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The DC Forever Evil Reading Order


Forever Evil and DC's September 2013 "Villains Month" Make Bad Guys Rule!

The Earth's Greatest Superheroes are no longer so good. Not nice at all, really.

Coming off the opening of the ill-fated Pandora's Box, a terrible evil has been unleashed on the world and systematic deception and control have taken over the population. The Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark are no more. Earth is now....Forever Evil.

Picture: Cover art from Forever Evil #1 (2013).

From the DC New 52, we have the first Major Event involving all their heroes and villains. Forever Evil is a huge shakeup in the universe and will affect every title in some way.

Start: September 2013

End: May 2014

Welcome DC Fans! This is the Forever Evil Reading Order lens. Here you'll find a guide to keep well-versed while following or reviewing the event. Forever Evil is a very special crossover in that is the first one for DC since they began their dimension-shattering "DC New 52". If you're missing any clue, have any questions, or are otherwise looking for clarity as you're collecting, this is the spot.

Special Note: This also covers the September 2013 "Villain's Month", a special point-1 series where every issue will be about a particular nemesis in the universe.

An Official Teaser Poster for the Forever Evil event.

An Official Teaser Poster for the Forever Evil event.

The Forever Evil Reading Order

Concluded: May 21, 2014

Chapter 1: Nightfall

001 Forever Evil #1

01a Batman & Robin #23.1 (Optional)

01b Batman The Dark Knight #23.1 (Optional)

01c Detective Comics #23.1 (Optional)

01d Justice League of America #7.1 (Optional)

01e Superman #23.1 (Optional)

1st Intermission: End The Curse

002 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4

003 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5

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004 Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger #12

005 Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger #13

Chapter 2: Rats

006 Forever Evil #2

007 Suicide Squad #24

008 Suicide Squad #25

009 Suicide Squad #26

09a The Flash #23.1 (Optional)

10b The Flash #23.3 (Optional)

010 Forever Evil Rogues' Rebellion #1

011 Justice League #24

012 Justice League of America #8

013 Justice League of America #9

013a Teen Titans #24 (Optional)

014 Forever Evil ARGUS #1

015 Forever Evil ARGUS #2

016 Justice League of America #10

017 Suicide Squad #27

018 Suicide Squad #28

019 Suicide Squad #29

2nd Intermission: Blight

020 Justice League Dark #24

021 Justice League Dark #25

022 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #14

023 Constantine #9

024 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6

025 Justice League Dark #26

026 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #15

027 Constantine #10

028 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7

029 Justice League Dark #27

030 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #16

031 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #8

032 Justice League Dark #28

033 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #17

034 Constantine #12

035 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #9

036 Justice League Dark #28

Chapter 3: Prisoners

037 Forever Evil #3

038 Forever Evil - Rogues' Rebellion #2

039 Forever Evil - Rogues' Rebellion #3

040 Forever Evil - Rogues' Rebellion #4

041 Justice League #25

042 Justice League of America #11

043 Forever Evil - Arkham War #1

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

044 Forever Evil #4

045 Justice League #26

046 Justice League #27

047 Justice League #28

048 Justice League of America #12

049 Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #5

050 Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #6

051 Forever Evil - ARGUS #3

052 Forever Evil - ARGUS #4

Chapter 5: Hit and Run

053 Forever Evil #5

054 Forever Evil - Arkham War #2

055 Forever Evil - Arkham War #3

056 Forever Evil - Arkham War #4

057 Forever Evil - Arkham War #5

058 Forever Evil - ARGUS #5

Chapter 6: The Power of MAZAHS!

059 Forever Evil #6

060 Justice League of America #13

061 Forever Evil - ARGUS #6

062 Forever Evil - Arkham War #6

063 Justice League #29

Chapter 7: Crisis of Self

*064 Forever Evil #7

Denotes the conclusion of the event: May 21, 2014

The JLA Villain Black Adam will be part of DC's Villain's Month in September 2013.

The JLA Villain Black Adam will be part of DC's Villain's Month in September 2013.

Prelude and Plot

Information You Need To Know Before Start

Forever Evil is a big event and it didn't get here by itself. The first thing to know about is The DC New 52, a "reboot" of the universe when time became rewritten with the heroes and villains falling into their new places. You can read about that here. Second, comes the Trinity War, a smaller-scale event surrounding the three Justice Leagues and an object called "Pandora's Box".

Once it was opened, a rift between Earth-1, where our main heroes exist, and Earth-3, where the super-evil doers including the Crime Syndicate dwell, was created. Now appearing on Earth-1, they have expunged the good heroes and taken over. For more information on the Trinity War, a link will be provided in the near future.

In addition to Forever Evil, DC Comics is including a special September 2013 "Villain's Month". This includes what comic book collectors call a "point-1" series. Each issue will be numbered as ##.1; so if it would be issue #33, it will be #33.1 and contain a story about a unique DC Villain. All the summaries for the Villain's Month issues will also be included here. Some of them will also be Tie-Ins to the event.

Okay. Sounds like you're ready. Are you ready? Well, are you? Let's go!

Find Your Inner Villain - The DC New 52 Guide to all Bad Guys

Did you know the Joker tore off his face? Do you know the new origin of the Cyborg Superman and his relation to Kal-el?

These are only some of the questions you thought you could answer. A few years ago, DC changed everything in a world-shaking event; now the universe is filled with heavily purified evil.

If you want to get up to speed, there is only one solution. Purchase the DC New 52 Villains Omnibus, where you can get a complete, detailed summary of every bad guy known to date. These characters are portrayed in the most recent incarnations and fully compatible with the world as DC envisions it.

Platinum, The female member of The Metal Men. Excerpt from Justice League #28 (2014)

Platinum, The female member of The Metal Men. Excerpt from Justice League #28 (2014)

Forever Evil's Gone Platinum!

Meet Platinum of The Metal Men

The Metal Men are lately part of the Forever Evil event now that Cyborg has been reconstituted and capable of fighting back.

Right: Platinum, The Platinum-bonded, female member of The Metal Men, introducing herself to Will Magnus, her creator. Excerpt from Justice League #28 (2014), part of the Forever Evil event.

In this edition of Dynababes, we're giving you a glimpse of Platinum, the only female member of the Metal Men group. Currently, she's dead!

Wait! Don't worry! There's more to tell!

About six months ago, The Metal Men fought Chemo and sacrificed themselves to destroy the monster. This has been well documented in Justice League #28 (2014). At this point, you were led to believe they were no more.

But at the end of the issue, Will Magnus, creator of the Metal Men has shown Cyborg that the team is actually on Standby; he still has their responsometers and only needs to re-bind them with their liquid-metal counterparts to activate them once more.

The Metal Men team officially consists of: Lead, Tin, Iron, Mercury, Gold, and, well...yes, Platinum. Each member has a level of shape-shifting, but the properties of their specific element gives them additional abilities as well. In addition, the types of metal seem to have formed their personalities.

Summaries for Forever Evil - Meet The New World Order!

The Crime Syndicate have taken over. Excerpt from Forever Evil #1 (2013).

The Crime Syndicate have taken over. Excerpt from Forever Evil #1 (2013).

Want to follow Trinity War first? Click Here

001 Forever Evil #1 - Officially begins the Forever Evil event. 0-Hour up to 0-Hour +6 (approx.) This issue starts out with Lex Luther, now freed and absolved from wrongdoing, in a helicopter with Thomas Kord, the current owner of Kord Industries. Lex attempts to buy the company, but Thomas remains loyal to his family's life-work. Lex then moves to blackmail, threatening to throw him off the helo and destroy his family. But before any true action can occur, something knows his helicoptor off course into a spiraling collision. (The failure of the Helicoptor coincides with "THE PULSE" unleashed by Grid, infiltrating all technological devices.) Lex barely survives, makes it to his PDA and sees a message that says "The World is Ours." ("THE WORLD IS OURS" is the ZERO-HOUR marker in this event. This is where the Crime Syndicate established their rule in Metropolis.) In a secret tech-filled room, the villainous machine known as "Grid" says it has taken Metropolis off-line and that Gotham City is next. The next scene cuts to Night in Gotham, taking Victor Zsasz to Akrham Asylum while chatting with Batgirl. During their conversation, a communique breaks through saying "The World is Ours." (Gotham City now receives "THE WORLD IS OURS" broadcast. Possibly an hour or less after the first one.) Nightwing sees something streak by, ripping the doors of the Asylum and breaking in. Before he can send for help, he's knocked out. The issue then returns to Lex Luther, recovering from the wreckage. Thomas Kord hangs from the precipice of the crash, about to fall to his death, but Lex ignores him as he sees what he thinks is Superman appearing. Instead of saving the man, though, the figure knocks them both away and breaks into the nearby Lex facility, looking for something. The issue then moves to the next scenes where the villains known as the Rogues Gallery are attempting to break The Trickster out of the Iron Heights Penitentiary. Suddenly someone speeding by - much like The Flash - breaks through and takes out a guard. The issue turns, yet again, to another scene; this time in Louisiana, Belle Reeve Prison. While Amanda Waller attempts to recruit Black Manta for her Suicide Squad, two shadowy villains break in. One comments that they are opening up all the villain prisons. Another Cut-scene; we're back with Lex Luther. He watches as the Superman-Dressed figure crushes green Kryptonite into dust and literally snorts it, seeming to be even stronger. Another Cut-scene: Riddler, Ivy, Scarecrow, and Two-face reveal their silver coins (communication devices) and comment that they were asked to join a secret society. They're all in...

...and this leads to the major opening, at the hub of the fallen Watchtower, or what remains, at the water's edge of Happy Harbor. The villains have all gathered in front of the Crime Syndicate, consisting of Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Deathstorm, Johnny Quick and Atomica. In a worldwide annoucement, they state that they've destroyed the Justice League. (The Crime Syndicate announces they've destroyed The Justice League worldwide. Approximately a few hours from 0-Hour.) To prove their authority, they reveal the captured Nightwing and reveal his private identity, Richard Grayson. As thoughts conflict across the planet, the sun rises. Ultraman, harmed by it's presence, flies away, pushing the moon in place as an eclipse. (Ultraman officially creates the ECLIPSE now. The span of this issue can be up to 2 hours easily.) The last scene cuts to Lex Luther wondering "Where is Superman?"

Forever Evil: End The Curse - The 1st Intermission of Secondary Plots

Excerpt from Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 (2013)

Excerpt from Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 (2013)

Plot: This section is collectively called "End The Curse" because it's the title of Trinity of Evil: Pandora. It's not official because this includes The Phantom Stranger and his story. Now that The Crime Syndicate has arrived, Pandora and Phantom Stranger become caught up in stories that will resume in a story arc called "Forever Evil: Blight". What happens here are the stories, still part of the Forever Evil event, that lead into that crossover.

002 Trinity of Sin Pandora #4 - Specifically states it occurs after Justice League #23 and Forever Evil #1. The end occurs simultaneous with Forever Evil #1. Showing the moments after The Outsider activates the Box, Pandora appears in Washington D.C. in front of a destroyed capitol. She doesn't understand, but suddenly meets a creature - much like The Martian Manhunter - who makes claims that his evil team made it through the portal. The creature-villain dies. Somehow - two days later - Pandora makes it her friend Marcus with the shards of the Box. She convinces him to re-fashion it through reverse engineering. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the knowledge or the tools he needs to do a competent job. This causes Pandora to head to Hidalgo, Mexico where she finds Vandal Savage. They duke it out for a few minutes until she convinces him to tell her of The Outsider, giving her the coin of the Secret Society. In turn, this leads her to Happy Harbor where she witnesses the Crime Syndicate claiming their victory (Coincides with Worldwide Broadcast). She moves her way inside the ruins and finds The Outsider - we know him as the evil Wayne's butler Alfred - and ambushes him.

003 Trinity of Sin Pandora #5 - Pandora can't seem to pull the trigger on The Outsider. He then tells her the entire meaning of her she actually didn't release evil and how it was always present. He also warns her that the Crime Syndicate knows how to kill immortals. Fearing he may be right, Pandora runs, and gets pulled into her teleport. But something goes wrong and she's confronted by more visions. When she wakes up, she's before Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Nightmare Nurse. Beside her is The Phantom Stranger and The Question. This leads her into the Forever Evil: Blight story arc.

004 Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger #12 - From nothingness, the creator beings Phantom Stranger back into existence, telling him he's changed and has two reclaim two lost souls. Elsewhere, the boy named Chris Esperanza is mystified by his resurrection and feels different; he goes to the Phantom Stranger and tries to get direction. Although Stranger rebuffs him, Chris is able to keep up and follow him mystically. They arrive at Doctor Thirteen's house, finding the man laying in the bathtub with slit wrists. Chris grabs and, somehow, resurrects him. Although Stranger thought Thirteen was behind his death, he quickly learns The Question was at fault. He heads back to the Stark house, but is surprised to find it on fire. On the roof is Sin Eater and his devilish master. The Phantom Stranger is horrified and wonders why this happened.

005 Trinity of Sin - The Phantom Stranger #13 - The Stranger squares off with Sin Eater, but the Eater's "Hound" tells his charge that they have other things to must do. They leave. The Phantom then faces Zauriel, showing up at his burned house. The angel gives Stranger some clues about Zauriel, then reminding him that he made a promise to Doctor Light. The Stranger enacts that promise and then goes after The Question. They ultimately meet at Hub City, in The Question's lair. After some skirmish, The Question withdraws The Spear of Destiny, using it, but Stranger rebuffs its power. Then given to him, Stranger finds a spiritual gift of Arthur Light. Using the spear, he destroys it, releasing its power, and summoning the Zauriel, who takes the spear. The Question disappears, and shortly, so does The Stranger. When they awaken, we see Stranger, Question, and Pandora chained at the Rock of Eternity before the might of...Swamp Thing, Nightmare Nurse, and John Constantine. This now leads The Phantom Stranger into the Forever Evil: Blight story arc.

Chapter 2: Rats - The Entrenched Crime Syndicate Prepares; Is Lex Our New Hero?

Lex Luthor and Bizarro Gear Up. Excerpt from Forever Evil #2 (2013)

Lex Luthor and Bizarro Gear Up. Excerpt from Forever Evil #2 (2013)

006 Forever Evil #2 - Occurs shortly after Forever Evil #1. Timeframe: Approximately 0-Hour + 6-12 Hours. Starting in Metropolis, the issue begins with Lex Luthor in the basement of his LexCorp Headquarters, Sublevel 13. Searching with his flashlight, it's clear he has plans. While there, he runs into one of his security guards and they begin walking together. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the Teen Titans are debating their next move. Robin convinces them to attack the Crime Syndicate in Happy Harbor, and while the rest of the time is concerned about losing the fight, he points out that Nightwing is there and if the Syndicate knows Grayson's idenity, they can easily reveal everyone else's. The issue then goes across the nation, showing scenes of turmoil and riot. It transitions to Happy Harbor, Rhode Island where the Crime Syndicate resides, discussing their intentions. Notably in the panels, Power Ring appears to be dying or in a decaying process. Deathstorm tells him to give the ring more time. Johhny Quick and Atomica decide to take a "tour" of the area and have their own form of "fun". We get a sense that the Syndicate is built upon threats and force; there are alliances and betrayals secretly at work. Currently, they are keeping an unknown figure and Dick Grayson alive. Owlman wants the figure killed, but Ultraman suggests that a powerful creature will follow them to this reality and that they can throw the person at it.. Grid is monitoring uprisings; Power Ring and Deathstorm are sent to handle The Rogues in Central City while Ultraman heads to Kandaq. (Power Ring and Deathstorm go to Central City to battle The Rogues. Ultraman heads to Kandaq.) In the meantime, we learn that Superwoman and Owlman are lovers and may have a plan of their own. Shifting back to Lex Luther and interspersed with Teen Titans events, Lex and the security guard make their way to his cloning chambers. We see a devolved Superman clone which Lex decides to free. It's his only option to help him against the Syndicate. He orders the clone to kill the guard; the clone doesn't seem too willing to obey, but eventually kills the guard. Lex gathers some of his own tech, donning it, and has the clone wear a facsimile of Superman's costume. Of course, it puts the uniform on inside-out meaning this is clearly Bizarro. At the same time, back in Happy Harbor; the military is attacking the fallen Watchtower, but not so fast: Johnny Quick and Atomica show up and begin retaliating. Before there's too much death, though, the Teen Titans appear and attack. The fight is quick, though and Quick upons up a form of dimensional storm, sucking the Titans away. It is unknown (or unproved) if they are dead, but they are certainly gone. Lastly, in Detriot at STAR Labs, Silas Stone and an associate are working when the figures of Batman and Catwoman, carrying a completely decimated Cyborg, enter. They bring him in to see if he can be repaired. When they ask about the Justice League, Batman tells them "They...didn't make it."

007 Suicide Squad #24 - There's no indication that this belong anywhere except after Forever Evil #2, due to it's release date. As Belle Reve Prison is in turmoil, Amanda Waller manages to escape death and retreat to one of her secret rooms. She contacts Deadshot for a last mission, telling him to recruit his own Suicide Squad and head to the Rocky Mountains to extract an important weapon.Deadshot, with Harley Quinn, recruits Captain Boomerang. The issue then moves to the other side of Belle Reeve Prison where James Gordon Jr. watches criminals built a satellite for someone named "Thinker". He captures and kills a worker, learning where Thinker keeps his quarters. He spies on this supra-genius villain and finds out that Thinker is also intent on acquiring this "weapon". As the story progresses, we see Amanda Waller recruit a superhero named Warrant, joining him with Steel, and ultimately with Power Girl, meeting them up in Colorado. They break into the weapon facility, only to find Deadshot's crew already there. That's when the voice of Waller tells Warrant's team to kill Deadshot's team. It seems confusing until you realize that Thinker is manipulating Warrant's group, somehow appearing to them as Waller. A fight is about to begin, and the prize is...OMAC.

008 Suicide Squad #25 - Continues immediately from Suicide Squad #24. A brief fight ensues, but is quickly diffused as both sides believe they are working for Waller. A few minutes later it becomes convincingly true that one side was recruited by a fake. They get ready to join together and move OMAC when they realize that Harley has taken the creature topside and activated it. Elsewhere, Gordan and the real Waller are out of options. She takes him to the unheard of "seventh level" of Belle Reeve. As she is working in the other room, Gordan is beset by King Shark, but convinces him to wait and offers him another morsel for food. At the same time, Amanda has released a powerful being known as Kamo.

009 Suicide Squad #26 - Kamo is King Shark's father; to Kamo, that means King Shark must die. The two begin duking it out until Waller tells Kamo that she'll need his help if he wants to get past the spells binding him. (It's a lie, of course.) In the meantime, Harley drops OMAC in the prison and attacks Gordon; he slips her ambush and buries a dagger in her back, snaps a collar on her, and then asserts control. By that time, The Thinker has taken mental control of the being and is attacking Waller's location. On the last page is a cut-scene, showing Deadshot is still alive, but buried under lots of rubble.

010 Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #1 - When in Central City, the Rogues claim they've only been gone for a couple of hours. Detective Singh tells them Grodd did all his damage within an hour. We also know this happens after Forever Evil #2 because Deathstorm and Power Ring are sent to Central City in that issue. That puts this issue 0-Hour + 6.. After witnessing the rise of the Crime Syndicate, Captain Cold and The Rogues are back in Central City, finding it an apocalypse. They surmise that Gorilla Grodd must have razed the city. Freeing some cops, Cold tries to learn what's going on; it turns out Grodd left the officers for dead and said more criminals would finish them up. With his sister in the hospital, Snart orders Mirror Master to guard her. Suddenly outside, a Crime Syndicate contingent of Black Bison, Multiplex, Plastique, Hyena and The Typhoon appear. They announce they were ordered to finish off the city, but Snart has had enough. He and his Rogues go to battle, taking each opponent down. The fight appears won, but suddenly Death Storm and Power Ring appear, calling for the death of The Rogues. (Power Ring and Deathstorm are now in Central City.)

011 Justice League #24 - Shows a scene where Deathstorm and Power Ring are just showing up in the Central City area. Coincides with 0-Hour + 6. Starting with Ultraman's origin on Krypton, we learn that he was sent to take over the earth. Lois Lane is their dimension's Superwoman and he chooses her to bear his child. Although an alert in Kahndaq has drawn his attention, he diverts his path and stops by the Daily Planet. He finds Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. Angry at the "Olsen" from his dimension, Ultraman breaks Jimmy's hand. Lois attempts to fight Ultraman and is knocked away. At an instant's notice, though, our "Black Adam" appears, attacking him, and they take the incredible fight outside. (Ultraman faces Blake Adam in Metropolis.)

012 Justice League of America #8 - Does not specify where it occurs in the timeline. Temporarily here. Centering on The Martian Manhunter, he awakens in a field with Stargirl, not remembering how he got there. Soon after, Jason Rusch appears telling him that this is a prison of unfathomable proportions. He offers to lead Manhunter and they go with J'onn anchoring a psychic link to Stargirl. As they progress, Manhunter finds Wonder Woman, Shazam!, Flash, Simon Baaz and Superman each in "prisons" adapted to their personality flaws. Guilt, responsibility, stress; they are unable to break their imaginary chains. As Manhunter ponders the strangeness around her, though, Stargirl sees a glimmer in the sky near her. She moves up through it and sees a destroyed Washington Capitol under an eclipse.

013 Justice League of America #9 - Occurs after JLA #8, and the timespan is short. J'onn continues deeper through self-created prisons of the JLA while Stargirl decides to come after him. He makes it to the final level after sensing he is being followed. As he walks through, he faces himself, learning that his mind was slowly creating its own prison, too. Almost beaten, he is saved by Stargirl when she arrives; because of her youth and optimism she isn't vulnerable to the machinations of this foreboding place. She grabs J'onn and heads back to the top level, where he immediately disappears. Their telepathic contact is still good, but J'onn now says he's in her mind. And that's when Deathstroke, Giganta, and other villains appear, ready for a fight.

014 Forever Evil - ARGUS #1 - In this issue, the broadcast "The World is Ours" occurs; that would place this at Forever Evil #1, but the battle of the White House is known to occur the next morning, placing it here. The issue indicates the Crime Society has sent their worldwide broadcast. Centering on Steve Trevor, part of the issue goes back in history when he met Wonder Woman, brought her to the U.S., and became the director of ARGUS. The remainder of the issue is present time, when he was teleported away by Zatanna under instructions from Madame Xanadu, wakes up, and leads an assault team against Deathstroke's forces in the White House siege. Trevor fears the super-villains may get control of the ARGUS Key. Meanwhile, back at the ARGUS headquarters, with only a dozen or so agents left, a cascade of photon energies culminate in the reappearance of the once-dead Doctor Light. Can he still be alive?

015 Forever Evil - ARGUS #2 - The fight continues at the White House. Trevor's team is dead, but he manages to explode a bomb on one of the bodies. Using the distraction, he escape with the President and heads back to the ARGUS HQ. Back there, they've been attempting to deal with Dr. Light's avatar with no success. The issue soon cuts to Killer Frost. She's trying to get warmth and ultimately takes out a fire-wielding villain called "The Hotness". Once she sucks her dry, she moves on, hoping she'll find someone tasty like Firestorm. Back at the ARGUS HQ, Trevor and the President show up. He then gets the ARGUS Key from the Prez and stashes him in the "Green Room", a magical panic room. Lt. Candy goes in with him for security. Now finished with that mission, Trevor uses the Key to go to the Wonder Room. There, he finds the Delphi Mirror and prepares to ask the guardians the location of Wonder Woman.

016 Justice League of America #10 - Reliving her own memories, Courtney Whitmore aka Star Girl, is fighting Deadshot and his crew with J'onn aka Martial Manhunter guiding her body. Psychically, he attempts to keep her aware, but her mind constantly goes back under. Apparently Manhunter is now trapped in her psyche with her. With enough present awareness, she launches herself away, flying over a decimated Washington, D.C. until she can find a spot to regain her senses. In the moment of meditation, another unbidden memory crops up and she somehow expulses Manhunter. She then flies off, confused, to help her family. J'onn is now back, but fears the worst. He needs to help the Justice League trapped in the mind of the Firestorm Matrix. In his current state, he is severely weakened.

017 Suicide Squad #10 - Following Suicide Squad #9, this issue is mainly about Deadshot, Power Girl, and the rest escaping. It has lots of background-origin data on the people involved, and involves a scene where Deadshot lets Warrant plunge to his death. Once they get out, they send an extraction message to Waller. Unfortunately, she's busy with King Shark and Kamo fighting OMAC. She checks her screens and sees a message from Keven Kho, instead, the mind of the body originally becoming OMAC.

018 Suicide Squad #11 - Without Waller's help, Power Girl guides plane wreckage with the team into Belle Reeve. They drop in as soon as OMAC is finishing with King Shark and Kamo. The team attacks, but it's fruitless; OMAC is too strong. Waller leads Deadshot and Harley to another location and gives him bullets laced with Genetic Codes that can make them superhuman for a short peroid. That's Deadshot's que; he shoots Harley, then Waller, then the head.

019 Suicide Squad #12 - This occurs shortly after Suicide Squadd #11, possibly only a few minutes later. Waller Wakens and sees Keven Kho is still fighting a battle inside OMAC's head. Deadshot and Harley find The Unknown Soldier and "shoot him up" with special (temporary) powers. They confront OMAC as he's preparing to kill Digger. They survive his attack, and shortly thereafter, Amanda has the "portal to nothingness" ready to swallow him. Kingshark jumps in and almost pushes OMAC through, but before this all happens, Keven gets control and OMAC is docile. Doesn't matter though: Digger throws a boomerang and knocks him inside. (Hooray?)

Forever Evil: Blight - Unconscious Evil Takes Form

Excerpt from Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #14 (2014)

Excerpt from Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #14 (2014)

Plot: This story arc within Forever Evil is for the magic-lovers. With the arrival of The Crime Syndicate, there has been a shift in the balances, culminating with the unconscious collectivism of evil in the form of a creature known as "Blight". The JL Dark, Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and a host of other magical heroes combine their forces to destroy the abomination. The Timeline for Blight is uncertain; it begins some time after Forever Evil #1 and probably simultaneous with other events. In order to best preserve continuity, it's organized together.

020 Justice League Dark #24 - Starts the "Blight" story arc in Forever Evil. John wakes up light-headed and confused while multiple "imp" versions of himself are attacking. He soon realizes they are manifestations of his psyche and that he can control them. Now, he sees that he's returned to the House of Mystery. He goes through various rumors and scenes, sensing evil and it's growing, sentient nature. Suddenly, Zatanna and JL Dark appear; he quickly discerns they are projections and banishes all but her. Ending in their bedchambers, Zatanna quickly reveals herself to be Nightmare Nurse. John fights her, but then finds out she's been helping him. She rips out the virus from his soul and he realizes what happened. He prepares for a plan and Nightmare Nurse offers the aid of a homegrown Swamp Thing?!?

021 Justice League Dark #25 - The manufactured Swamp Thing immediately has problems; it ends up giving birth to the true Swamp Thing who's angry about the whole thing. Once the three figures settle down, Swamp Thing tells them they only had to ask. The group attempts to understand the evil spreading across the world and realize that the unconscious collective evils of the world are forming into an entity John is calling "Blight". They attempt to fight the creature, but are bounced back to House of Mystery. John then goes behind closed doors and wrestles Pandora, The Question, and The Phantom Stranger to him. Chained, they are told he, Nightmare Nurse, and Swamp Thing will rid the world of evil.

022 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #14 - Now realizing they are chained, the Trinity fights back; they are too powerful to stay bound. The Question leaves and Pandora signs up after John tells them his mission, but after some soul-searching, Phantom Stranger is unsure. He decides to go, but the House of Mystery won't let. After some "soul-searching", he decides to help. Meanwhile, Chris Esperanza is with Doctor Thirteen when "Blight" approaches him and takes him as a host. He knocks Thirteen out and then summons the heroes back into the collective unconscious. (The issue also shows Black Lightning and Blue Devil fighting in Los Angeles.)

023 Constantine #9 - Instead of the unconscious, they are dropped into Central Park. Blight arrives and then they begin to fight. Coordinating their powers, Blight is taken down, but Phantom Stranger tries to keep them from the final blow. Too late, Blight breaks free, renewing his attack. They attempt to teleport out, but something weird happens; they get a vision of a strange magical device where Sargon, Constantine's secret lover, is trapped. They end up reappearing at the park and, one by one, they are falling to Blight.

024 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6 - The fight continues as Nightmare Nurse heals and Pandora attempts to keep Blight distracted. Constantine is now conscious and he and Nurse decide to invoke the Mark of Dun-Kon-Wen. As it activates, Blight beheads John, Spears Pandora and Phantom Stranger, and kills the rest. But then, this was part of the plan...

025 Justice League Dark #26 - They reappear back at Doctor Thirteen's house, apparently part of the spell. Thirteen awakens them and Constantine reveals that he's located Deadman. Oddly enough, he's at the bottom of the ocean in the body of, now-dead, Sea King (The Aquaman-Crime Syndicate counterpart). They go battle him, but it turns out that he's been infiltrated with the spirits of an ancient aquatic civilization :Nan Madol. Somewhere in all this, Phantom Stranger decided to leave and attempt to save Esperanza on his own. In the conclusion of this issue, Deadman is saved and now able to use Sea King's body correctly, and Stranger has joined forces with Blight.

026 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #15 - The story recants how The Phantom Stranger joined Blight; apparently it was the will of God telling him to do so. It doesn't matter, though, because Stranger lashes out when the sins begin harming Esperanza's parents. They are quickly embattled and the Stranger ends up back at the House of Mystery. Meanwhile, Constantine has been attempting to get more clues, but comes up with nothing. We are seen a glimpse of Mindwarp's location; he's connected to a strange machine where Felix Faught, Necro, and Ultra-Man are present. The machine goes off and Mindwarp appears to be obliterated. By the end of this issue, Phantom Stranger is back up and decides to have words with God. He leaves with the others following.

027 Constantine #10 - Does not have the Forever Evil banner, but belongs in this event. When the group arrives in Heaven, they are set to the edge, with the angel, Zauriel, and The Spectre barring them. God shows up (as a shaggy dog) and tells them lots of mysterious things. This upsets John who decides to turn and leave. God then sends Zauriel after him. It's a trick, though, and when they reappear at the House of Mystery, Zauriel is pulled through and contained in a circle of magic. Unfortunately, he's way more powerful than that, walking through the circle. Surprisingly, though, he says this is God's Will. Zauriel then offers to join them against Blight.

028 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7 - The House transports them to The George Washington Bridge in New York. Pandora is now having some form of mental visions, but suddenly realizes that she's become the embodiment of the good. She directly confronts Blight as the others support her. Blight's beaten, but, once again, they refuse the killing blow. A whole blows in the bridge and it appears Phantom Stranger and Pandora are gone. John things they are dead and refuses to give up.

029 Justice League Dark #27 - Phantom Stranger and Pandora have entered the collective unconscious to destroy Esperanza. Zauriel follows them, but not to help, he intends to stop them from making a mistake. In the physical world, Constantine and Nightmare Nurse invoke the Blackmare Curse, becoming demons to fight Blight. Blight takes them out, but the distraction serves its purpose. Esperanza has now evolved into the Spirit of Redemption, as planned by God. Blight is now sealed away. With the entity gone, Constantine can now determine where his friends some strange thaumaturgic machination.

033 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #17 - The Phantom Stranger now faces The Spectre while standing with Cassandra Craft and Pandora. The Spectre is outraged and grabs him, but the Stranger is having none of it; he hits the Spirit of Vengeance with a full swing. Suddenly Esperanza and "the dog" show up and quell the fight. Esperanza can't help them, but the dog gives Phantom Stranger a "gift"; he suddenly realizes that Cassandra is very important to him, but he can't recall why...he just knows it. Failing to gain support here, the Stranger heads to the Casino run by The Sons of Trigon. All three of them enter and he offers a deal. Belial leads them and counters for Stranger's necklace. Although he is reluctant, the Stranger finally agrees, amidst all the turmoil, to turn over his burden. Within moment, Belial is in mental anguish and suffering; he gives the device back to the Stranger. Unfortunately, they've made a deal. Now Trigon's Sons are joining the three to help free the magically captured at the Thaumaton weapon.

034 Constantine #12 - Occurs in this order by designation. Back at the Thamaton machine, Constantine duels Nick Necro in his mind while imprisoned. The issue goes into flashbacks of their friendship with Zatanna six years past, including their bond with magic. In the end, Nick uses the power of Swamp Thing. John appears to be falling towards hell while Nick, in error, seems to have unleash unfavorable aspects of Swamp Thing.

035 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #9 - Felix Faust has troubles now. Nick Necro is dead, Constantine going to hell, the Swamp Thing has awakened on a rampage, and Pandora and company are breaking into the Thamaton machine. Constantine is saved, but the heroes have hard times as Felix tries a last-ditch spell, absorbing all the knowledge of the people trapped here. He becomes ultra-powerful, using all forms of magic. One problem, though: Constantine brought a club! He whacks Faust on the back of the head, knocking him out.

036 Justice League Dark #29 - Now with Faust knocked out, Constantine knows to save the day he'll have to take all the sorcerer's power. But wait! There's another Constantine down on Machine floor. Zatanna scrutinizes, but doesn't have enough time as one version of her boyfriend takes the power all at once and returns it all to the original owners. This process kills him. It turns out, though, that it's actually one of Constantine's "psycho" manifestations that shadowed him from the House of Mystery. Zatanna realizes that creature actually acted the way she always wanted; she's bothered as she now understands how cowardly and selfish the real John Constantine is. In the confusion, Belial and the other two sons of Trigon attack. John teleports out and escapes, but now Zatanna leads earth's magical beings against them. During the fight, though, the spirits of Nanda Parbat decide to intervene. Using Zauriel's lost wingfeathers, as a conduit. Zatanna uses her power dangerously, managing to teleport all the people out before the city is summoned to another dimension. With the threats now over, the issue jumps to John, sitting in a tub, in the House of Mystery. Zatanna barges in and throws him out! The House decides to make her its new bond!

Cover art from Forever Evil #3 (2013)

Cover art from Forever Evil #3 (2013)

Chapter 3: Prisoners

As one League Falls, Another Is Born

037 Forever Evil #3 - Chapter 3: Prisoners. Continues shortly after Forever Evil #2. It is possible there that more than just "a few" hours have passed. Timeframe: Only an additional, few hours: 0-Hour + 12-24 Hours. Now at STAR Labs, Batman relates how the Justice League, confused and wounded, were downed by The Crime Syndicate. Deathstorm had quickly imprisoned them in The Firestorm Matrix while Batman dragged what was left of Cyborg off the field. Fortunately, Professors Stone and Morrow believe they can keep Victor alive. Batman then learns that Nightwing has been unmasked and takes his leave with Catwoman. Elsewhere, Lex Luthor is having control issues with the underdeveloped Superman clone he revived. Although it is super-powerful, it is super-stupid. He attempts to communicate with one of his secret satellites and locates Ultraman in battle with Black Adam. (Ultraman and Black Adam are in battle over Metropolis.) In moments, Adam is nearly dead and thrown into the ocean, but it's clear the Syndicate Leader has weaknesses as his nose bleeds. He acquires Metallo's position and heads there. in the meantime, The Rogues are caught defending Central City when Deathstorm and Power Ring appear. But soon, Power Ring goes crazy and attacks anyway, not needing explanations. In the heat of the battle, Deathstorm uses his power to separate the Rogues DNA from their weapons; this means their powers are gone, or at least failing. Most of them manage to escape into the Mirror World, but Captain Cold is left teleported elsewhere. (The Rogues fight Power Ring and Deathstorm in Central City. This coincides with Rogues' Rebellion #2. Captain Cold is in Metropolis.) Escaping, he learns what happened and also finds Luthor's location. Once he gets to him, though, Luthor is facing Black Manta, carrying the body of Black Adam out of the water. (Black Adam loses to Ultraman. Lex pulls him out of the water.) After brief conversation, an uneasy truce appears: Cold, Manta, Adam, Luthor, and the B-Zero Superman clone may have just joined forces.

038 Forever Evil Rogue's Rebellion #2 - Occurs after Rogue's Rebellion #1, but correlates to the events in Forever Evil #3. Most of the finer points of this issue are seen in Forever Evil #3. Basically Power Ring attacks and Deathstorm messes with the Rogues' Powers. Captain Cold is separates from his Ice Gun Powers and returns to normal. He ends up in Metropolis and is scene with Lex Luthor and subject B-Zero. (Captain Cold is now travelling with Lex Luthor and Bizarro.) The remaining Rogues escape through a mirror teleportation and end up in Metroplis, facing Parasite. (The Rogues are in Metropolis and fight The Parasite.) Again, they have to escape using Mirror Master's teleportation. When the right themselves, they're facing Poison Ivy in a park. (The Rogues are now in Gotham City facing Poison Ivy.)

039 Forever Evil - Rogues' Rebellion #3 - Appears to connect continuously to the previous issue. Poison Ivy has them trapped in Gotham City, but all she wants is to make a deal. She poisons Trickster with a kiss and then offers to let him live if Mirror Master can get sunlight on her plants. Mirror Master and Heatwave head to a Wayne Warehouse, grab some parts and head back. Once at the garden, Mirror Master attempts to use the mirror on a satellite. It only works for a few minutes. Trickster is now back up and he brings Mirror Master back. Unfortunately Ivy is not happy with the results. As well, Mr. Freeze shows up with Clayface! (The Rogues' face Mr. Freeze and Clayface in Gotham City.)

040 Forever Evil - Rogues' Rebellion #4 - This issue has continuity with Rogues Rebellion #3. Timeframe: 0-Hour + 12. Once again, it appears some Gotham City villains want help from the Rogues. This time Mr. Freeze and Clayface want the help of Weather Wizard. Unfortunately, he's been knocked out. The Rogues battle them, but Trickster, who has been knocked a distance, encounters Zsasz, who he disables. He then takes an armored car back to the fight scene. Now, Black Mask and his goonies are in the fray; they also want the Rogues for some reason, but at the end, Heatwave sacrifices himself so the rest of the Rogues can escape in Trickster's armored vehicle. (Heatwave is stuck in Gotham City, separated from the Rogues.) Trickster, Mirror Master, and Weather Wizard drive off, jump a bridge, but then face The Royal Flush gang who - not surprisingly - want the Rogues so they can collect a bounty.

041 Justice League #25 - Grid tells Owlman that Ultraman is en route to Metallo. The end of the issue says Forever Evil #4 is next. With glimpses into the origin of Owlman, the Villain kills most of the mobs in Chicago, leaving one to organize crime for him. He then returns to Grid, gets an update, and convinces Nightwing to join him after a scuffle. Owlman says it will come down to him or Ultraman; he wants to remove the rest of the Crime Syndicate. Once Nightwing agrees, he pretends to stay captured, but we learn Superwoman was spying on them.

042 Justice League of America #11 - In J'onn's travel, he ends up in Gotham City. The issue starts where he is being attacked by Clayface. Suddenly, he's surprised to see Star Girl back; she's helping him beat back his opponent. Sensing there are some weird things going on in Gotham, J'onn convinces her to leave, but not before Desparo starts tracking them. They get as far as Denver, Colorado when Desparo lays a trap, making the city appear under attack with one of his illusions. The heroes get through the fight, but are separated when Desparo physically attacks Manhunter. Star Girl attempts to fight him, but it appears she lacks the experience.

043 Forever Evil Arkham War #1 - Gordon states that Blackgate Prison had a breakout hours earlier. This correlates to Johnny Quick's Prison breaks from Forever Evil #1. Timeframe: 0-Hour + 6-12 Hours. Bane takes center stage in this story, breaking into Blackgate Prison and leading a full attack on prisoners and guards until he subdues the institution. At the Gotham PD, Commissioner Gordon and Detective Pierce discuss what they know, saying there has been no word from the Warden. They fear Batman will never return. Meanwhile, there is chaos all over the city; one event shows an assault on the Gotham Inner Harbor. The issue then moves to the Gotham Memorial Hospital, ran by the super-villain Professor Pyg; he's mutilating and terrorizing patients when Scarecrow drops in, warning him of Bane's coming. Pyg refuses to be intimidated into sharing his "district" and tells his adversary to take it up with the Mayor, The Penguin. Back at Blackgate, Bane has finally taken control. Warden Zorbatos and her security are brought before him. Using his great strength, he flat-out kills one guard and then gets the other to give him the secrets of the institution. This is when he's taken to a vault and has five bodies in cryostasis-Talons from The Court of Owls-revealed to him. Progress through the issue now starts showing the districts: Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Man-Bat, and Professor Pyg until it comes on Scarecrow's conversation with Penguin. Although he tries to warn Cobblepot of an impending war, The Crime-Mayor of Gotham shuns his advice, telling him they'll have to learn to keep what was evenly split. In the final pages, we're back with Professor Pyg. He's about to do some more horrific surgery when Bane appears and beats him to a pulp. Across the city, Bane's guerrilla forces are attacking the other districts, and now he threatens Pyg to "spread the word".

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek - The Resistance Goes Underground: Will it Work?

Exerpt from Forever Evil #4 (2014)

Exerpt from Forever Evil #4 (2014)

044 Forever Evil #4 - The occurrences in this issue are timed close to the occurrences in Forever Evil #5, which is known to occur at 0-Hour + 48. Many of the stories in this chapter could have taken a day. Timeframe: 0-Hour + 24-48 Hours. Opening with Batman and Catwoman, he leads her blindly into the Batcave, where they commandeer a steam-powered bike. Batman also gathers the special defenses he's assembled against this-world's Justice League in hopes it might work against the Crime Syndicate. Meanwhile, Luther and team have decided to keep Black Adam alive, hoping for an ally as they make their way underground in the sewers to Wayne Enterprises. Luthor's clone is labeled "B-Zero" and now it is calling itself "Bizarro". (It's official, folks!) The story takes a quick cut to Ultraman once he arrived at Metallo's location. It's not a friendly gathering; he quickly plunges his fist in Metallo's chest, ripping out some Kryptonite to snort. (Metallo is now down in Metropolis.) His stores are becoming depleted and that's a problem; Superwoman notices this, arriving on the scene, also telling him that she is carrying his unborn child. Then she warns him that Owlman is assembling a force against him, hoping to recruit Nightwing in the process. Elsewhere, Power Ring and Deathstorm lost track of the Rogues; Deathstorm is ordered back to the lab to learn how to make Kryptonite and Power Ring is sent after Captain Cold. (Deathstorm heads back to the lab (probably at Happy Harbor) to work on Kryptonite.) Power Ring calls Grid for backup and then heads out. In the final pages, Luthor, Black Manta, Captain Cold, and the rest break into Wayne Enterprises from below, only to find Batman and Catwoman already there. There's a small scuffle, but they are quickly interrupted by Power Ring with Deathstroke and other villains. It's a showdown, but Batman is ready; he dons a Yellow Power Ring and embodies Fear! Unfortunately, the power level is near zero and Power Ring disarms him, destroying the weapon. Boasting, Power Ring is suddenly struck from surprise. Sinestro, the true Yellow Lantern, appears, ready to back up the claim of Fear. (Power Ring, Deathstroke, Copperhead, Giganta, Blockbuster vs. Batman, Sinestro, Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Black Manta, and Catwoman. Should be Gotham City.)

045 Justice League #26 - This issue has a perfect location tag on the Crime Syndicate. Ultraman: Utah Salt Flats, Johnny Quick and Atomica: Denver, Superwoman: Nevada, Owlman: Atlanta, Power Ring: Gotham City, and Deathstorm: The Lab. This issue surrounds Grid as he examines the files of the Crime Syndicate. You'll see the origins of Johnny Quick, Atomica, and Power Ring. At the end, we move to STAR Labs, Detriot, where Victor is getting better. (Cyborg's vitals have been stabilized.)

046 Justice League #27 - (Johnny Quick and Atomica are fighting the Doom Patrol in Denver.) It appears they have killed the last few members and we see Dr. Caulder (probably) saying he'll have to build the team again. Back at STAR Labs, Cyborg convinces his dad to rebuild him, this time with different parameters. After some squabbling, the take him to the real Red Room and begin building his body. Once complete, he queries about a metal woman named "Platinum". His dad and Dr. Morrow tell him who invented her and the creator's location. Cyborg then travels to an Army Research Lab in Adelphi, Maryland and meets Will Magnus, inventor of the Metal Men. Cyborg is now rebuilt and in Maryland with Will Magnus. (The events in this issue would likely 6-12 hours at least.)

047 Justice League #28 - The timespan is very short in this issue. Mostly describing the origin of The Metal Men, Will Magnus tells Cyborg how he created the team six months ago and how they selflessly sacrificed themselves for mankind. At the end of the issue, he shows Cyborg their responsometers, which are still functional. Cyborg tells Magnus that he needs a working team if he is to beat the Syndicate and Grid.

048 Justice League of America #12 - Coutney survives, but she's far from the battle now. Desparo has seriously beaten Manhunter; oddly enough, he flies off at this point. Star Girl finds him, and he shares a Martian parable with her, for motivation. He tells her to go to Los Angeles now, not just for her, but for the city. At this point, the story takes on the plot of Star Girl's evolution; in LA, she finds her parents and realizes this is part of some trap. Desparo is there and ambushes her. But she fights back; her true gift is her innocence and mental purity. Back in Denver, Manhunter smiles; even though he may be dying, he is certain that they've just won.

049 Forever Evil - Rogues' Rebellion #5 - A scene in this issue coincides with Ultraman ordering everyone back to Maine. Timeframe: 0-Hour + 48-60 Hours. The Rogues have decided to surrender to the Royal Flush Gang, who are taking them back to Central City. Near 110 miles east of the location, Weather Wizard gets unruly and unleashes a lightning bolt knocking them all out. This makes Mirror Master Mad because he thinks that this will cause Lisa to die. In response, Weather Wizard leaves the group. (Weather Wizard leaves the Rogues. He is outside of Central City at the time.) This leaves Mirror Master and Trickster to come up with a plan. After an undisclosed amount of time (could be hours), The Rogues, without Captain Cold, show up in Central City, ready to surrender. But it's a ruse: a fight starts because these are Mirror replicates. Using their techniques, Trickster and Mirror Master shove some Flush Gang members into the mirror world. Trickster goes to retrieve Lisa and places her in the hands of the Central City authorities. They make a deal to protect the city and head back to the main fight. But TOO LATE, Johnny Quick and Atomica appear and join the fight. They do some mean killing, but Weather Wizard completely unleashes with Zero-Degree Blizzard Temperatures; in the meantime, Grid relays Ultraman's orders. (Johnny Quick and Atomica (in Central City) are ordered back to Maine by Grid. This is under Ultraman's orders.) Eventually, they are teleported out. Thinking they have a break, there's a new threat teleporting in: Grodd's Back, and with him are a lot of villains. (The Rogues face Gorilla Grodd and company in Central City.)

050 Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #6 - During the fight with Grodd and company, Pied Piper joins in. While he uses his powers, Glider awakens and joins in. The Rogues battle valiantly, even though without Captain Cold and Heatwave, and finally get their power control back. In the end, they send their opponents into a mirror and shatter it. The twin cities are theirs again...but they are in pretty bad shape.

051 Forever Evil - ARGUS #3 - This issue appears to take place the night of the day Trevor fought at the White House. It also has Deathstorm in it, which means this is likely after he fought the Rogues. Trevor makes a deal with The Moirai who are guarding the Mirror and is teleported to Martin Stein's secret location. But apparently it's not so secret; Killer Frost is there attacking Stein in hopes of getting to Firestorm. Trevor and Stein take her out, but later let her join forces with them. They learn that the Justice League is encapsulated in the Firestorm Matrix. The issue cuts to Firestorm where we see Deathstorm offering him a deal, hoping to learn how to make Kryptonite. Throughout this issue, there's also recognition of Dr. Light. He's stabilized and intercepted by Char of "The Crimson" and asked to join their cause.

052 Forever Evil - ARGUS #4 - While Trevor and Dr. Stein are working on a plan, Killer Frost is contacted by Plastique and her group; they're still clearing out ARGUS facilities across the world. Frost decides to show them the Syndicate Coin, but her gesture is a bit late: Plastique, Hyena, and the rest barge in on their location and attack. Trevor and the rest fight them off, only in time to get to the basement and activate some teleporation tubes Stein has been hiding. They barely make it through to "The Circus", where ARGUS keeps their other-dimensional entities. At Trevor's command, "Psi" is released in hopes of helping them free The Justice League, but she unleashes a psionic blast at him. This attack instead gives him an idea; Trevor realizes that the Lasso of Truth will help them...and that Cheetah has it in her possession. The issue also goes into the Green Room with the President and a mysterious speaker. They agree to promote Lt. Candy, suggesting that she is very important for some reason.

Chapter 5: Hit and Run - New Tactics Call For New Allies

Excerpt from Forever Evil #5 (2014)

Excerpt from Forever Evil #5 (2014)

053 Forever Evil #5 - It's been 48 hours since The Crime Syndicate made their broadcast about killing the Justice League. Timeframe: 0-Hour + 48. While all-out battle is raging on Level 0 of the Wayne Enterprise Basement, Power Ring is running through the sewers, attempting to flee Sinestro. Eventually he's caught, they fight, and Sinestro saws off his arm. The Yellow Lantern then disintegrates the Crime Syndicate Lord; this is when the Power Ring flies off for a new wielder. Back at the main fight, an uneasy alliance between Batman and Luthor has been forged, attempting to fight off Deathstroke and his allies. The end seems worrisome, but then Luthor talks Deathstroke into betraying his team; the mercenary then shoots Copperhead in the...head. With their opponents now knocked out or gone, there's a squabble over who will lead this team; Batman seems adamant, but he's basically outnumbered by Luthor's side. Sinestro is asked to stay, too, admitting he only came when Batman activated a beacon with the former (but now destroyed) Yellow Power Ring. In a cut scene, Ultraman and Superwoman are at the Batcave looking for the last piece of Kryptonite. They learn it's gone and are surprised when Owlman shows up. Grid then pipes in that Power Ring is dead and his ring is looking for a new owner. Ultraman then orders a regrouping of the Crime Syndicate. They assemble back in York, Maine, discussing tactics when, over the horizen, weird powers flash across the sky. To their perceptions, this means the powerful being that destroyed their world has followed them.

054 Forever Evil - Arkham War #2 - Pierce says the power has been out for days. This would mean at least 2 days, possibly more. Timeframe: 0-Hour + 48.

In the last few days, Bane's forces have been taking over Gotham. This means fighting against villains such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat, Mad Hatter, and others.

Professor Langstrom is the Man-Bat, leading a hoard of were-bats against Bane's underling, Brute, and venom-enhanced soldiers. Eventually, Brute is killed. In the meantime, Penguin and Bane are negotiating the city's spoils for their own benefits when Cobblepot tells him that he's being betrayed. Bane charges into the Talon's chamber and finds Scarecrow and Langstrom. Beating them senseless, he grabs a talon before is can be flown away. In the meantime, Gordon and Pierce are attempting to save the Blackgate Warden. They grab her and make for a vehicle, but before they can book it, Bane offers a mysterious, probably temporary alliance.

055 Forever Evil - Arkham War #3 - Probably hours after the fight between Man-Bat, Scarecrow, and Bane. Timeframe: 0-Hours + 54 (Approx.) Mad-Hatter and Mr. Freeze are in the Sewers preparing Talon bodies as the remaining Man-Bat forces bring them in. They are short in supply. Elsewhere, Scarecrow managed to survive death after Bane's beating and has been carried to Wayne Tower by Killer Croc; he convinces the monster to take the Tower and claim leadership over the city. As Bane's Mercenaries patrol, they encounter Clayface and Poison Ivy. Emperor Penguin also joins in. Bane arrives and frees Emperor Penguin, but then knocks him out, delivering him to Oswald. Aware of their "deal", Oswald tells him that Scarecrow survived and had the Talons moved. He then tells him that Scarecrow and Killer Croc are at Wayne Tower, threatening his rule. In response, Bane heads to the Blackgate Penitentiary and builds his own Batman suit (this would take hours). Moving back to Wayne Tower, Killer Croc has been moving refugees inside and accepting their gratitude to his leadership; he's now calling himself "King Croc". Suddenly, Bane-as-Batman jumps through a window and they fight. Bane finally gets the upper hand and throws Croc out of the building. Taking back his reign, Bane now plans to get get his Talons.

056 Forever Evil - Arkham War #4 - More hours are passing after the previous issue and during this issue. Bane is now back at the penitentiary. The Talon bodies have been divided; Freeze and Hatter have seven, and Bane has one. But his is William Cobb, possibly the greatest Talon of all. After some negotiating, Bane convinces William to join him, take Gotham, and subsequently free the other Talons from mind-control. They head out and come upon a huge battle with numerous Batman villains. With successful combat excursions, Bane is now telling refugees to Wayne Tower for safety. Meanwhile, after hours of thawing, Freeze and Scarecrow are present as their Talons rise, mind-controlled to attack Bane.

057 Forever Evil - Arkham War #5 - More hours passing. Starting with a slight backtrack; Gordon and Agatha are on the East Gotham Coastline commenting that there's lots of fighting on the East Side. They're trying to help Gothamites escape to the shore by boat. Meanwhile the East Side battle rages, Bane, his forces, and Cobb are tearing through until Bane gets ambushed by Talons. Cobb manages to take them down with a helicopter wing. The issue moves to Arkham Asylum where Scarecrow has assembled may of Batman's greatest enemies. While musing, he admits he acquired a sample of Bane's blood and mixed it with a venom-laced toxin in the air, as it unwillingly transforms them all. Now they're enraged monsters, all bent on seeking the death of Bane.

058 Forever Evil - ARGUS #5 - Trevor, with Killer Frost heads into Central Park hoping to catch Cheetah, but Frost is nearly dead since she hasn't fed in awhile. Suddenly Cheetah and a gang of animal-like villains attack and capture them. When they wake up, Cheetah tries to mess with Steve, using the Lasso of Truth. Unfortunately for her, it backfires since the Lasso works best for the "purest of heart". Steve quickly turns the tables. At the same time, Killer Frost lures a smaller member of their team near and feds on him. Now having power, she aids Steve's counterattack. At the end, Dr. Light appears; he's been led to join a mysterious organization who seems bent on "acquiring" Trevor. When Light sees Trevor, he attacks.

Chapter 6: The Power of MAZAHS! - The Stranger, Revealed

Alexander Luthor from Forever Evil #6 (2014)

Alexander Luthor from Forever Evil #6 (2014)

059 Forever Evil #6 - Takes place directly from Forever Evil #5; a few hours would have passed since. Timeframe: 0-Hours + 54. Outside of Happy Harbor, Batman and Luthor plan on breaking inside the Syndicate Base. Sensors show that most of them are a hundred miles north. We know that Ultraman and the team are watching the blood lightning streak across the sky; they fear the coming of an entity that's been following them. Inside the satellite, Grid and The Outsider are arguing over Nightwing's containment. Grid put him in a Murder Machine. The Outsider heads towards a mysterious stranger that has been kept unrevealed for the entire event. While his back is turned, Black Manta kills him; Luthor and company attack! Batman finds Nightwing trapped and begins to work on freeing him. This, in turn, sets off a countdown...perhaps a bomb or something to shut down Greyson's heart. While this is going on, the rest of the Syndicate are alerted and speed back. They break into the fight and groups square off. Captain Cold tricks Johnny Quick into setting off his gun and freezing his leg, then he shatters it leaving Johnny one-legged. While their fights continue, Luthor shoots Batman from behind, knocking him out, and then works on Nightwing's trap. The issue suggests he intends to let Greyson die. In the meantime, the mysterious captive in the other room is freed. With the gag covering his mouth removed, he exclaims "MAZAHS!" and turns into the Syndicate's version of SHAZAM! But this one kills Johnny Quick and "takes his power". On the last page we learn that this is Alexander Luthor (obviously son to Lex in their dimension), and he plans on being the greatest hero/conqueror of them all!

060 Justice League of America #13 - Wrapping up the JLA series with Forever Evil, this issue is placed here as Firestorm's countdown in the matrix ensues. Stargirl fights Despero, using some of Martian Manhunter's power to see the creature as it struggled with its own past. She eventually frees herself from the fight and finds herself back in the matrix, attempting to get Ronnie and Jason to work together. Somehow in the dispute, she then summons the Justice League (in the matrix) and they begin fighting Despero. Near the end of the fight (while they're winning), she appears on a field with Martian Manhunter. He tells her that she won her battle against guilt and somehow bringing him back from the death. (Although this may be confusing, both of them apparently never left. I.E. psychic battle.) Then he comments that he's been in contact with Colonel Trevor and is looking for the magic lasso. Stargirl responds that she thinks she knows where Wonder Woman can be found.

061 Forever Evil - ARGUS #6 - In this issue, Martian Manhunter is now freed and contacting Trevor. Starting with the Green Room, Lt. Candy meets Mr. Green and hears the history of ARGUS, an organization that actually has far greater roots then currently known. He then asks her to take a leadership position, telling her the "The Crimson", a nemesis organization, is back. Meanwhile, Steve Trevor is swirling in the ether, facing the Morai. He tells him his work isn't done, but they full his future from him anyway. He wakes up in the middle of the battle between him and Killer Frost, and Doctor Light. Trevors comes to and takes the Lasso of Truth, using it to get the Doctor to realize he was killed. Now coherent, Doctor Light teleports away. Steve gets a telepathic message from the Martian Manhunter, grabs the Lasso, and heads...somewhere to continue their fight. At the end, Mr. Green is seen putting on a mask in the Green Room. Apparently, he's playing both sides are doing something far more tricky as he meets with members of The Crimson and vocalizes his plans on bringing down ARGUS.

062 Forever Evil - Arkham War #6 - A few hours have passed since Arkham War #5. Bane is seen spending some time recovering. At the BlackGate Penitentiary, Bane throws down the Dark Knight garb he fashioned and patches up his wounds. (This would take awhile to do any good.) In the meantime, the Talons are also recovering, slowly, under Cobb's directions. Somewhere in the span of this, Scarecrow and his venom-infused team of supervillains attack. They're high-fueled and super-strong, putting Bane on the defensive as they take out his allies. Suddenly in the confusion, Man-Bat snatches him and flies off. Bane offers no resistance, preparing for the final fight when he's dropped in the yards of Arkham Asylum. Scarecrow and his crew arrive there to see Bane ready to end it. They fight furiously, but Bane knows their secret: he only needs to last through their venom and then he can beat them. Which he does. At the end of this battle, The Penguin shows up with supplies and logistics. He offers them to Bane as a gift in return for custody of the super-villains. Bane agrees, but says he's keeping one: Scarecrow, which we see hung out to dry like wet clothing. Now finished, he prepares his next move, claiming "Gotham is Mine!".

063 Justice League #29 - Cyborg is with Will Magnus and has now convinced him to re-activate the Metal Men. Cyborg's plan is to lure Grid to him with their aid. The Metal Men are inaccessible to Grid, so he is unaware of their existence, as well as Cyborg's. Once the fight begins, Grid is attacked and has to call in help with a group of psychic villains (Doctor Psycho, Hector Hamnond, etc.) The Metal Men take them out, but in the meantime, Grid assaults Cyborg, connecting him into the digital universe. Thinking he has the advantage, Grid is beaten when Cyborg asserts his dominance. He shuts grid down and reemerges. Steve Trevor and Killer Frost arrive; that's when Trevor reveals his plans with the Lasso of Truth. Suddenly, Trevor is knocked out; their troubles are not over; another supervillain team arrives to take them on.

Cover of Forever Evil #7 (2014)

Cover of Forever Evil #7 (2014)

Chapter 7: Crisis of Self

The Conclusion of The Event

064 Forever Evil #7 - Ends the event. Opening with Batman; the caped crusader is about to strangle Luthor for killing Dick Grayson, but is surprised to find out Lex gave Dick a pill to stop his heart to keep the bomb from detonating. They give him a shot of adrenaline and Grayson survives. Then Cyborg shows up, relates his ordeal, and they head to free the heroes from the Firestorm Matrix. At the Crime Syndicate's Lair, Alexander Luthor is now fully empowered with MAZAHS! and prepares to do battle with Ultraman. Ultraman is searching for Superwoman with Deathstorm, but surprised to find she has joined with Alexander and that she is pregnant with his child. Their fight begins, but Ultraman is outmatched. Superwoman destroyed Deathstorm and Alexander absorbs his Nuclear powers. Lex and his team meet up with Captain Cold and now realize they have to kill Alexander. Lex recognizes a relationship to Alexander immediately. Using Black Adam's power, they'll draw the Lightning Bolt to Alexander and depower him. In the midst of the battle, though, Superwoman gets hit, and taken out, instead. Back at Firestorm, Batman and Cyborg are working to use Batman's connection to Wonder Woman to free the heroes inside the Matrix. Suddenly Owlman attacks; he wants Grayson to still be part of their team-up. As they squabble, the fight outside ends. B-Zero (Bizarro) is killed, but Lex, having the exact same voiceprint as Alexander, shows the Lightning Rod into Alexander's side and says "MAZAHS!", reverting him to a scrawny human. Ultraman gets up, but is thrown back when sunlight squarely hits him. (Black Adam and Sinestro moved the eclipse away during this time.) Simultaneously, we see that the heroes have been freed from the Firestorm Matrix. From there, Ultraman is captured and Lex steps on Atomica, squishing her. When the heroes appear, Superman is still sick with the Kyrptonite shard in his brain. Believe it or not, Lex will later do surgery on the Man of Steel, saving his life. (Although it's likely something manical will occur later.) In the final pages of the issue, we see that Owlman escaped, Ultraman and Superwoman are imprisoned. When big "special mention" is that Lex finally assimilates his data and realizes Bruce Wayne is Batman. What he'll do with that is sure to be another big story. And lastly, Superman speculates on who the "Being" the Crime Syndicate was afraid of. He suggests that it is Darkseid, but back on the Syndicate's World, we see the Anti-Monitor. The End.

The Forever Evil Checklist

The Comic Books You Need

Issues printed in Boldface have already been released.

Forever Evil #1

Forever Evil #2

Forever Evil #3

Forever Evil #4

Forever Evil #5

Forever Evil #6

Forever Evil #7

Forever Evil - ARGUS #1

Forever Evil - ARGUS #2

Forever Evil - ARGUS #3

Forever Evil - ARGUS #4

Forever Evil - ARGUS #5

Forever Evil - ARGUS #6

Forever Evil - Arkham War #1

Forever Evil - Arkham War #2

Forever Evil - Arkham War #3

Forever Evil - Arkham War #4

Forever Evil - Arkham War #5

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #1

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #2

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #3

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #4

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #5

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion #6

Constantine #9

Constantine #10 (Not an Official Forever Evil cover)

Constantine #12 (Not an Official Forever Evil cover)

Justice League #24

Justice League #25

Justice League #26

Justice League #27

Justice League #28

Justice League #29

Justice League Dark #24

Justice League Dark #25

Justice League Dark #26

Justice League Dark #27

Justice League Dark #28

Justice League Dark #29

Justice League of America #8

Justice League of America #9

Justice League of America #10

Justice League of America #11

Justice League of America #12

Justice League of America #13

Suicide Squad #24

Suicide Squad #25

Suicide Squad #26

Suicide Squad #27

Suicide Squad #28

Suicide Squad #29

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #8

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #9

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #12

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #13

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #14

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #15

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #16

The Villains Month Checklist with Summaries - Issues from September 2013

The issues released for DC's Villain's Month, September 2013

The issues released for DC's Villain's Month, September 2013

Listed here are the issues pertaining to the Villain's Month faction of the event. Many of these issues are origin-based, explaining the history of the protaganist, but some of them are actually entwined within the state of the nation during the Forever Evil story line. They will only be listed in the above Reading Order if they have a direct relationship.

Week 1

Action Comics #23.1 (Cyborg Superman) - Originally Zor-El, the brother of Jor-El and uncle to our Superman, this origin issue shows how his body was retrieved by Brainiac and fused with cybernetics to become a logical killer, searching for perfection.

Batman & Robin #23.1 (Two-Face) - As the Secret Society attempts to recruit Harvey Dent, their wishes conflict with the judgement of the coin. Two-Face ultimately separates ways with them while killing many of their henchmen.

Batman The Dark Knight #23.1 (The Ventriloquist) - Shauna, with her wooden dummy "FerDie", stage a show during the blackouts and offer shelter for Gotham citizens. While portraying her origin, we learn she is a deadly, psychotic telepath who will have a run in with Batgirl.

Batman #23.1 (The Joker) - From Gotham Zoo, The Joker adopts a baby Gorilla and attempts to raise it; the issue contains flashbacks of how the villain was treated when he was a youth.

Detective Comics #23.1 (Poison Ivy) - Pamela Isley, freed from Arkham Asylum through the actions of the Crime Syndicate, walks through Gotham City, killing all who bother her. This issue details many origin details from her past.

Earth 2 #15.1 (Desaad) - The servant of Darkseid searches through Earth and it's population while looking for Michael Holt's quantum tunneling technology and a means to return to his master.

Green Arrow #23.1 (Count Vertigo) Werner Zytle reacquires his homeland, castle, and retrieves his mother after acquiring his powers through Crius technology at youth. Flashbacks reveal his origin; at the end, he kills his mother for selling him off.

Green Lantern #23.1 (Relic) - Creature of a forgotten existence, once a scientist who warned against emptying the powers of light, Relic emerged as our universe was created. Seeing the new guardians of the emotional spectrum emerge, he is bent on using violence now. This is an origin story and reveals the true beliefs behind the villain who we will know as Relic.

Justice League #23.1 (Darkseid) = An origin story, Darkseid goes from a simple mudgrubber to a "new god" who gets his powers from destroying his planet's pantheon. In the final passing of one of the gods, Darkseid'ss "loved ones" are also turned into new gods.

Justice League Dark #23.1 (The Creeper) - A demonic being, this issue shows how The Creeper slithered into our reality in 16th century Japan, possessing a boy named Jakku, was captured into a soul-sucking sword, and later freed, riding his way to present day's newcaster Jack Ryder.

Justice League of America #7.1 (Deadshot) - In the midst of the Crime Syndicate takeover, Deadshot takes on a mission of his own, relating his origin in the process. At the end, Amanda Waller calls him back in for the Suicide Squad.

Superman #23.1 (Bizarro) - In the midst of the Forever Evil event, Lex is working with Superman's DNA. His experiment goes horribly wrong, creating a superman-monster, but after destroying it he prepares for the next trial.

The Flash #23.1 (Grodd) - This issue occurs as the eclipse comes into being. During a Gorrilla-Central City peace commemoration to The Flash, Gorilla Grodd appears saying the hero is dead. He takes over the city and chains the leaders. He even kills some villains in the area, but even after conquest, he goes looking to make more war.

Week 2

Action Comics #23.2 (General Zod)

Aquaman #23.1 (Black Manta)

Batman #23.2 (The Riddler)

Batman and Robin #23.2 (The Court of Owls)

Batman The Dark Knight #23.2 (Mr. Freeze)

Detective Comics #23.2 (Harley Quinn)

Earth 2 #15.2 (Solomon Grundy)

Green Lantern #23.2 (Mongul)

Justice League #23.2 (Lobo)

Justice League of America #7.2 (Killer Frost)

Superman #23.2 (Brainiac)

Teen Titans #23.1 (Trigon)

The Flash #23.2 (Reverse-Flash)

Week 3

Action Comics #23.3 (Lex Luthor)

Batman #23.3 (Penguin)

Batman and Robin #23.3 (Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins)

Detective Comics #23.3 (Scarecrow)

Green Lantern #23.3 (Black Hand)

Justice League #23.3 (Dial E)

Justice League Dark #23.2 (Eclipso)

Justice League of America #7.3 (Shadow Thief)

Superman #23.3 (H'el)

Swamp Thing #23.1 (Arcane)

Teen Titans #23.2 (Deathstroke)

The Flash #23.3 (The Rogues Gallery) - Set in the current time, The Rogues are in Iron Heights when the Crime Syndicate frees them and hands them a coin. Captain Cold, however, leads his group back to Central City to find his sister.

Wonder Woman #23.1 (Cheetah)

Week 4

Action Comics #23.4 (Metallo)

Aquaman 23.2 (Ocean Master)

Batman #23.4 (Bane)

Batman and Robin #23.4 (Killer Croc)

Batman Superman #3.1 (Doomsday)

Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 (Joker's Daughter)

Detective Comics #23.4 (Man-Bat)

Green Lantern #23.4 (Sinestro)

Justice League #23.4 (Secret Society)

Justice League of America #7.4 (Black Adam)

Superman #23.4 (Parasite)

Wonder Woman #23.2 (First Born)

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Casual reader on November 21, 2016:

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I'm also at issue with the high priced Villains Omnibus (over $80 at the lowest price I can find online). Why hasn't DC reprinted the Villains Omni in, oh, four or five TPBs at a more affordable piecemeal approach like Marvel often does (see Remender's X-Force saga for example, available in various formats/lengths)?

I've been a DC booster for decades, but I've been much frustrated at their new approach to collected editions since the New 52 launched. This kind of epic deserves the collected edition treatment that Marvel's done with Onslaught and Apocalypse multi-volume complete, in proper reading order.

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hi there. great order as always. just wondered if you will include justice league 30 /america 14 and dark 31, and night wing 30 as this still continues the story?

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i think my previous 3 post will complete the up date of Forever Evil reading order for now.

saadee on April 12, 2014:

Talon 10, Talon 11, Batman #23.4 (Bane) and Detective Comics #23.3 (Scarecrow) before Arkham War 1.

saadee on April 12, 2014:

Justice League #23.4 (Secret Society) before Forever Evil 2

Detective Comics #23.2 (Harley Quinn) before Suicide Squad 24

The Flash #23.1 (Grodd) and The Flash #23.3 (The Rogues Gallery) before Rouges rebellion 1

Justice League of America #7.4 (Black Adam) before Justice League of America 8.

saadee on April 12, 2014:

Just read the followings when you read Forever Evil 1:

From villains months: Batman & Robin #23.1 (Two-Face), Detective Comics #23.1 (Poison Ivy), Justice League of America #7.1 (Deadshot), Superman #23.1 (Bizarro), Action Comics #23.3 (Lex Luthor), Wonder Woman #23.1 (Cheetah), Aquaman #23.1 (Black Manta).

They are all related with Forever Evil 1.

Sensone32 on April 03, 2014:

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There's only missing "Forever Evil #07" or other Tie-Ins such as JL or JLA still have issues related to this crossover?


saadee on March 27, 2014:

Constantine 11 is missing in the Blight list.

directorofrumorcomfirmation on March 07, 2014:

Hey. Thanks for this great reading order! I don't know if it was intentional, but I think you left out Constantine #11, which comes right after The Phantom Stranger #16 and before Pandora #8. Cheers

Blake Czirr (author) on February 21, 2014:

The Reading Order is finished and correct to the Feb 19 releases. I still need to write summaries for specific issues and will be doing that on Monday.

Blake Czirr (author) on February 20, 2014:

Hi. This Reading Order is far from updated, but I'm going to have it finished and up-to-date tomorrow, Friday, February 21st.

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janey126 on September 15, 2013:

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