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Game of Thrones RPG Level Up Guide

Game of Thrones rpg Level Up Guide

In Game of Thrones rpg, the hero will change depending on which chapter or scenario the player is currently engaged in. The two heroes in the game of thrones rpg are Mors Westford and Alester Sarwyck. Mors Westford can be played as a landed knight or a magnar. Alester Sarwyck can be be played and leveled up as a sellsword, archer or water dancer. This basic level up guide will guide the hero on the level up of the magnar and the sellsword, focusing on the selection and use of the abilities within the magnar and sellsword stances to complement the player's favored playing style in melee combat situations.

Game of Thrones Magnar Level Up Guide

A Beginning Guide to the Game of Thrones Magnar level up experience

A Beginning Guide to the Game of Thrones Magnar level up experience

Game of Thrones Magnar Level Up

Each hero is defined by the following attributes - strength, agility, luck, endurance and intelligence. These attributes and some of the skills within the hero's stance will determine the following stats which will determine the various effectiveness of the hero in battle -

  • health - obviously, the higher the better.
  • damage per second - tweak the attributes, skills and weapons to increase this.
  • critical hit chance - increase this percentage to eliminate enemies swiftly and effectively.
  • energy recovery - a high score will allow the hero to use abilities repeatedly, increasing game enjoyment.
  • deflection - deflection is important for fights against masses of enemies, some of them shooting at the hero from behind enemy ranks.

The magnar's stance is called Frenzy. The magnar arms himself with two weapons, and goes on a berserker like rampage in battle, throwing defense to the wind. Hence the Frenzy stance is aptly named for the magnar. At the start of the game, the hero has only a few points to choose between-

  • Slash - damages the enemy and causes bleeding.
  • Vicious Hit - opportunistic attack on the opponent to inflict serious damage and stun him if he is bleeding.
  • Revenge - the hero avenges every critical blow he receives.

The slash ability (the top ability which allows further branching) allows the hero to create bleeding damage, and since the magnar does not practice good defence, he should take on damage intensive and stunning moves. Hence Slash and Vicious Hit may be the right choices here.

As the hero levels up, he will add more points and can choose more abilities within the branches of the frenzy stance. Ultimately, this will allow the hero to create his favourite fighting style. Some of the other abilities within the Frenzy Stance include-

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  • Tireless - reduces energy costs with a certain amount of health lost.
  • Blood Frenzy - increases damage and attack speed by enraging oneself and the magnar's allies.
  • Furry of Blows - each blow increases damage to the opponents.
  • Cutthroat - allows for damage, bleeding and knockdown.
  • Fury - the magnar's berserker mode, allowing for superb attack speed and damage but loss of control.
  • Self Control - Fury with Self Control and the ability to steal health points from the opponent.
  • Victorious Assault - increases damage on an opponent who has been knocked down whilst increasing health.

Game of Thrones Sellsword Level Up

Alester Sarwyck is only available from chapter 2 of the game of thrones rpg. If the hero chooses Alester Sarwyck as the sellsword, then the Assassination stance is opened up for the hero. The Assassination stance starts with the sneak attack ability, which explains which sort of character would favor this fighting style. The sneak attack ability then branches off to various other abilities, allowing the hero to choose his style of delivering stealthy death on the battlefield -

  • Blinding Dust - stuns and disorients the opponent by throwing dust into the eyes.
  • Guile - increases damage to those opponents that have been stunned, knocked down or are fighting someone else.
  • Savage Strike - increases damage especially if enemy is stunned.
  • Pommel Strike - increases damage and disarm the enemy if he is in counter-attack mode.

Combine the above abilities with other abilities along the other branches to create the ultimate sellsword.

Game of Thrones Weapons Skills and Character Traits

Character Traits are selected at the beginning of the game and allow strengths and weaknesses to be balanced up. Strengths include traits like leadership which increases damage for teammates and allies. However, weaknesses like asthmatic and gout decrease effectiveness in battle and must be weighed up carefully against the strengths and abilities within the stances.

As the character levels up, he will be allowed to add skill points to the cutting weapons, blunt weapons and other weapons of choice. Different types of weapons will be effective against different types of armor. For Mors Westford the magnar, level up allows more skill points to be distributed into the axes (cutting weapons) and the warhammers (blunt weapons) category.

Game of Thrones Integrating and Using Leveled Up Abilities In Battle

Let's use the example of Mors Westford the magnar in battle against a wildling. It's Mors Westford and his companions against the wildling. The magnar will use his slash ability and then his vicious hit ability to create a damaging, bleeding and stun combo so that the enemy will be stunned and defeated quickly and cannot retaliate much. When energy levels are low, use the restore energy ability to get more energy to use abilities again. Contrast the fighting style of Mors Westford with that of Terrance Celtigar, a defensive and interrupt specialist.

Game of Thrones Battle System

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