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Final Fantasy X: Hidden Aeons

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FFX: Getting Yojimbo, Anima, Magus Sisters

This Hidden Aeons FAQ is part of my FFX Secrets series of game guides. If you're having trouble finding any of Final Fantasy X's extra aeons -- Yojimbo, Anima, or the Magus Sisters -- read on!

I've also got notes about how to use their attacks, the origins of each aeon's name, concept art for the aeons and their fayth statues, and more.

Note: I do NOT cover Dark Aeons in this guide, because I haven't yet gotten to them on the HD remaster. Here's a good Dark Aeons FAQ. My guide the three "extra aeons" was written for the classic version of FFX, but apart from the Dark Aeons, everything is still the same in the remaster.

Images from Final Fantasy X are © Square-Enix.

Video: Anima, Yojimbo, and Magus Sisters in HD - Belgemine Brings in the Big Guns

This video isn't all that exciting, but it's a good look at all the hidden aeons in Final Fantasy X. I can't wait until the HD remaster of this game comes out so that we can see these hidden aeons in full render — and the Dark Aeons, which appeared in the International version of the game but will be included in the American release!

Getting Yojimbo - Yojimbo's Fayth

Getting Yojimbo - Yojimbo's Fayth

Obtaining Yojimbo, Blade of Vengeance

Name means: "Bodyguard" in Japanese

Yojimbo Concept Art

Despite Yojimbo's gorgeous summons and uber-cool samurai style, fans don't like him because he charges for his services. However (a) you need him to get Yuna's Celestial Weapon and (b) His Zanmato Overdrive kills ANYTHING.

WHERE TO GET YOJIMBO: NW side of the Calm Lands, there's a canyon underneath the second bridge. Go down there and enter cave.

SUNKEN CAVERN TIP: Throw your aeons at Magic Pots to get items and fill their overdrives. If the explosion kills your aeon, level up Yuna or boost its stats before tackling Yojimbo.

FIGHTING YOJIMBO: If you're having trouble, remember: 1) Rikku's Al Bhed potions cure damage + poison, 2) Haste is always useful 3) bring in aeons, especially if Yojimbo's Overdrive is about to go off.

Also, he gives you no AP, Steal, or Drop, so don't waste time trying to Overkill or Mug him.

AFTER DEFEATING YOJIMBO: First go left and right on the platform to get goodies; you'll get tossed back to the cave entrance after the cutscene.

HIRING YOJIMBO: You probably won't have enough gil the first time here, but:

  1. Say "to defeat the most powerful of enemies."
  2. Offer half his asking price plus one.
  3. Again, half his asking price plus one.
  4. This is his third and final offer. He'll usually accept ~205,000 gil, sometimes slightly lower.
  5. If you have TONS of gil, offer him triple his price, and he'll give you 2 Teleport Spheres.

GETTING GIL FOR YOJIMBO: You'll pick up plenty of gil while completing Auron's Celestial Weapon Quest. Later, Rikku's Gillionaire weapon + mimics in Omega Dungeon are a gil mine.

USING YOJIMBO: Rather than stealing someone's excellent work, I refer you to Azure Edge's Yojimbo FAQ. The key things to remember are (a) Treat Yojimbo well, and his chance of Zanmato increases (b) Never pay less than 1000, and his compatibility level (and chance for Zanmato) will rise (c) Don't use him as a damage shield; his compatibility drops if he's killed.

BREAKING YOJIMBO'S DAMAGE LIMIT: Power up Auron's Masamune with the Mars Crest. (See Celestial Weapons Guide for details).

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Comments: Yojimbo is a Stolen Fayth. Where did he come from? Perhaps Baaj Temple (but if so, wow that's a long way to move a statue), or Remiem Temple. He is clearly an homage to a legendary mercenary samarai in a classic Japanese film:

Yojimbo Fanart - By Final Fantasy fanartists and cosplayers

As always, part of the fun of being a Final Fantasy fan is the incredible artwork and cosplay that fans create in homage to their favorite characters. Here's my own clumsy portrait of Daigoro, Yojimbo's dog.


I've always wondered how Yojimbo managed to get his dog's fayth to be part of his aeon.

I'm in awe of the real artists who put my feeble scribbles to shame.

  • Yojimbo Cosplay by arthemis92 on DeviantArt
    Holy Masamune. This cosplay is just...scary. Complete with the little poison daggers that Yojimbo tosses during his "Wakizashi" attack.
  • Another Yojimbo Cosplay
    Equally impressive. It's hard to tell from this camera angle, but I think it may include a statue of Yojimbo's "Daigoro" canine companion.
  • Yojumbo Concept Art Tattoo
    There's fans, and then there's fans. This is Yojimbo's official Final Fantasy X concept art (probably by character designer Tetsuya Nomura) replicated as a tattoo. Nice job on it, too.
  • Yojimbo sketch by Anhellica
    Take a quick browse of this artist's Final Fantasy fanart gallery; there's a good Braska / Jecht / Auron portrait, as well.
  • Yojimbo's Summoning Seal Wallpaper
    This sign appears briefly when Yuna first enters Yojimbo's Chamber of the Fayth. Presumably it's under her feet on the ground when she summons him, but the camera focuses on his cherry tree and the moon instead.

Videos: Yojimbo at the movies and in FFX - Here's our menacing samurai in b&w and full color

The first clip is a trailer for the Yojimbo film that inspired the Final Fantasy aeon. The second shows Yojimbo's beautiful summoning animation in FFX; the third is Yojimbo taking on Penance in the international edition, and the last shows you how to haggle with Yojimbo to hire him.

how to get anima - hidden aeon

how to get anima - hidden aeon

Anima, The Dark Aeon

Not to Be Confused With "Dark Aeons"

Anima concept art, fayth statue

Anima is such a fascinating and poorly-understood character that I've written a whole article on Anima exploring how to beat her, how to get her, her backstory and symbolism. (Yes, it's a she).

But right now, you just want to get her, right?

I give complete step-by-step details there, but basically,

  • Open each Cloister of Trial's chest revealed by a Destruction Sphere.
  • That includes Zanarkand. Don't worry about Bevelle; it's automatic.
  • You can't get Anima until you return to the airship
  • Search the map for an island under the clouds (tip: W of Luca, S of Bikanel)
  • Fight nasty boss with Stone Punch (Break + Shatter)
  • Enter temple and solve mini-cloister.
  • Any missing spheres mean you need to go back to a Cloister and find its special item.

Her Pain attack comes with Break Damage Limit, and her Overdrive, Oblivion, is nasty.

Anima is actually a Final Aeon, by the way. Seymour's mother sacrificed herself in Zanarkand so that her son could defeat Sin and win back his place in Guado society and the Church of Yevon. Seymour, however, was much too young, and flashbacks show he was afraid to take on Sin.

Instead, he went twisted inside, using his power as a summoner to rise to power. We see him using Anima at Luca Stadium to dazzle the crowd and "rescue" them from monsters he secretly had released there himself. It appears that Seymour's ulterior motive in marrying Yuna is not to defeat Sin, but to use Sin as he has been exploiting the power of Anima.

Anima Concept Art:

Seymour's Mother: Sketch of profile

Anima Fanart - More artwork by Final Fantasy fans


Anima isn't pretty, but it certainly is an interesting-looking aeon. Her tragic story explains why some have described her shell as looking like a Venus flytrap.

At right is my attempt at drawing this eerie aeon. The fanart below is better!

  • "Anima" Aeon by Wyna on DeviantArt
    Terrifying, tragic, beautiful: this is a great fanart portrait of the game's most disturbing character.
  • Alexapdos' Anima Cosplay: Seymour's Mother
    I haven't found anyone attempt the aeon as a costume (ugly, and how could you walk?) but here's a great take on Seymour's mother's fayth, adding a few chains. I hadn't noticed until now the chain motifs on the fayth's sleeves -- eeek!

Video: Anima's Overdrive - "Overkill" is an Understatement

This aeon is utterly, totally terrifying. Again, see my article on Anima, the Dark Aeon for the symbolism and history of this character.

Getting Magus Sisters: FFX Hidden Aeons

Getting Magus Sisters: FFX Hidden Aeons

Getting The Magus Sisters

Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy

Concept art, Fayth statue

As their cartoonish style suggests, these three are vintage Final Fantasy, dating back to Final Fantasy IV. They've even been Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts!

In Final Fantasy IV, they are minibosses in service to one of the game's villains, impeding the progress of the heroes. In Final Fantasy X, they're your allies, but they're still pretty independent-minded and won't obey orders blindly! (And in Final Fantasy X-2, they're scary hard bosses, having turned into Dark Aeons. I hate fighting these gals.)

My guess is that the Magus Sisters in FFX were Belgemine's Final Aeon. (Belgemine cryptically tells Yuna that she "was not able to" defeat Sin, which means she died on her pilgrimage. As powerful as the Magus Sisters are, I'm guessing that Belgemine might be their big sister, and that the four perished in an unsuccessful attempt to beat Sin, lingering on as unsent/fayth until someone else can complete their task).

Despite the random element in their attacks/actions, the Magus Sisters in FFX are the most powerful summons in the game. Like Anima, they come with Break Damage Limit, another hint that they might be a Final Aeon. Mindy's Passado does 15x99,999 HP damage, once you max Yuna's stats!

How to Get the Magus Sisters:

  • Get all the other aeons.
  • Collect 1 each of all the Gagazet fiends for the Monster Arena and receive the Blossom Crown.
  • Hop a Chocobo in the Calm Lands to Lady Belgemine's secret lair and defeat her aeons through Bahamut. Prize: Flower Scepter.
  • Proceed to the back of the temple and say hello!
  • Be sure to enter the Chamber of the Fayth later to see their fayth -- their human forms.

FIGHTING TIP: The Magus Sisters have minds of their own, but if you pick "Do as you will", Sandy will cast Reflect on Cindy. After that, any "Do as you will" on Mindy's turn causes her to cast Black Magic that bounces off Cindy onto the enemies (thus negating any Reflect they're wearing).

Their Overdrive, Delta Attack, has been around since FFIV, although it was originally the above-mentioned strategy, and is now a much flashier and more devastating coordinated attack.

P.S. I really don't understand the anatomy of Cindy in their fayth statue.

Magus Sisters Fanart & Cosplay - All together now, ladies!

Wow! Cosplayers never cease to astound me. Sure enough, there's a few rare Cindy, Mindy and Sandy cosplays out there.

Video: Magus Sisters in Action - And Videos of Magus Sisters From Other Games!

First two videos are from Final Fantasy IV (original and remake), which was the first game in which the Magus Sisters appeared.* The last shows a hidden cutscene in Final Fantasy X: meet the fayth of this powerful triple aeon! (Spoiler warning)

*The remake of FFIV is available on iPad, and I'm playing it right now as part of my Let's Play Final Fantasy year-long marathon.

Share your favorite summons here! Also, if you have drawn any fanart, I'd love to see it! Leave a link here to your DeviantArt page or other art page.

© 2010 auronlu

Final Fantasy Fans Guestbook - Which are your favorite summons?

MiseryBusiness519 on October 23, 2010:

My Favorite Normal Aeon is Ifrit, and my Favorite Hidden Aeon is Anima

Great Lens! Thanks for Sharing! :)

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