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GallopHome an equine Game...

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The Board Game and how it came about

Jennifer Jones the inventor of the game "Gallop Home" shared with how the game came about:

My mother read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book is all about residual income, real estate, inventions, etc. After reading the book, she called me one day and said...."as much as you know about kids and as much as you know about horses, there are no good Board Games out there to target this market...why don't you make one?"

I laughed and said "Sure mom...I'll get right on it!!" but much to my surprise, as I was traveling on an airplane to another business apptment, it jumped into my head. I wrote the ideas down quickly and that began 2 years of learning and development of the game. I had 3 different Artists that drew the board and decided on Delia Pacheco as my artist. She captured just the look that I wanted. Pat Kasper of Kasper Design was hired to produce the beautiful playing pieces that are also in the game. There were costly learning curves in the production, but 2 years later in 2003, Gallop Home Train your horse and WIN was born. After that, Gallop Home Coloring Book, was released in the Fall of 2003. In the Fall of 2004 Gallop Home Puzzle Kits were released. All artwork by Delia Pacheco.

Gallop Home on Amazon

Arabian horse

Arabian horse

My part in doing the Art for the GallopHome products

When Jennifer called me from Florida and asked if I would like to illustrate an Equine Board Game... I said sure, send me the details and I will see what I can come up with. She already had other artists do preliminary illustrations of the game, but Jen wanted a different feel so chose my style.

I then put together illustrations with my ideas working on it at lightning speed to get it done. When Jen approved the sketches I began painting a 16" x 20" Acrylic painting of the finished board, making sure all the areas were in their correct places for the overlay of the game.

As I started to do the illustrations for the Coloring Book I decided to draw from memory... things that I had experienced with Equine breeds. I also included my daughters and their ventures with their Horses and Pony.

Then for the Puzzles my thought was to do different popular breeds... I painted five different breeds, and Jen chose three to start with. I also used acrylic to paint the images and did the background like a color wheel so when you laid all the puzzles together they would match up in the background colors...that was a fun projects to do.

Horse Coloring Book - sample pages showing different disciplines

coloring book

coloring book

The GallopHome name was added to several other products, such as a Coloring Book, Puzzles and Sculptured horse heads for a collection.

This book was a great deal of fun for me. The illustrations reflect my memories and experiences that I had and with my children, including my own horses. It was cathartic, I could have added so many more pages.

The coloring book is now under my ownership and copyrighted in my name. I'm hoping to publish them in the near future.

Copyright Notice:

The Coloring Book and Puzzles are Copyrighted in my name...

All Rights are Reserved and can not be used without written permission from me.


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Old Fashion Fun is back with the Return of the Board Game


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Don't Forget...

those kids who love horses and wish to learn about training a horse and the different disciplines that apply.

Miniature Paintings made into a Mosaic Mural


For the horse lover or for a fundraising event -

This little book makes a great gift, leave it as a book or take the perforated pages and make your own Mural, this can be a great way to make money for a fundraiser event. Each picture can be sponsored for a cost and added to the Mural.

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Comments here...

goldenrulecomics from New Jersey on February 20, 2013:

Very interesting idea!

TransplantedSoul on October 03, 2012:

Putting together a good board game that will have depth and longevity must be a real challenge. Well done!

KimGiancaterino on June 06, 2012:

This is the first time I've seen the new wood theme. It's perfect for your lens.

goo2eyes lm on January 28, 2012:

you are really have many facets: artist, painter, designer, squid angel.

oxfordian on January 15, 2012:

Ok, is there anything you HAVEN'T done? I LOVE this. Here's another angel blessing for you.

Darcie French from Abbotsford, BC on March 16, 2011:

Wow- this is really cool! I am lensrolling to my horse fun pages, many thanks -:)

SubtleMoon on November 18, 2010:

This is awesome - my husband and I are avid board gamers, and adding horses to that mix makes it wonderful!!!

khael on October 04, 2010:

It's nice to see people coming up with interesting family style games. It's inspiring and I hope I can have my own game published as well.

Bus Stop Toy Shop on May 18, 2010:

D-Artist, do you know if this game is available through any of the United Kingdom board game distributors? It looks great, and I sell quite a lot of horse related toys...

anonymous on April 30, 2010:

I love this idea! Reminds me of when I was in school, trying my hand at horse drawings lol... I couldn't do it very well, but those illustrations above are absolutely fantastic. So beautiful.

Keep up the great lens.

Ps: thank you so much for your comment on my angels lens. God bless you.

Bob Zau on April 01, 2010:

What a great idea and a nice lens. My wife is the real equestrian in the family she's been teaching for many years and taught me to ride hunt seat when I was dating her.

Lee Hansen from Vermont on November 17, 2009:

I think my #1 granddaughter Bella is almost ready for GallopHome this Christmas! She attended horse camp this summer and really loved it (just like here mom and grandma ...).

julieannbrady on November 11, 2009:

[in reply to JaguarJulie]Gosh, has it really been that long since I first visited? Have you worked on any other cool projects recently?

anonymous on November 11, 2009:

Who doesn't dream about horses as a little kid. I've never heard of this game but I know I want it! Great job! 5******

GrowWear on July 24, 2009:

Very exciting to be a part of this game, I'm sure! Kudos! ...In awe of your talent.

HorseAndPony LM on March 05, 2009:

Wow! My daughter loves this game but does not have a copy of her own. She was so excited to see that the SunMaid Raisin Girl illustrated this game and more. As you are quickly becoming her hero, we have ordered her a game of her own.

We lensrolled this page and have added an entire ‘Gallop Home’ section to our Everything Horse and Pony for Kids site. This is a 5* lens for us. We have enjoyed reading about you and your adventures. We will be back often to read more.

marsha32 on February 03, 2009:

it looks like you've done a great job in building this game, and how awesome that the drawings are yours too. Best of luck to you in the future.

julcal on February 02, 2009:

this is great! I fell in love with horses at a young age, drew them daily, fantacized about them running beside the car as we were driving. Great idea!

***** Julie

julieannbrady on January 13, 2009:

I really love the classic board games -- and even have a lens on board games! This is really very cool that you illustrated the GallopHome board game. You are obviously such a talented lady!

Evelyn Saenz from Royalton on December 23, 2008:

We love playing board games at our house. Your illustrations of horses are magnificent.

Lensrolled to my Educational Games for Christmas lens.

anonymous on December 12, 2008:

Great lens! I lensrolled it to all my horse and coloring pages lenses - now how can I add your coloring book to them?

Lee Hansen from Vermont on October 27, 2008:

Like most girls, I loved horses - still do - and they were my favorite drawing subject, I took riding lessons and collected horse figurines and books. I aded the Gallop Home coloring book to the voting plexo on Best Ever Coloring for Kids and Adults and gave it a vote. Thanks for tipping me off!

lemonsqueezy lm on September 11, 2008:

I;m definitely going to look into this. My daughter loves horses. Thanks for sharing. 5*

Joan4 on July 29, 2008:

This is great! Thank you! Now showing this link on my Books and Toys about Horses! Thank you for the heads up!

Kanga LM on July 26, 2008:

This game looks fantastic! I've lensrolled it to my Horse Computer Games lens :-)

bjbook on July 17, 2008:

Very inspirationa! Awesome work...5 stars!

Angel-Eleven on January 22, 2008:

It's nice to see a new game on the market that involves horses, very refreshing. Good Luck!

KarenC LM on September 20, 2007:

Unique and wonderful for horse lovers.Drop by my new lens and say Hi!

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Gatsby LM on September 19, 2007:

This is new to me 5* for you! Best Natural Dog Food

DogWhisperWoman1 on September 19, 2007:

Very interesting I give you 5* Dog Whisper Woman

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