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The Best Flying Saucer Toys


The strange humming sound as you walk down a deserted street. The lights in the sky that keep pace with you even as you quicken your pace. That sudden tightening in your stomach.

Is it a Martian probe? A cloaked, USAF spy plane? Or is Johnny playing with his Vectron Wave? Which is scariest!

The best flying saucer toys have a mystery that keys into our worst fears. But they are great fun too. Take a look at some of the latest offerings from some fiendishly clever designers.

After picking out my favorite flying machines and models, I even found something educational. We will need that education when we are beamed up to Planet X. How else will we escape?

Vectron Wave from Air Hogs


Air hogs have always been fun but most of the early models broke far too easily. This one is tough enough to cope with a few flying accidents and will hover at a better height than predecessors.

You control it with your hands- it has a proximity sensor that reacts to hand movements in an uncanny way. You can send it over to a friend like a Frisbee or even 'juggle' with it.

Is it really a flying saucer? Well it is round, it hovers and moves mysteriously and makes a weird kind of sound. So, I reckon it qualifies.

The downside is the short fly time at around five minutes. Having said that, it charges in half an hour and is ready to go again.


UFO Rc Helicopter

The advantage of this miniature UFO is that is will run for ten to fifteen minutes on a single charge. The disadvantage is that it will break if it hits a hard surface at speed.

The RC allows you to pilot it accurately with some practice, so if you learn to set it down carefully before you make a mistake it can give you plenty of fun.

Great for parties with Dad at the controls, not so great for kids who break stuff a lot (unless you get a few).


Radio Controlled UFO Blimp

Now, this is a durable flying machine. As long as you avoid strong winds, prickly hedges and boys with bows and arrows, this will go on and go.

Luckily, the helium filled balloon is replaceable if you do have a mishap. The tiny propeller is hard to hurt yourself with or damage.

The overall affect of flight is hypnotic,They seem to slide across the sky rather than fly. Add a little atmospheric lighting- kids with torches sometimes provide the light-show- and you have a great party stopper.

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Snap Circuits

Flying saucers can be educational too. This toy is all about wiring up a circuit in the simplst possible way for younger kids.

As soon as the circuit is complete, the motor spins and the flying saucer launches.

You can explain how the chemical energy in the battery is transformed into electrical energy and then kinetic energy. Better wait for the hoops of excitement to die down first though.


Area 51 Model

Is there really a Flying Saucer in Area 51?

Is this is a faithful model of the one that exists (if it really does)?

Who knows...

It is a fun model to make and it paints well. Give it a little neon lighting and it looks very cool indeed.

Will it fly? Just the once, I reckon.


Triangular Anti Gravity UFO

This is one of my favorite models. If you have ever seen the videos of the reputed triangular UFO this captures the menace and strangeness.

In fact, it looks downright scary- something like a geometric, flying shark.


Martian War Machine Kit

This is definitely not a flying saucer. But it is still one of the coolest Sci-fi models around.

It is based on the original Martian killing machine in the 1950s classic War of the Worlds. The model makers used the original drawings from Paramount and it is still a scary alien presence when you hold it in your hand.

What makes it extra special is that it is designed to take a lighting kit that be obtained from Voodoofx. This will give you a show carefully modulated for creepiness with green and red lights pulsing and shimmering.

Serious Flying Saucer Models

The makers of both these machines will probably be upset that I have called these toys. Both are hoped to be forerunners of serious flying machines.

Having said that, I reckon most ten year old's would make some space in their bedrooms for one of these things just as they stand.


MPanta from Lisbon on October 11, 2011:

Nice hub, I didn't know there were so much toys and different designs.

Liked the videos on the bottom, after seeing the possible toys, it is useful to see them in action.

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