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Final Fantasy Maps by Auronlu

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My Map of Spira - The World of Final Fantasy X


World maps and dungeon maps by a Final Fantasy gamer

Here's maps I've drawn for several Final Fantasy games. Some are world or location maps to help navigate a dungeon or sidequest. Others are illustrations for my fanfiction or created just because I love maps!

i've also included links to a few other people's Final Fantasy maps that I've found useful during playthroughs.

Above: My map of Spira, drawn for an alternate universe fanfiction sequel to Final Fantasy X, Love her and Despair. Most is as it was in-game, but I've named the Crusader camp in the Calm Lands ("Yocun's Lodge") and rebuilt a Lodge on the former HQ site for Operation Mi'ihen.

Final Fantasy games are copyrighted by Square-Enix. I believe that my maps constitute Fair Use as Transformative Works.

Great Crystal (Key to Names)


FFXII: Map of the Great Crystal

This is my magnum opus. In fact, I tweaked my arthritis while making it and had to limit typing and gaming for over a month, so please, USE IT IN GOOD HEALTH.

While the in-game map of the Great Crystal is useless, the label across the top of the screen gives you one all-important clue:

The Great Crystal / [Name of Current Room]

Room names specify your position; see the key at right. More importantly, each room has a unique name, which I've recorded on my maps below.

See my guide to the Great Crystal for large printable versions of these maps, an explanation of what the names actually mean, and treasure hunting tips.

Final Fantasy X: Cactuar Quest / Bikanel Island Map

Here's a map I drew of Bikanel Island showing where cactuars and treasures are located. I created this map just for the joy of making a beautiful map.

Tomay: OasisChava: Sanubia Desert - Central (touch sign)Alek & Aloja: Sanubia Desert - CentralVachella: Sanubia Desert - East (save sphere)Robeya: Sanubia Desert - Central (in chest)Isrra: Sanubia Desert - West (leave area & return)Elio: Oasis (approach from n, beam up)Flaile: Sanubia Desert - East

Final Fantasy X Map: Bikanel Island / Sanubia Desert


Ah, the Via Purfico. I've wastes more time running around and around, missing that side chamber for the switch that unlocks a teleport pad which grants access to a secret treasure room.

Click the thumbnail map for a full-sized version with simple instructions on how to find the hidden teleport pad and move it to where it needs to go to access the secret room.

Final Fantasy X: Via Purifico Map - #%@#!! Teleport Pad Puzzle!


Other Useful Final Fantasy Maps (not mine)

Final Fantasy II World Map - iPad / Dawn of Souls / Origins version

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Okay, I cheated in creating this Final Fantasy III World Map: I didn't draw it by hand.

I just spent an hour taking screencaps of the pathetically small FFIII map's "enlarged view," which only shows one small bit of the map at a time, then I stitched together all the pieces in Photoshop and added place names.

This was harder than it looked, due to various things getting in the way (hand cursor, ferry, airships) and the bizarre wraparound: the edges of this map wrap around and join up on the opposite edge.

Other People's Useful FFI Maps

Final Fantasy I NES Maps

Final Fantasy I NES Maps (just in case that site disappears)

Final Fantasy Wikia has great PSP maps of every location in Final Fantasy II. Search for a dungeon name, scroll to the bottom of the page, look for the PSP map, click on it, and click on it AGAIN to get a large sized version. For instance, here's their map of the Dreadnought.

Final Fantasy III Map: Crystal Tower

Penultimate dungeon / labyrinth in iPad remake

These took me a few days to draw! What a maze.

As usual, click thumbnails for full-sized versions. Past "point of no return" is a really long final dungeon, so don't enter that spot until you're ready for the endgame!

FFIII Crystal Tower Floors 1-4

FFIII Crystal Tower Floors 1-4

FFIII Crystal Tower Floors 5-8

FFIII Crystal Tower Floors 5-8

Final Fantasy III: Eureka Dungeon

Dungeon of powerleveling and goodies

Again, this map is for the iPad remaster of FFIII, a little different from the original NES game.


For the mognet sidequest, you need to clear the six bosses marked in purple. Each boss is associated with one unique weapon or piece of armor:

  • Ribbon
  • Excalibur
  • Ragnarok
  • Masamune,
  • Moonring Blade,
  • Elder Staff.

© 2013 auronlu


auronlu (author) from Spira on March 26, 2013:

@CplElio: I'll be replaying FFIX in September, so we'll see! (I'm playing one a month right now.)

And thank you!

CplElio on March 26, 2013:

Nice, great dedication here. Hope to see more maps of Final Fantasy, maybe some of FFIX.

anonymous on March 25, 2013:

Excellent, great lens!

auronlu (author) from Spira on March 22, 2013:

@chanqua: Thanks!

chanqua on March 21, 2013:

nice maps

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