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9 Games Like Poptropica - Other Fun Adventures For Kids


9 Games Like Poptropica - Other Fun Adventures For Kids

Are you looking for other games like Poptropica? There are many fun alternatives to Poptropica available that offer an exciting adventure. Most of these games are even available for free or played entirely online making them easy to access.

Poptropica is a popular online virtual adventure for kids that offers an educational adventure. Having quaickly grown into one of the most popular online places for kids ages 6 to 15. In Poptropica you can explore islands, play games and make new friends as you complete quests in the Poptropica universe.

This page features the very best games like Poptropica available, don't forgot to leave a comment at the end of this page with your favourite or let us know about anything fun games like Poptropica that aren't on our list.

lady popular

lady popular

Look After Your Own Fashion Career In This Game Like Poptropica

Lady Popular is another online virtual world like Poptropica that opts to focus on fashion and shopping with its popular experience. in Lady Popular players can explore the game world, while creating their ideal avatar and creating a fashion forward career. Lady Popular targets young children aged 5-13 and with millions of users makes the perfect game like Poptropica for young kids.

After choosing your customise avatar from the basic options (players will be able to further customise their avatar later as they earn game currency). From here you can start exploring the virtual world of the game, create your ideal apartment, adopt a pet and rise the fashion ranks.

Lady Popular is a great virtual experience if you want something that focuses more on the fashion side of things.

Lady Popular - Official Website



2 - Fantage

A Fun Child Friendly MMO Game Like Poptropica

Fantage is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game like Poptropica. Fantage offers a massive virtual town to explore and is packed full of online games and activities.

After you create your Fantage account you can customise your cartoon style avatar with hair, clothes and accessories to personalise your Fantage experience. Fantage started in 2008 and quickly grew into the most popular online community for kids and now has over 15 million registered accounts.

On Fantage you will play from a wide variety of mini games (some of which are also multiplayer), for every game that you play you will be rewarded with stars (the in-game currency). These stars can be spent on items and pets which the players must hatch from eggs and then look after.

Fantage - Official Website



3 - Wizard101

Play As A Wizard In This Game Like Poptropica

Wizard101 sets players on a journey to save the Spiral. In Wizard101 you will play as a Wizard and master the art of Wizardry as you explore the vast game world.

Wizard101 is split into different worlds which players explore while also battling a variety of creatures in turn based combat. As you complete quests in the game world you will also learn new spells and get stronger equipment. Wizard101 is designed with pre-teens in mind so it is both safe and easy to start to playing.

Wizard101 offers a number of magical schools allowing the player to choose a type of magic that suits their preferred playstyle. If you are looking for a game like Poptropica that allows you to explore game worlds and battle creatures then Wizard101 is perfect. If you prefer pirates than wizards though you can try the spin-off game, Pirate101 instead.

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Wizard101 - Home

Wizard101 Commercial



4 - Animal Jam

Be Curious In This Game Like Poptropica

Animal Jam is a fun game like Poptropica that lets you play games and learn about the world around us at the same time. Animal Jam offers large amounts of its content for free and was designed for players aged 5-12 but definitely appeals to children outside these age groups with it's addicting style of gameplay.

Animal Jam is a MMO designed for children which offers a massive virtual world along with plenty of fun games and activities. Like most games like Poptropica users can play for free while communicating with other players, creating their own unique avatar, customising a personal house, raising a pet and much more..

If you are a fan of exploring and looking for a new virtual game like Poptropica to keep you entertained then Animal Jam is perfect.

Animal Jam - Start Exploring Now

Animal Jam - Trailer



5 - OurWorld

Explore This Virtual Game Like Poptropica

OurWorld offers a virtual world for children to explore and is very popular with a player base of over 2 million users.

On OurWorld players can create their own avatar, play games, decorate their virtual home, watch TV shows, make new friends, enter competitions and even look at books in the online library. In Bin OurWorld players complete missions, tasks and get a virtual job to earn the virtual currency of Mulch to spend in the Shopping Mall.

Users can also easily connect and communicate through the live chat feature (which is moderated) or visit other players in their rooms.

OurWorld - Start Playing Now

OurWorld Quick Overview



6 - Fishao

Go On An Epic Quest In This Game Like Poptropica

Fishao is one of the newest games like Poptropica being released in 2011. The game aims to be a children's MMO focusing on a safe online multiplayer experience with a combination of fish catching (and hopefully finding them all).

The game takes place in a colourful land and allows players to easily travel around with their monkey avatar. The game revolves around exploration and the collecting of fish which can be caught from the various oceans, streams, rivers and lakes.

Fishao is a great adventure with players controlling their avatar. There are also a number of hot keys that allow players to access their items quickly from within the game.

If you are looking for a new adventure experience then Fishao is a great game like Poptropica.

Fishao - Official Website

Fishao Trailer



7 - Habbo Hotel

A Game Like PopTropica But Better

Habbo Hotel (also known as Habbo) is a social MMO set within a hotel. The game is designed for children and teenagers but has attracted players from all ages with its fun social features that make it a great place to hang out.

Habbo Hotel offers a massive virtual world for players to explore and offers a unique game experience that centres around social, gaming and customisation.

In Habbo Hotel you play as a pixelated character which you can freely customise to your liking. From here players can explore the Habbo Hotel universe while making new friends.

Habbo Hotel - Start Playing

Habbo Hotel Gameplay



8 - Club Cooee

Meet Countless New People In This Game Like Poptropica

Club Cooee is a fun game like PopTropica that allows players to take whatever role that you please with a huge amount of customisation. The game can be played online where you can connect with thousands of other players in a fun virtual world.

Club Cooee is a creative and social playground that allows users to create their identity to use in the games and social interactions with other players. As you progress through the game you'll earn game currency which you can spend on costumes, accessories and movie extras.

Club Cooee is a game like PopTropica that allows you to be creative and social while chasing your dream of fashion and social fame.

Club Cooee - Official Website

Club Cooee Gameplay



9 - Club Penguin

One Of The Best Games Like Poptropica

Club Penguin is one of the most popular MMO for kids and as such is a great alternative to PopTropica. Club Penguin is free to play although there are paid memberships available to unlock additional content.

In Club Penguin you play as a penguin as you explore the large world on offer. Players can play mini-games, interact with other players, create their own igloo, purchase a puffle and much more. The amount of content available on Club Penguin makes it one of the largest games for kids available and will not disappoint players.

Club Penguin targets the same age audience as PopTropica making it one of the best games like PopTropica available.

Club Penguin - Website

Club Penguin Commercial - The 2011 Halloween Party

Which Of These Games Like Poptropica Is Your Favourite? - Know Another Fun Game Like Poptropica?

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Fantage is AWESOME

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fantage is the best

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