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High Noon 2 - The Best iPhone Game - Cheats, Tricks and Tips - 2015

Game Interface

Game Interface

Anyone who wants to battle add me! My ID can be found at the bottom

Anyone who wants to battle add me! My ID can be found at the bottom

High Noon 2, Latest iPhone Addiction

High Noon 2 is an intense real-time multi-player action game that is free and comes readily available in the iTunes Store. Did I mentioned that it's Free? This is by far the most addictive iPhone game ever.
Go download it, you'll love it even if you're not a fan of the West.

Don't skip this just yet! Read below for some awesome High Noon no-brainer tricks and tips !


  • Real-time multiplayer duels
  • Realistic holstering, aiming, shooting, and reloading actions
  • Robbing your opponents (You can get caught! Do this only to piss people off)
  • Three gun types: Rifle, Shotgun and Revolver
  • More than a dozen equipments to gear you up for your battle
  • Customize your characters

High Noon 2 Tricks and Tips

I have to admit that when I first started to play High Noon, I totally suck at it. I couldn't even aim properly and 75% of the time I got killed.

That came to an end when I discovered some tricks of my own. Trust me if you follow these simple steps, you will have 90% more success rate!

Tip #1

You need to have a good grip and control on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The reason why I say this is because High noon requires you to have precise aiming so that you will be able to perform better and win more Gold! Playing bare with your iPhone is a No No. I personally use an otterbox cover as it gives me the best grip and feels good too. Otherwise, any silicon cover will do just as well.

Tip #2

If you suck at aiming with a rifle, I suggest you should just invest on a shotgun. As soon as you reach level 9, go grab the Double-barrel Shotgun. A lot of people will be aiming for the Royal Hunting Rifle (the golden rifle). But don't worry about them. You will be 100x way better of with a shot gun. When you reach Level 15, don't think twice about getting Stagemaster Shotgun. That will give you more Wins !

Slightly off target, but it's just below the naval.

Slightly off target, but it's just below the naval.

Tip #3

Using the shotgun is simple and very effective. Always aim at the "crotch area". You will realize that you will have more damage points if you place your cross-hair at that area.

Do this right and you only have to make minimum 3 shots to knock off your opponent. That is with a Stagemaster Shotgun though.

Dynamite Double!

Dynamite Double!

Cast Iron Plate

Cast Iron Plate

Tip #4

What do you do when you have lotsa GOLD? Don't keep it. Invest on it! Like what rich people do. They buy property! So do the same with High Noon. Keep in mind not to spend on useless junks. Personally, I only purchase 2 items.

  1. Dynamite, Double (50HP Damage) Cost only 1100 Gold
  2. Cast Iron Plate, Cost only 1800 Gold

These 2 items help me tremendously in winning countless of battle. If you are dueling against someone who uses a Shotgun, make sure you're equipped with the Cast Iron Plate so that you won't take much damage.

When you battle against any other rifleman, it's best to just keep a Dynamite. Use it only when your opponent's HP is like 50HP or less.

Tip #5

When you know you're going to lose, hit the RUN button. Don't worry, it's good to chicken out. At least when you run, you're opponent won't get any GOLD!

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That will piss him off a little.

Update: Apparently this doesn't work anymore. The developer of High Noon must have somehow read my tips and made the update. Sorry Guys!


Conclusion? Just download this game and start battling!

If you want to battle me, add my High Noon ID: 141505704

Looking forward to battle with all you losers out there.

If you have a tip, share it with us! Write it at out comments page! I would love to see the contributions by others!

How to Kill a Hacker

If you want to kill a hacker, the first thing you have to do is figure out what cheat he is using. Once you know what his cheats are, you will be able to identify his weakness. Below are some lists of the 5 most common cheats, and how to overcome them.

  1. Head-shot Cheat
    Use metal choppers (3500 Gold) and the 4 Shot Royal Rifle.
  2. Body-shot Cheat
    Use steel plate (10 Wampums) or take your chance with just the cowboy cocktail (200 Gold)
  3. Early Start Cheat
    Use Jalapeno (6 Wampums) or salt (1200 Gold) and throw it once you hear the ding sound.
  4. No reload Cheat
    Use the steel plate. Another alternative is to use triple dynamite.
  5. Invincible Cheat
    This is the only cheat that you cannot beat.

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Free Bonus Hack and Cheat for High Noon 2014

For a limited time only, I am sharing with you guys some exclusive cheats such as Unlimited Wampuns, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Health etc. You will definitely WIN every fight.

Get it here!

How to prevent yourself from getting banned

For those hackers, to prevent yourself from getting banned, Rule no. 1:

  1. Never ever use auto head shot, you will get suspected almost immediately.
  2. Modify the hack so that you will only hit the body.
  3. If they blind you by throwing salt, DO NOT HIT them. They will know that you cheated because a blind man never hits his target.

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