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Vintage Fisher Price Toys for Toddlers

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Excellent Fisher Price Toys for Toddlers

Fisher-Price was founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher. Irving Price, Irvings' wife Margaret Evens Price and Helen Schelle. In the early years Fisher-Price toys were well-known for their intrinsic play value, strong construction, ingenuity, action and they were worth the money one had to pay for it. In the early 1950s plastic was introduced as a mean of incorporating bright colors on the toys which lasted longer. By the end of the year Fisher-Price manufactured 39 different toys incorporating plastics.

In the late 1960s Fisher-Price was sold to the Quaker Oat Company, but regained its independence again in 1991 and is since 1993 a wholly owned subsidiary of the giant Mattel concern. From then on they focused on manufacturing basic and preschool products to be expanded on the international market.

Parents today are still buying Fisher-Price toys for their infants and toddlers, because they are good learning toys, they're interactive, safe in use and still worth the money one has to pay for it.


Solid Wooden Toys - No Wonder People Collect the Vintage Fisher Price Toys

I don't know about you, but I'm getting rather nostalgic when I think back to my own and my kids’ youth, when we could play with those beautifully designed Fisher Price Toys. I don't remember much of mine (well it's over 60 years ago), but there's an image in my head of one of those toys you could pull. I probably would have had only one, because they were rather expensive and being born in the last year of WW2, there were other things on the minds of my mom and dad. It was all still wood and metal then.

When my own kids were born, around the early 1979s, Fisher Price toys were the best toys one could buy. They were safe (they still are), they were strong (they still are) and they became more colorful (they still are). Alas, due to circumstances (moved around a lot in those days) we didn't kept them and I still regret that.

Luckily others did keep them and now they are collector's items and they even opened a club as you can see at the caption under that beautiful photo above. Quite a revelation that Fisher Price Collector's Club webpage.

The Best Fisher Price Buzzy Bee Pulling Toy

Fisher Price's first toy using plastic

The Buzzy Bee was the first toy were Fisher Price used a combination of wood and plastic. The wood was covered with paper lithographs, showing a yellow bee with blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a black/orange/yello striped tail. Whoever made the designs, did a great job and was a great artist.

It was manufactured during the years 1950 - 1956 and was followed by the Queen Buzzy Bee.

The Buzzy Bee


The Queen Buzzy Bee


The Queen Buzzy Bee Can Still Be Found on Ebay

The Buzzy Bee was manufactored from 1950 - 1956. The toy was retired for a few years, but returned as the Queen Buzzy Bee with a polytheline crown on her head. The Queen was manufactured in the mid-1980s.

The Queen Buzzy Bee toy would be the perfect gift for people who love to collect vintage toys. Isn't she just adorable with her little plastic crown?

There Is a Fisher Price Collectors Club



The FP Collectors Club

The Fisher Price Collectors Club was founded in 1993 by a woman named Jeanne and her reason was to connect the people who shared her love for the old Fisher Price Toys. Today the club has members all over the USA and Canada, chatting, writing, selling, buying who come together one day each year in the birth town of Fisher Price - East Aurora NY - to celebrate their collective hobby.

I personally think it's the well thought, beautiful simplicity of the toys that has made them timeless and so desirable for people of every age.

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You can find this club at


Poll about buying toys

It's Worthwhile to Take a Look at Judy's Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Judy's Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Judy's Vintage Fisher Price Toys

More Fisher Price Animal Pulling Toys - If I Had the Money, I Would Buy Them All




The passion of Fisher Price Toy Collectors

Once you buy your first Fisher Price Vintage Toy, you're hooked

Writing this article made me search the internet a lot to find the info I needed and I can so relate to those Fisher Price Toy Collectors. I searched our Dutch local biggest and most used online flee market named 'Marktplaats' and I made two bids on two animal pulling toys, because they were rather cheap. Then I thought, "Come on girl, you have enough hobbies as it is. Stop it, you can't take on one more" and then I went back and deleted my bids. A wise thing to do I guess, because I'm one that gets carried away with all those beautiful vintage toys very easily.

I don't even have enough room to store my collection of illustrated children's elementary schoolbooks, let alone a whole collection of vintage Fisher Price Animal Pulling Toys. Well, I never say never, so who knows.

© 2011 Titia Geertman

Tell Me If You Are a Fisher Price Fan

Sue-DN on February 05, 2013:

I'm most definitely a Fisher Price fan - I love vintage toys and appreciate the quality in the more modern ones. Whenever I buy a toy as a gift I try to make sure I know where it comes from, and that there are official standards that have to be met. Better safe than sorry!

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on November 02, 2012:

I love the old Fisher Price toys (actually I love just about all antique and vintage items). Loved scrolling through the old classic toys here once again. I smiled all the way through.

Titia Geertman (author) from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands on July 18, 2012:

@TopMovieDvds: LOL you must be in my age area. Who cares if it dates us, they were so much fun, weren't they. I still think most of the modern toys can't reach the old Fisher Price toy standards by a long shot.

TopMovieDvds on July 17, 2012:

Does it date me to say I recognize these toys?

MamaRuth on June 20, 2012:

Fisher Price toys are great. When my sons were young I bought lots of the Fisher Price sets like the farm, airport, firestation, zoo, and more. The kids spent hours in imaginative play with these toys before they were outgrown and the toys retired to the attic. Fast forward thirty years and now my grandchildren are playing with the same Fisher Price toys. The toys are still in great condition. Not many products hold up this well over time. (By the way, I enjoyed seeing pictures of the vintage toys).

victoriuh on May 19, 2012:

I got a Fisher Price doll for my 4th birthday. Thirty six years later and she is sitting on my headboard, minus her dress, with shoe polish and ball point pen on her face (she needed makeup), but still very much loved.

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on May 09, 2012:

Titia you did an amazing job on this Fisher Price toy page. It looks like it should have a purple star or be lens of the day. This was a labor of love and it shows in all the details. Beautifully displayed. I had a few wood Fisher Price toys which I gave to my daughter. They are very durable and all are still in working condition.

jolou on April 26, 2012:

These are so cute!

Rose Jones on April 25, 2012:

Some of my favorite toys - pinned and tweeted!

Kay on March 17, 2012:

What a trip down memory lane. Love it.

Jules Corriere from Jonesborough TN on February 21, 2012:

Oh, I remember playing with the little people and the adventure people, and I remember my tick tock clock and the busy bee pull toy. thanks for a wonderful collection of vintage fisher price toys!

grnidlady on December 15, 2011:

wonderful lens! a trip down memory lane. :)

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