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Final Fantasy X Voice Actors / Voice Acting Sound Samples

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Fanfiction Writer's Reference: I Hear Voices

Final Fantasy X broke the sound barrier. While other games had some recorded speech, Final Fantasy traditionally lets you interact with everyone from main characters to random passersby. FFX did that with voice acting. The quality is somewhat patchy, especially in the English dub in which some voice actors tried to lip-synch with the Japanese. But it was a step forward.

As a writer, I'm particularly sensitive to voice patterns and mannerisms. My personal yardstick for good fanfiction is whether I can hear the characters' actual voices in my head when I read their lines. I strive to mimic them when I write.

On this page, I've collected video clips and notes about the voice acting of Final Fantasy X in English. Note that the Japanese voices are well worth looking for online; sometimes they are an improvement.

Final Fantasy X English vs. Japanese Voices - I like Yuna's and Tidus' Japanese Voiceovers Better

Also see Xoa's Final Fantasy Undub (Japanese voices with English subtitles) and Skeithmaster's Final Fantasy X international undub.

The second video below is the showdown with Yunalesca (in English), included as a quick preview of all the main characters' voices. Yunalesca's VA also does Elma!

The third video below -- somewhat poor quality -- is a quick runthrough of Shinra's Dossiers in X-2, with previews of many more characters' voices including minor characters.

Tidus - James Arnold Taylor - Please Don't Laugh

James Arnold Taylor has an impressive animation repertoire, from Huckleberry Hound in Johnny Bravo to Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Clone Wars to Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts. The last video below shows his incredible ability to imitate almost any male actor.

In FFX, he can be a little nasal at times, but it's a perfectly reasonable interpretation of Tidus. I just like the Japanese VA much better for this character: he's more thoughtful, less abrasive, which works a little better for the narrator voiceovers.


Second Video: Yuna/Tidus bit at 1:55.

Fourth vid, go to 9:00 for Tidus' major meltdown in Al Bhed Home.

Yuna - Hedy Buress - Stop... Shatnering... Your... Lines...

Heady Buress is more of a television actress than a voice actress. In FFX, she struggled to lip synch to animations originally designed to match the Japanese dialog. In FFX-2, I think, they lip synched to her instead, making for a vast improvement.

Trivia note: She has Anima (the aeon, not the mother) in her VA credits.


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For the second video, Yuna & Tidus chat starting at 4:30.

For the third video, Yuna tells off the Ronso at 2:10.

Auron -- Matt McKenzie - A TV Actor, But Not Usually a Voice Actor

I can't find all that many other VA roles for Matt McKenzie. (Check that link: it's got nearly all the Auron sound snippets from KH2). He's had a lot more television acting roles -- ironically including 7th Heaven.

He was Major Eliot in The Spirits Within as well, but it's a very minor part.

NEW! 2011 Interview with Matt McKenzie, Auron's Voice Actor!


Video Three, Auron starts at 1:30.

Lulu - Paula Tiso - Oh Em Gee, She's Good

Paula Tiso, like Matt McKenzie, is one of the few English VAs for Final Fantasy X that is an improvement on the Japanese original. See her website for sound samples of some of her other voices -- quite a range, but I am partial to the villains and badasses.

She also voiced Jihl Nabaat in FFXIII. From her IMDB entry above (first link), it seems she specializes in video game voices now. (And she's married to Leon Kennedy of Metal Gear Solid, so she feels they have a pretty good team for surviving a zombie apocalypse, as she reveals in this "Lulu Speaks!" 2011 interview).

Timestamps: In the last video, after brief bit outside, skip to 7:40 for Lulu vs. Lady Ginnem.

(Also see "Lulu & Wakka on S.S. Winno" video under "Wakka" below.)

Wakka / Kimahri - John Di Maggio - Yep, It's Bender

Besides Bender of Futurama, John Di Maggio has been... oh, heck, far too many for me to list. In addition to Kimahri, he also did Migelo and a completely over-the-top Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy XII.

On the FFX-2 video, skip to 6:00 for Chappu's Sphere, Wakka, the naming of Vidina, and Wakka and Lulu's conversation by the campfire.

Rikku - Tara Strong - Excessive Sugar Causes Cavities in Your EAR

Tara Strong is one of FFX's strongest actors -- really! She's got a big animation resumé, notably Bubbles on Powerpuff Girls (another high-sugar "cute" character who's more dangerous than you'd expect).

Here's also a mix of dozens of Tara Strong's different animated characters. Typecast much?

Seymour - Alex Fernandez - He looks creepy in person, too O.o

I wonder if Alex Fernandez is jealous of his character's hair? He's done a lot of miscellaneous minor voices. I like his Carlito Keyes in Dead Rising.

However, I believe the Japanese voice for Seymour (timestamp 1:20) was more convincing, because you can believe he was charming enough to win over the people of Spira and dazzle Yuna. The English dub sounds evil and smarmy from the start.

Braska and Jecht -- Andrew (Andy) Philpot and Gregg Berger - Flashback Central

Both of these guys are seasoned voice actors in animation and video games. Andrew Philpot, Lord Braska, also voices the ill-fated Lord Rasler in FFXII: he's very good at conveying "nice guy who is DOOOMED!" in just a few lines, apparently. Aside from Jecht, Gregg Berger's most amusing VA role (I think) is Eeyore in Kingdom Hearts.

The first two vids are all the Jecht Spheres. The last video is HQ video of Jecht's final meeting with Tidus (starts at 4:50).

Isaaru - Quinton Flynn // Maroda - Robbie Rist - And a Dash of Pacce

I was shocked to discover Isaaru is voiced by Quinton Flynn, who also did the voiceovers for Reno and Axel (and Bickson in FFX, by the way). He seems to be going for breathy and sloooooow so he will sound more dignified and less like his native smart alec style.

Maroda is Robbie Rist, who, oddly enough, has a VA credit for Ifrit as well. I guess he can belch in a menacing fashion. He's also Choji Akimichi in Naruto. (A long Maroda convo in X-2 here, timestamp 3:30)

Pacce is Candi Milo, same VA as Lucil and Dona.


[First vid, Djose Temple: the brothers introduced at 0:30]

[Second vid, Via Purifico, Isaaru fights Yuna at 5.35]

[Third vid, Cid's airship: Isaaru gets airsick and Maroda is frank, 1:50]

[Fourth vid, FFX-2, first meeting Isaaru in Zanarkand at 2:20]

[Last vid, Auron vs. Axel!!!]

Lucil/Dona - Candi Milo // Elma - Julia Fletcher - An Entire Zoo of Voices

Candi Milo (Lucil, Dona, Pacce) has an amusingly wide range of sound samples on her website: I dearly wish she had let loose with her "witch laugh" for Lucil just to shake things up. Julia Fletcher, who also voices the wonderfully throaty Yunalesca and Judge Drace in FFXII, sounds awfully corny as Elma, possibly due to a 50 year old trying to sound age 19.

Also hear their Japanese dubs here at 2:30, 8.50. Lucil is yummy. Elma's better in Japanese, I think -- she reminds me of Utena.

Timestamps for Elma and/or Lucil below:

[X-2 Youth League Tournament: start, 4:30, 5:40, then Lucil gives a monologue at 6:30]

[FFX, Mi'ihen Highroad: Elma and Lucil's introduction at 6:40]

[FFX, Approach to Djose Temple, Elma and Lucil at 5:00]

{FFX-2, introduction of Elma and Lucil at 1:40]

[Final vid is Dona & Barthello's entrance; also a bit at 3:30 when they torment Tidus]

Luzzu, Barthello, Barkeep and Graav - John DeMita - Another longtime animation voice actor

John DeMita is actually married to Julia Fletcher (Elma, Yunalesca, Drace).

So while Elma is hero-worshipping Lucil, Lucil is either bossing around Elma's husband or sleeping with him (as Dona). Waaaitaminute...


[Video One: 1:30 Luzzu and Gatta argue]

[Video Three: 8:30: Dona and Barthello in Djose Temple]

[Video Four: 2:10: Barthello has lost Dona]

Nooj - George Newbern - SHALL I GIVE YOU DIS PEAR?

Yes, believe it or not, inside Nooj lurks not simply an evil blitzball player, but also Sephiroth. He voices Sephiroth in most of the recent FFVII spinoffs -- Advent Children, Crisis Core, etc.

First vid also includes Lucil.

Second vid also includes Yuna's famous speech: "I don't like your plan. It sucks."

Third video: Nooj's rabblerousing speech to the youth league starts at 9:00.

Last video is the infamous Sephiroth "Dis Pear" meme. Nevermind.

Paine - Gwendoline Yeo - Monotone Badassitude

First video: bumping into Nooj at Den of Woe and "Respect Points" at 11:50.

Second video: Paine reveals her secret past and fears at 5:00.

Last video: Interview with Heady Buress (Yuna), Tara Strong (Rikku), and Gwendoline Yeo (Paine), with KH2 footage. Most of Paine's stuff starts at 1:10.

Gippal (And Zack) - Rick Gomez - Always a lady's man

Awww. Rick Gomez also voices Zack for Crisis Core.

Baralai - Joshua Gomez - He's Gippal's Brother, in real life!

How cool is this?! Baralai and Gippal were voiced by brothers Josh and Rick. No wonder it's hard to tell whose line is whose in a few of the Crimson Sphere flashbacks!

It looks like Joshua Gomez is more of a small screen actor than his older brother. Here's Josh's IMBdB page.

First video: Baralai's introduction at 5:30.

Third video: Baralai confronts the Gullwings at 2:15.

Last video: Baralai receives Awesome Sphere from Gullwings at 1:20.

Thanks for stopping by this exploration of voice acting from a 10-year-old video game. O.o If you're a fan, I hope you found it useful for fanfiction or illuminating for some of the bizarre connections between voice actors and other roles. Pleas share this page with fellow fans.

© 2011 auronlu

Guestbook - Which voices are your favorites?

auronlu (author) from Spira on April 29, 2012:

@Willow Wood: It took me a while to get used to Taylor's Tidus, but as you say, he's voicing a kid who's supposed to be a crybaby, so he makes him whine. (Honestly, the kid has some reason to be in distress. What a life.) I do hope that the HD version of FFX gives Yuna's VA a chance to re-record her lines; she can be very good when she's not...trying to...lip-synch...totheJapanesedialog!

Willow Wood on April 29, 2012:

This was such a surprise! I didn't realise Quinton Flynn, John Di Maggio, George Newbern, Tara Strong and Joshua Gomez were voice actors in FFX (and that's a lot of names).

I thought Taylor did alright as Tidus. I find Tidus as a person annoying, so his voice actor seems to suit his whiny, teen attitude. Again, Yuna's voice actor, I quite like her. It would be great if she didn't pause so often, and it could be worse. She could sound like Ashe *gasp, breathe, gasp*

And we've already discussed how I don't like Lulu's voice actor, so I guess we differ greatly on voice preferences XD

sorana lm on August 04, 2011:

This is a very interesting lens. I have really enjoyed reading it and watching some of the videos. Blessed.

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