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5 Games Like Roblox

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online building game developed by Roblox Corporation. Since its release in 2005, Roblox has become one of the most played building games in the world. It has garnered praises for its highly entertaining gameplay and the educational tidbits it provides. Players will not only build, but also learn about computer programming, marketing, and socializing.

While Roblox is certainly a great game, there are a lot of other building games on the market that may be just as fun or even more entertaining than Roblox. Here is a list of games like Roblox where you can create your own virtual world and explore other people's creations as well.

5 Games Like Roblox


Minecraft is the most popular building game in the world. Developed by Markus Persson, the game was officially released in November 2011. Since then, Minecraft has seen a steady rise in population and success. Millions of players pre-purchased the game even when it was still in the beta phase. There are also Minecraft versions for Android, iOS, and Xbox 360.

In Minecraft, you can create items and buildings using textured cubes. The game is set in a 3D procedurally generated world. There are lots of things to do in the game such as gathering resources, crafting items, and engaging in combat. It might be a little hard at the beginning, but once you learn the tools of the trade, the possibilities become endless. Truly, the only limit is your imagination.


Blockland is a multiplayer sandbox game developed by Eric Hartman. In this game, you use Lego-like blocks to create structures. As of May 2013, 35,000 users have purchased the game and the numbers are still on the rise.

The game features a non linear storyline and you are free to set your own goals. You have absolute freedom to design and create different structures. The in-game tool allows you to customize the properties of individual blocks. Blockland also features destructible vehicles, a wide arsenal of weapons, and a mini-game system. You can play this game in either a single-player or multiplayer setting.

Block Story

Do you want a game that combines building and role-playing elements? Then Block Story is the right game for you. This awesome world made out of blocks is available for your Android and iOS device. Now, you wouldn't just build structures and explore endlessly, as Block Story offers a lot more in terms of gameplay.

Block Story is set in an infinite world of blocks. The game world is very well-designed, with a beautiful terrain generation with floating islands, biomes, and coral reefs. You can level up by gaining experience points as well as enhance your skills to improve your character. Tons of quests are available to give you plenty of time to enjoy and explore the game. You have a variety of weapons to choose from, such as swords, guns, and bow and arrow. There are even vehicles to help you reach your destination faster. Block Story is truly a must play game for those who are looking for more action and adventure.


Cubelands is a sandbox, block building game that is strikingly similar to Minecraft. Hardcore fans of Minecraft may not like Cubelands at all, and many have said that it's only an inferior clone and a ripoff. However, there's still plenty to love about Cubelands. It focuses on construction, and even though there really isn't any challenges in the game, the developers have managed to keep the game interesting with its well-polished building elements.

One positive aspect of Cubelands is its graphics, which is a lot better compared to most block building games. Just like the games on this list, you will be able to construct your own virtual world through the use of textured cubes. It also puts emphasis on multiplayer mode, allowing you to join a game or host your own and immediately begin playing with other users.

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Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod or GMod is a sandbox physics game created by Gary Newman. Unlike the other games on this list, GMod does not feature blocks. However, it still involves a lot of construction as you will be able to manipulate various objects and create whatever item you want. There is no real objective so you are free to roam around and do things as you wish.

What's so fun and interesting about this game is that Garry has given you all the necessary tools and you're all set to play the game. You have the ability to spawn objects, combine them, and turn them into whatever you want, be it a tank, a catapult, or something that's entirely out of this world. But creating things isn't always easy. Remember, it's a physics game, so you need a little knowledge from your physics class back in high school to make sure that the things you create actually work.

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Marafca on December 16, 2016:

Was just wondering if there were any games with the whole programming set-up like ROBLOX has, where it's readily available and easy to access?

fuck on April 19, 2014:

roblox is the BeSt game

Imheretopsotacomment on November 30, 2013:

I wish i could just find a list like this but not have all of the minecraft related games. I already play roblox, blockland, and gmod. Im just tired. I ask if you could add some more non minecraft related games to the list?

Roblox Girl on July 06, 2013:

Nothing better than roblox :D

Caleb Melvern (author) from Philippines on July 05, 2013:

John, because of your comment I replaced the Gmod vid with "The Gmod Idiot Box". Thanks for bringing that up! I'm sure the readers would surely enjoy all the episodes!

John Roberts from South Yorkshire, England on July 05, 2013:

You've got a great list here and I'll have to try the ones save for Minecraft and Garry's Mod as I've already got those. I'd also mention here that there's loads of "Gmod parodies" on YouTube, the most famous ones being "The Gmod Idiot Box", which are movies shot and animated with Garry's Mod, and contain excellent use of the games' voice files.

Voted up, useful and interesting! ^^

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