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30 Things to Do During Quarantine

Amelia is a mom of two girls and has her own small business of selling cosmetics.

Random Things To Do

1. Read a book you've been wanting to read for a while.

2. Complete a puzzle.

3. Teach yourself a foreign language.

4. Meditate

5. Do yoga

6. Pamper yourself. (Face masks, bubble bath, etc.)

7. Bake a dessert. Treat yourself.

8. Paint or draw something.

9. Write a book or short story.

10. Learn a new hairstyle. Even though you're not going out of the house, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with your looks. This is actually the best time to do that.

Things To Do Online

1. Go online shopping.

2. Do an online journaling app once a day. I had to throw this in because it barely takes anytime and makes you feel really good to get everything out of your head.

3. Take fun, random quizzes you find online.

4. Watch YouTube videos.

5. Watch a tutorial on something you've been wanting to learn how to do. (knitting, crochet, sculpting, etc.)

6. Learn how to make digital art on Canva or another website.

7. Learn how to do graphic design or make a video game.


8. Do a course on Coursera.

9. Follow a workout video. I know everyone is eating a lot during quarantine, so get in shape.

10. Watch a long movie.

Make Money

1. Transcribe. There are a lot of websites to do it like TranscribeMe.

2. Sell yours or a family member's old stuff you find around the house.

3. Make a craft and sell it on Etsy.

4. Start a YouTube channel.

5. Write a blog.

6. Take surveys. I know what you're thinking. This one takes a very long time to make very little money. But if you're looking for pocket money, try this out.

7. Listen and review music. Some websites will pay you very little, but some will pay you a lot.

8. Be a delivery person. In most cases, you have to be at least 16 years old, but I had to throw this in because you can actually make quite a lot. So I recommend this to teens who want to make some cash by just driving around delivering things.

9. Sign up for TaskRabbit. There are a bunch of random tasks on the website with people willing to pay you to do them.

10. Become a tutor for kids who need help in certain subject/s. Something similar to this is babysitting. The minimum age I would recommend to start babysitting is 12 or 13.


I hope you find this article helpful and it cleared your boredom. I know how bad boredom can get during the weekends when there's no online school. If you do try any of these things out, I hope you enjoy doing it and have a great time. I decided to add a bonus. Here are a few salt experiments anyone can do. Kids, teens, and adults can all have fun doing these.

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