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5 Games Like The Room

The Room - A Puzzle Mystery Game

The Room is a puzzle video game developed by Fireproof Games. The game has received several awards, including iPad Game of the Year 2012, Best iPad Game 2012 and Best Mobile Game 2012.

There are many things to like about The Room, and hardly anything to dislike. The game immerses you in a 3D world with a creepy yet strangely delightful ambiance. And the sound effects are amazing as well, adding to the eerie feeling of the game. The objective of the game is to unlock a series of boxes using a variety of motions. This is made easy by the flawless touchscreen controls. You need to navigate around the room and look for clues and strange items, which at first may seem innocuous, but are actually vital in solving puzzles. The puzzles offer several hours of entertaining gameplay. This game showcases what the iPad is truly capable of when it comes to gaming.

If you are a fan of puzzle games and looking for games like The Room, then these games might just be what you are craving for.

5 Games Like The Room


An epic adventure game like The Room

You should be no stranger to Myst if you grew up in the 90s. This game is often regarded as one of the best adventure games of all-time. Cyan Worlds, the game's developer, decided to bring the island of Myst to the iPad and let gamers of the new generation experience the thrills and adventures this strange place offers.

In this game, you explore the vast but deserted island of Myst. There are several mini-worlds called Ages, each containing a series of puzzles which you must solve in order to progress though the game. The original gameplay is kept, and the graphics have been made more beautiful, immersing you to the game's strange yet captivating environment.

Long-time puzzle game fans as well as new ones will surely have a lot of fun playing this absolutely awesome game. Myst remains as one of the most entertaining adventure puzzle games of all-time, and you can now delve into the strange island and solve puzzles with just a few swipes and taps on your handheld device.

Myst for iOS


A game like the Room with outstanding graphics

Riven is the sequel to Myst, developed by Cyan Worlds and released back in 1997 for the PC. The game's graphics and sounds have been improved for the iOS version, guaranteeing you with a remarkable experience as you explore the Age of Riven.

The gameplay of Riven doesn't deviate much from its predecessor. You are put in a vast game world where you must explore and solve a variety of puzzles in order to gain access to new areas. This puzzles are more challenging compared to that of Myst, but not to the point that you would get stuck for hours and give up. The animations, images and sounds have been significantly improved, truly providing you with an immersive gaming experience.

The developers have done a great job in bringing Riven to the iOS device, as well as in revamping the game's graphics and sounds. Riven can now be appreciated not only by those who have already played the game before on their PCs, but also by fans that are too young to remember the 90s.

The Secret of Grisly Manor

A super fun game similar to The Room

Have you ever fantasized about going into an old mansion and navigating your way around aimlessly, not knowing who or what you might see? If so, then you can finally get your chance by playing The Secret of Grisly Manor, a delightfully spooky game that requires you to be crafty and brave at the same time as you try to uncover the mysteries in this mansion.

You have a famous inventor grandfather who suddenly goes missing. You receive a letter from him, inviting you to come to his mansion and promising that he will show you something amazing. Upon setting foot on his mansion, however, you find yourself presented with several puzzles. Solving one puzzle gives rise to another, and you must work your way tirelessly until you ultimately unearth the secret of Grisly Manor.

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Are your brave enough to take the challenge of your grandfather? If yes, then grab this game now!

The Secret of Grisly Manor for Android

The Secret of Grisly Manor for iOS


A puzzle and point-and-click adventure game like The Room

Machinarium is a puzzle point and click adventure game developed by Amanita Design for the PC, OS X, Linux and iPad 2. The game received high praises for its visual design and animation.

One of the most interesting things in Machinarium is its lack of a dialogue system. Animated thought bubbles are used to convey messages and clues. There are numerous puzzles and brain teasers to solve, requiring quite a lot of time to finish. Hints can be gained once per level, but these become more and more useless the deeper you get into the game, making the puzzles more difficult to solve.

Although there's a lonely ambiance in Machinarium, the beautiful graphics and intuitive gameplay more than makes up for it. The puzzles are extremely fun to solve and there's hardly a dull moment in the game.

Machinarium for iPad


A game like The Room with beautiful 3D graphics

Here's another treat for all Myst fans! Exploring the island of Myst has never been more fun as it has been recreated into a fully flowing 3D environment! Cyan Worlds present realMyst, a remarkably more realistic version of the already amazing adventure game, Myst.

This is truly a dream come true not only for the developers but for the fans as well. Gone are the days when the screen slowly fades and the next thing you know, you're in another part of the game world. Now, you can endlessly roam around the island of Myst, finding clues, discovering mysteries and solving puzzles. Quite simply, this is Myst taken to a whole new level. The environment is awesome, and the sounds have been as good as ever.

There's really not much to say about this game, as its just so well-developed. If you haven't enjoyed the old Myst and Riven games, you might find a different experience with realMyst.

realMyst for iPad 2

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Adam Justin on January 19, 2020:

I would definitely recommend the Myst titles

Matthew Hornbostel on April 18, 2019:

Some other stuff to look at for those interested in first-person narrative and potentially steampunk puzzlers like 'the room' series or 'myst':


-Haven Moon

-the actual Myst titles by Cyan [Myst and its most recent variant RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition, Riven, Myst Online (Uru Live) aka the free Myst MMO, Myst V, etc.

-Myst titles developed primarily by other teams/studios with Cyan supervising or consulting, to keep them in line with Myst lore established in the Myst games & novels. (Myst 3, 4)

-Obduction (made by Cyan recently, VR compatible, not tied to the Myst series but somewhat Myst like)

-Firmament (Kickstarter is currently running and faces unclear future at this point [ends April 26, 2019], currently a week from being over, 2/3 funded, by Cyan for another new not-Myst but very Myst like title)

-Aporia: Beyond the Valley, Xing: The Land Beyond... these ones are also easy like 'the room' when compared to the Myst games which at times are aggravatingly tricky.

The Witness is superficially similar - on an island with hundreds of puzzles scattered all over, some genuinely ingenious, but it lacks a conventional narrative, having more a vague philosophical subtext. (lacking ordinary narrative)

There are also third person narrative puzzlers like Syberia (series) and The Longest Journey and its two later sequels, or Grim Fandango, etc. (lacking first person view)

There are a bunch of puzzle platformers that have some number of cleverly designed puzzles mixed in if you are willing to deal with the timed jumping as a component. Portal/Portal 2, The Talos Principle, Fez, Braid, The Swapper, and a few others fall into this category. (platforming included)

Finally, I myself have a few projects a ways off from being done, little indie things that bear some similarity (for example, Miniature Multiverse - first person Myst like exploration puzzler inside a mix of O-scale handcrafted miniature environments)

Samuel Franklin on August 30, 2014:

If you haven't played Myst or Riven but loved the room then those should definitely be at the top of everyone's list, such great games!

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