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9 Games Like It Girl - Fashion and Dress-Up Games For Girls


9 Games Like It GIrl - Fashion Games For Girls

Are you looking for games like It Girl? There are plenty of free, fun and fabulous fashion games like It Girl for girls available to play online for free. If you are a fan of dress up games then you will find 9 great games like It Girl on this page.

It Girl is one of the latest popular Facebook game which allows players to shop the world, hang out at trendy parties, date a rock star or travel to some of the most amazing cities while hanging out with your friends and reaching the top.

If you're new to the dress up genre or just seeking out something for a change from It Girl you'll find the list below to be an invaluable resource.

Leave a comment about your favourite game like It Girl, or be sure to suggest other alternatives not on this page already.



1 - IMVU

IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is a social website that has been around since 2004.

Members use 3D avatars which they can customise to meet people, chat and play games. Players can customise their own avatars with over 5 million items in the IMVU catalog. A majority of these items are designed by the players themselves (and players are encouraged to add their own designs).

IMVU has over 50 million registered accounts with the core audience being young adults. Meet new people, shop for your 3D avatar, play games, join groups and create your own clothing accessories in this online game like It Girl.

IMVU Official Website

IMVU Gameplay



Lady Popular is another fashion game like It Girl, it's simply packed full of content and is very popular with thousands of players online at any time.

Players can be their own boss, run their own fashion store and shop till they drop, with so much choice it's one of the best in the social, fashion and dress up genre.

Lady Popular is available online (just like It Girl) with its main focus being on shopping and running your own beauty/fashion store, the game even allows you to visit your friend's stores.

There are plenty of different fashion styles available in the game along with plenty of different mini games.

Lady Popular - Official Website

Wauies - The Pet Shop Game

Wauies - The Pet Shop Game

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3 - Wauies – The Pet Shop Game

A Dress-Up Pet Game Like It Girl

Wauies is a little different from the other It Girl options on this page in that it focuses on you customising your own pet and their surrounding habitat. Wauies is a virtual community based around training, breeding and caring after your favourite dog species (of which there are over 300 in the game).

The game features a massive community and will appeal to fans of It Girl as Wauies offers similar features including fashion, design and making friends (just with a dog instead of a human avatar).

With dog shows to enter, special animal based jobs and countless other features to explore Wauies is a great browser based game with plenty of entertainment to offer.

Wauies - Official Website

Wauies Gameplay



4 - Club Cooee

An Online World Game Like It Girl

Club Cooee is a popular game like It Girl that allows you to earn money in your dream job, shop endlessly, dress up and play games with others to prove that you are the best.

Club Cooee is a great online social MMO that offers plenty of features which are similar to that of It Girl (and all available in your browser). Players can shop, dress up their own personal avatar and complete missions to increase their overall influence and popularity while making friends in the large and realistic game world.

Club Cooee - Official Website

Club Cooee Game Trailer

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5 - Habbo Hotel

Another Social Game Like It Girl

Habbo Hotel is a free online social avatar game like It Girl where players dress up their personal avatars with the latest trendy fashions and then explore rooms filled with other players and play games.

As one of the most popular games in this genre you'll be treated to constant updates, a huge community and just a generally high quality experience. If you love shopping around to customise your own personal avatar and then showing it off, Habbo Hotel might be the game option for you.

Habbo Hotel - Official Website

Habbo Hotel



6 - OurWorld

One Of The Newest Games Like It Girl

OurWorld is the latest addition to the fashion and dress up games available on to play in your browser.. OurWorld allows players to dress their avatar while competing against other players in various games, making new friends and generally exploring what the virtual world has to offer.

OurWorld has many similarities to It Girl offering plenty of clothes and accessories to customise your look while also offering various methods to earn rubies and hearts (the game currencies) to unlock new unique looks.

If you want something newish with constant development and a large number of players OurWorld is what you are seeking.

OurWorld - Official Website

OurWorld Gameplay



7 - Stardoll

A Game Like It Girl For Tweens

Stardoll is a new game similar to It Girl but is designed for tweens in mind. The games focus is on building your pop career, customising your singer and teaming up with other players.

Stardoll also allows players to play various mini games to earn money which can be used to shop and customise their character. The musical focus makes Stardoll a fun and safe online game experience for children.

Play Stardoll Online

Stardoll Gameplay



8 - The Sims

The Number One Sim Game Like It Girl

The Sims is one of the best games like It Girl available. The Sims is a life simulation game and is the most popular in its genre selling more than 160 million copies world wide which also makes it the best selling franchise for the PC.

The Sims has all the game elements present in It Girl (fashion, shopping and exploration) but gives you more control over the life, dreams and ambitions of your sim.

The Sims offers countless expansion packs each adding new gameplay elements and features so there is plenty of game content.

If your looking for a game like It Girl that doesn't require Facebook or to be online then the Sims game series is a great option. Sims 3 is the latest addition to the franchise and as such is the best in the series, you can see some of the Sims 3 products below.

The Sims 3 Trailer



9 - Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

A Fashion Game Like It Girl, Available Online and for iOS

Jojo's Fashion Show is a popular fashion game that can be played online or on your mobile device (iOS or Android). The game has players helping Jojo design stylish outfits for your models to showcase in some of the largest fashion shows in the world.

The game has over 15million downloads and offers at least 10hrs of gameplay and even more with re-playability.

Game features include 50 different levels, male/female models, photo mode, along with deep gameplay and fashion possibilities.

Play Jojo's Fashion Show - Big Fish Games

Jojo's Fashion Show 2 App Review

What Is Your Favourite Game Like It Girl? - Do You Know Another Game Like It Girl?

Ave on May 08, 2018:

movie star planet is he best

Angela Hobbs from The TARDIS on September 26, 2013:

The best game ever is not even listed on any of these related lenses. It's called Diva Chix, and I have already spot lighted it on my Fashion Vixens lens

CalobrenaOmai on May 17, 2013:

I like The Sims 3 and Gala Stories. I used to play StarDoll (via Facebook) but it got a bit deterring after a while; even though the addition of some clothing items from Winx Club was a nice touch. I'm still with IMVU though haven't been on in a while. I'm surprised Fashion Avenue Game hasn't made the list. Any way nice listing.

FPgirl on March 20, 2013:

We'd love it if you take a look at the games for girls we have available at FashionPlaytes! Here's a page with our FPgirl Design Studio, Design Daily Game, and Fashion Runway Challenge - Thank you.

JessieKim on December 20, 2012:

Looks like great fun!

oomiloo-clothing on November 21, 2012:

Mostly I like dress up games.....

Vivianpro on October 23, 2012:

Sometimes i'm also try this games, so great!

anonymous on August 28, 2012:

Great lens! Thanks..

Annette_corie on July 01, 2012:

Fashion dress up games are all the rage with young girls. As a parent it is easy to give your stamp of approval on these online games. Find out more and try them out yourselves.

wolvyz on May 19, 2012:

I like these fun girly games sometimes. I don't play them always though.

WriterJanis2 on May 06, 2012:

I haven't tried these, but I'll pass this on to my daughters.

anonymous on May 05, 2012:

You know them better than I do! And.. 'I do'' is... well...

JoshK47 on May 05, 2012:

Good info - thanks for sharing!

Camden1 on May 05, 2012:

I haven't heard of any of these other than Sims. I'll have to see if my daughters are playing any of these.

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