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FurReal Friends - Pet Toys for Girls

Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup

Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup

What are FurReal Friends?

FurReal Pets are the adorable plush toys made by Hasbro and are much sought after. There is now a wide selection of FurReal Friends to choose from including the popular selling Squawkers McCaw, Biscuit the Lovin' Pup, FurReal Butterscotch Pony and Kitty Cat.

The newer additions to the FurReal Friends family include Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup, Cookie Puppy, Snuggimals Long Bassett Hound and Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony.

Hasbro has strived to make its toys as lifelike as possible by studying the mannerisms of various types of animals. This has produced realistic sounding and "pets" that react to sound and touch.

FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup is extremely popular with children aged between 5 and 8 years of age. The oversized puppy has a plush coat and pleading eyes. You'll know that he's happy when he starts wagging his tail!

All FurReal Friends come with an adoption certificate.

Negative Feedback

As you would expect with any product, Furreal Friends is not without its critcis. The most common complaint that I've discovered is that the toys are extremely noisy when they move and this can, in turn can drown out the noises that the pets are making.

Initially, I thought that this problem was confined to the FurReal Newborns, which are the smaller "baby" FurReal Friends. However, even the original, larger versions, such as FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup, have received similar, negative feedback.

Ethical Giving

If you want to make a donation to charity via your gift purchases then you'll be pleased to know that Hasbro has committed a minimum donation of $500,000 from the sales of FurReal Zambi, the baby elephant, to help African children orphaned by AIDS.

Dizzy Dancers

FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers can best be described as elaborate spinning tops.It is supplied with a long plastic serrated edged 'key' which needs to be slot into the dancer and then pulled out again to make it spin.

Reviews suggest that this toy maintains the attention span of a child for a limited period of time. this does not surprise me. Watch the video below to watch the Dizzy Dancers in action.

FurReal Snuggimals

FurReal Smuggimals are great for encouraging imaginative play. The FurReal Snuggimal puppies and kittens come to life and wriggle in the palm of your hand. Cute and soft they are small enough for tiny hands to snuggle.

Be warned though, the snuggimals do not imitate any animal noises. Despite the cheap price of these toys, the lack of sound has been complained about by some buyers.

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My personal favorite is the Snuggimals Dalmation pup which is just super cute (see photos at bottom of hub).

Hottest FurReal Pet?

FurReal Newborns

The FurReal family has recently been extended with the addition of Newborns. These small baby animals comprise a kitten, puppy, lamb, chipmunk, guinea pig,bunny, bear, bird and piglet to name just a few!

The Newborn range is naturally far more affordable than the larger FurReal Pets and well worth an investment if you are unsure as to what to buy.

There are some drawbacks to these smaller FurReal Friends as they are considered a little noisy and not very cuddly. They are also limited as regards the level of interaction. However, you do need to take into consideration the price that these toys are selling for.

FurReal Butterscotch Pony


FurReal Butterscotch Pony

FurReal Butterscotch Pony is the "pet" that stole the hearts of many children. Particularly popular with young girls up to the age of 8, this fabulous pony is 39 inches in height and can support the weight of a young child up to 80lbs / 36kg.

Butterscotch comes with her own carrot for "feeding" and brush for grooming. If she's hungry then she will open her mouth but if her tummy is full then she will shake her head! In addition to moving her head and swishing her tail, she "whinnies" and "snorts" just like a real pony would.

Totally designed to be fallen in love with, the FurReal Butterscotch Pony will keep your children entertained for hours on end.

In response to the popularity of Butterscotch Pony, Hasbro has launched Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony. This is a cheaper and miniature pony from the original Butterscotch.

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