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High Tech Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas


In order to bring your next scavenger hunt to the next level, consider adding "techy" clues to the hunt. The use of cell phones, text messages, and even GPS can help to bring a modern flair to your next scavenger hunt.


Picture Texts

Have the scavenger hunt participants take pictures with their phones and text them to you in order to get their next clues. For example, text all the participants the following:

Take a picture of the following three objects and text them back to me in order to get the next location for your clue:

- Spoon

- Red marker

- Paperclip

When you receive the pictures, you can either give them the location of the next clue or to make it a little more challenging, scramble the letters of the clue and text it back to them to figure out. (Make sure your spell check doesn’t try to correct the scrambled word.)


Video Text Message

Have all the participants send you a video of themselves doing specific activities, like hugging a tree, singing in front of their house, doing the worm or any other funny dance. Then have them text the video to you in order to receive the next clue.

Math Problem Texts

Want to make your participants use their brains (or their calculators, for those who like to cheat), send a math problem that the participants must solve. Have them text you the answer in order to receive their next clue.

Picture Combo Messages

Another great clue idea (though this one takes some brain power to compose) is to send a small series of pictures that the user must combine in order to find the next clue.

Riddle Texts

Send a riddle to the participants and have them text you the reply in order to receive their next clue.


GPS Clues

If you are conducting a scavenger hunt outdoors, consider using a GPS app or geocaching app (like the Geocaching Intro app which is free) to track the location of the next clue. Then text the location to the participants for them to search that location. When they have found the clue, they can text a picture of it to you in order to receive their next clue.


James on December 18, 2014:

Another great one is do to a QR code. You can find a free online QR code generator, then just have them download an app to read it!

rhondakim from New York City on May 06, 2013:

Great ideas! Thank you for writing this hub!

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