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Hatchimals Toys for Kids

Your Hatchimal arrives as an egg ... but then something magical and amazing happens

Your Hatchimal arrives as an egg ... but then something magical and amazing happens

Hatchimals - Something Magical Is Happening

Hatchimals arrive as eggs (as you can see in the picture) but these delightful new eggs will soon hatch into mythical, magical animals. You have to take the Hatchimal out of its packaging and that activates the "magic" that allows the egg to hatch. The egg has to be taken care of or it will not hatch at all. Make sure to read the instructions to find out how to care for your egg. You will also find some "tips" to make caring for your Hatchimal easier.

No one knows where these Hatchimals are from and you don't know which Hatchimal you have until it actually hatches.

There are five different furry toy types to choose from and they are:

  • Pengualas
  • Draggles
  • Owlicorns
  • Burtles
  • Bearakeets

Each one is colorful and beautiful, your child will love it.

Hatchimals Penguala - Pink/Teal Egg

This Hatchimal is part Penguin, part robot.

This Hatchimal is part Penguin, part robot.

Stages Of Your Hatchimal's Life

This toy arrives as an egg but before long you will hear noises coming from that egg. The more your child plays with the egg, the sooner the Hatchimal will hatch! Each hatched Hatchimal has three life stages it will go through and these stages are:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Child

When the Hatchimal is ready to emerge it's eyes will be rainbow colored. The pet will begin to spin and peck at the egg so it can get out. You will also hear a song to let you know your new pet is ready to be hatches, it's called "Hatchy Birthday".

Now the adventure is just beginning because instead of caring for an egg, you will now have a "pet" in a newborn baby stage to take care of. That's right, a baby. That means taking care of all the needs your new pet has.

When your Hatchimal goes into the next stage he or she will be in the toddler mode. This is really a fun time in the pet's development. You can teach them how to talk...and it will repeat phrases, you can also teach them how to walk. Some will dance, some will play music, it's like watching a child develope in some ways.

The third stage of the cycle begins when your toddler becomes a kid. Kids can play games! One of the games is called "Hatchimal Says"...a take off on the classic kid's game, "Simon Says." There's also a game in which your Hatchimal will give you ues or no answers to yes or no questions.

Hatchimals - The Magic of Hatchimals

Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink/Purple Egg

An Owlicorn is a cross between an Owl and a Unicorn

An Owlicorn is a cross between an Owl and a Unicorn

What Do Hatchimals Look Like?

Take a look at the pictures on this page to find out what the different types of Hatchimals look like!

Hatchimals Burtles - Teal/Purple Egg

Where'd You Get Those Eyes?

It is said "The eyes are the windows to the soul", and it seems that works with Hatchimals as well as people. The eyes change colors to let you know how your little animal is feeling.

Hatchimals Eye Colors - What Do The Different Colors Mean?

  • Dark Blue Eyes - your Hatchimal is scared. Pat the bottom of the pet or make soothing sounds to make it feel better.
  • Red Eyes - your pet is upset. Pat it's little head to comfort it and go to a quiet spot.
  • Pink Eyes - your Hatchimal is feeling cuddly, you can cuddle and rub it's belly.
  • Light Blue Eyes - your Hatchimal is cold...hear it shivering? Cuddle your animal and warm it up.
  • Green Eyes - your Hatchimal might just be dizzy! Pat your pet and hold them so they are not dizzy anymore.

Eye Color Chart

How To Play With Your Hatchimals

Hatchimals Draggle - Blue/Purple Egg

I found this Draggle on Amazon - if it's sold out try Kimmy Shop!

I found this Draggle on Amazon - if it's sold out try Kimmy Shop!

Hatchimals Tips

  • The more you play with your Hatchimal Egg the sooner it will hatch.
  • If your Hatchimal Egg falls asleep just hold it upside down for a few seconds, usually 8 to 12 seconds, and they will wake up again!
  • Your Hatchimal Egg should hatch after 20 to 40 minutes. Play with it! Each one has a different hatching time!
  • You don't know which of the two Hatchimal animals you see on the box you will get until it hatches.

Focusing On Hatchimals

The Bearakeet Hatchimal

The Bearakeet is a cross between a bear and a parakeet

The Bearakeet is a cross between a bear and a parakeet

Remember The Tamagotchi? Hatchimals Are Better!

I have to say this little hatching animal reminds me of a toy I once had, a handheld digital pet called a Tamagotchi. I had to respond to the needs of the virtual "pet". The Tamagotchi life cycle had several different stages of development. These stages are:

  • Baby
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Adult

The Tamagotchi thrives or declines depending on the level of care they received. I really enjoyed that little guy!

Hatchimals - What's Inside The Egg??

Meet Charlie The Hatchimals Draggle! Happy Hatch Day!

Hatchimals Eggs Penguala & Draggle Hatching Day Spin Master Unboxing Toy Review

FAQs All About Hatchimals

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