the development and different ways of consuming media.

With games, it's the same. People found out that instead of buying many games that, in the end, still won't be used or played after some time, there is value in subscriptions that gives you access to a gaming library that changes over time. And that is precisely what Game Pass offers today.

Gaming Can Be Expensive

Another reason why game subscriptions like Game Pass will most likely be more and more common in this era is the cost of gaming, which has gone up in recent years due to inflation but also due to the production costs that have increased a lot because of the constant development regarding graphics, et cetera.

To this day, I sincerely believe that Microsoft nailed Game Pass because of how worthy it is for the players and how much value it gives them in return. There's no going around the fact that new AAA titles are a very costly business if you want to buy many of them.

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Of course, it depends on your salary and the financial situation overall, but I think that many will still agree that gaming is becoming a more and more expensive hobby.

Therefore, Game Pass comes as a perfect solution for us gamers. Giving us instant access to over 100 games for a very reasonable monthly price is the way to go, and Microsoft seems to have nailed it.

Even if you game on a PC, you still can enjoy a lot of content from Game Pass.

Even if you game on a PC, you still can enjoy a lot of content from Game Pass.

Accessibility Is the Key Forward

Modern gamers are, in many ways, gamers that require comfort. They don't want to face too many obstacles and want to be able to access their entertainment almost instantly.

Everything is going at a much higher pace than it used to, and gaming is no exception. So, having a subscription service like Game Pass available, where you can easily access the titles of your choice and play them whenever you prefer is great.

It also gives you the variety and possibility to, at whatever time, try another game. It may be a game you probably would never purchase and experience otherwise. This enables you to widen your gaming experience and to find out new genres that you didn't have any knowledge about before. Everything feels so accessible with Game Pass, and that's what I see as the most obvious revolution.

I will be honest. I haven't bought a single game since subscribing to Game Pass. While I have titles I want to and will buy later on, games I do not expect to see on Game Pass since day one (like Hogwarts Legacy, for instance), I still find the Game Pass library good enough to not have the urge to buy any specific game at this moment.

There are sports and racing games available. There are RPGs, first-person shooters, strategy games, and so on. When wrapping it all up, with Game Pass, I feel like I have much bigger freedom in gaming terms than I ever experienced before. When browsing through the massive game library, you feel like that little kid in a candy store that gazes with amazement at all that candy.

Game Pass Offers Cross-Platform

Cross-Platform is a popular function that enables players to play titles on different devices. If you have Game Pass Ultimate, you can download games from the library either on your Xbox console, PC, or both. While this is nothing groundbreaking, it's a nice little feature.

We all prefer to play differently, and all genres require something slightly different. I think I can speak for a lot of players, when saying that, for example, strategy games are usually more enjoyable to play on a PC while some other genres are more fun to play on a console.

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