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10 Games Like High School Story


High School Story – A Simulation Building Game

High School Story is one of the most popular simulation building games for mobile devices. It has over 250,000 reviews on the Play Store and because the game is updated constantly, players continue to build their own story and enjoy everything the game has to offer. Despite its title, High School Story appeals to gamers of all ages. You can be well past your high school years and still have fun crafting the school of your dreams.

In this article, you will find more games in which the gameplay is highly story-driven. I will not limit the list to games with a high school theme. I want you to not only experience being a student, but also a movie star, a business owner and even a family man.

1. Surviving High School

One of the best games like High School Story


Surviving High School is arguably the closest game to High School Story. You get to play the roles of different students at Centrerscore High School. The game simulates things that high school students typically experience such as making friends, getting high grades and developing a romantic relationship with fellow students. The flow of the story will depend on how you answer multiple-choice questions at different parts of the game.

Parents need not worry because this game is very friendly to kids. There will be bullying and gossiping, but no foul language is used. There are tons of characters to play and a new episode is released every week to keep the game fresh. Needless to say, you will never run out of things to do in this game.

2. Episode – Choose Your Story

A game like High School Story with huge content


If you do not want to get stuck with one theme, then you should definitely check out Episode – Choose Your Story. This game truly lives up to its name: You get to play an enormous catalog of interactive stories. Be it action, romance or comedy, this game has it all for you. There is also a category called User Stories, in which you can freely do whatever you want and create your own story.

What stands out most in this game is that all the stories are well-written. They are also not very linear and simple. Your decisions throughout the game will dictate how the story flows, whom you will meet and how other characters will treat you. Each story has multiple puzzles that are quite challenging, so you have to also your wits in order to advance.

3. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

A super popular game like High School Story


Ever dream of making it big in Hollywood? Now you can create your own celebrity and make it to the top alongside Kim Kardashian! This game is fairly new but after just a couple of months, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of gamers all over the world. I guess that’s the magic of Kim Kardashian.

In this game, you get to experience how it is like to be a superstar. Kim will guide you until you become an A-list celebrity. Buy the most fashionable clothes, rock the red carpet and interact with other celebrities! You can even date and dump celebs that flirt with you in parties. Travel as much as you want and stay in luxury homes. You can play with your friends and help each other become the next big stars of Hollywood.

4. Campus Life

A good game similar to High School Story


Do you think a high school setting is too childish for you? Then check out Campus Life, a mobile game that lets you build your own sorority. Expand your sorority and make it the biggest in the whole campus! There are tons of things to do in this game, so get busy and live the campus life you’ve always wanted.

The main gameplay revolves around recruiting members for your sorority. Make friends and invite other students to join. From star athletes and geeks, to party-goers and reserved students—you can let them all join your sorority. It’s entirely up to you! Decorate your sorority house and enjoy makeovers with your girl friends. Host beach parties and other awesome events to gain popularity and recruit more members.

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5. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

A fun game like High School Story


This one is for all you The Simpsons fans! Homer is at it again! He accidentally caused a meltdown that destroyed Springfield. Care to help him rebuild the city? The Simpsons: Tapped Out lets you take control and build Springfield any way you want. Be the boss and have tons of fun as you give life once more to Krustyland.

This city building game is created by the writers of The Simpsons. With close to 2 million reviews on the Play Store, saying this game is a hit would be an understatement. The HD graphics make the city eye-poppingly beautiful! Help Homer and the rest of The Simpsons family start anew. Build restaurants, theme parks and gorgeous homes for all! And oh, you can complete tasks to gain donuts! Who doesn't want donuts?

6. Stardom: Hollywood

Another celebrity game like High School Story


Did the Kim Kardashian game pique your interest? Then this should also be enjoyable for you. These games are similar because they come from the same developer, Glu. In this game there will be no Kim to assist you in your journey, so you will have to make it on your own. Your decisions will dictate your fate in the game. Do you have what it takes to become an A-list celebrity? Or will you forever be a Hollywood nobody?

In Stardom: Hollywood, you can create your own actor or actress. Start from the bottom and move all the way to the top. Once you’ve grown in popularity, you will be able to star in TV shows and movies. Land lead roles, hear what critics have to say about your performance and earn rewards! You can also attend parties and flirt with popular celebrities. Live the celebrity life as you take on various quests, meet new people and increase your fan base.

7. Fashion Story

A game similar to High School Story for fashionistas


All fashionistas rejoice! You are going to enjoy this game especially if you have plans of opening your own clothing boutique. Experience what it’s like to build a business from scratch as you design clothes, decorate your store and handle customers. Are you ready for the shopping rush?

As you play the game, you’ll be able to unlock more trendy clothes and accessories to expand your collection. Experiment with your store layout to find the best conversion rate and increase profits. You can change how your store looks as often as you want, so try your best to build the best fashion boutique to attract more customers. You can also visit your friends’ stores and like their items. This game is updated weekly with new clothes and decors.

8. Party in my Dorm

A simulation game like High School Story


Who wants to party? If you raised your hand, then you might want to check out Party in my Dorm. This game lets you experience the life of a college freshman who has just left the wings of her parents. Prepare to live in a dorm with students of different personalities. Be a nobody to the most popular student by completing all sorts of fun activities!

Have fun living in the dorm as you rent out the rooms to other students. Take on different jobs and complete various activities such as dance offs and pranks to increase your reputation. The higher your reputation gets, the more popular you become. Get to play different characters and form clubs with other students to participate in club wars. Send hilarious gifts to your friends and set up pranks! There is also a real-time news feed and campus chat in-game.

9. Enchant U

A game similar to High School Story with fantasy elements


Enchant U is not your ordinary university. Get ready to discover the exciting secrets within the walls of the campus! This story-driven game is fairly old, but it still remains popular thanks to its compelling gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics. Learn the stories of your classmates, interact with sororities and attend parties!

In this game, you consume energy as you take on quests. Completed quests earn you rewards. Makeover your character as you choose from hundreds of trendy clothes and over 20 gorgeous hairstyles. You also have the choice to be naughty or nice; your decisions will dictate the flow of the game. Date the hottest guys on campus and go on romantic escapades!

10. MovieStarPlanet HD

An interactive game like High School Story


MovieStarPlanet is a social game in which every player is a celebrity. Interact with other players any time you want by chatting or play games. Spin the Wheel of Fortune every day to get cool prizes! Let your creative juices flow and make your character the most popular of all!

As with other celebrity games, your main objective is to become as popular as you can be by earning Fame. Play mini-games, shop for new clothes and follow the latest trends in fashion. Make friends with other celebrities and chat with them in-game. Create YouTube videos and expand your playlists to gain even more popularity!

All images courtesy of their respective game developers.

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