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FFXII: Easiest Way to Get Feystones

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How to Harvest Feystones from Elementals

Feystones are one of the rare Loot Items in Final Fantasy XII that's an ingredient of the Tournesol, the game's second-strongest weapon. It can only be acquired if you go on a scavenger hunt for ingredients all over Ivalice.

Sunflower/Tornesol needs 6 Feystones. Unfortunately, you can only Feystones them from Elementals and Entites, which are nasty buggers until your party is quite powerful.

HOWEVER, there's an easier source for Feystones, and you can steal from it again and again!

Screencaps are from Final Fantasy XII, © Square-Enix.

Nabreus Deadlands Crystalbug

Nabreus Deadlands Crystalbug

Steal Feystones From Crystalbugs

The Easiest Way to Get Feystones

Crystalbugs look like Save Crystals, but when you touch them, they attack! Beat them to get a regular Save Crystal.

However, first, you want to steal Feystones from them. LOTS of Feystones. With the Sage's Monograph, I was getting almost all Feystones with the rare Ether.

There's only a few Crystalbugs in the game, unfortunately, and if you miss them you'll have to fight Entites/Elementals.

WHERE CRYSTALBUGS ARE FOUND: (links are maps from this FFXII Map Guide)

  • Stillshrine of Miriam - Suspicious-looking green "Life Crystal" just past the Dragon Aevis room -- yup, it's a bug!
  • Sochen Cave Palace - Shortly after the battle with the root vegetables (what the?) an innocuous-looking Crystalbug waits for victims.
  • Nabreus Deadlands - In the absolute center of the Deadlands, you're relieved to stumbled across a Teleport Cryst-- oops, it's a bug!

The secret is you can steal from a Crystabug, leave the room, return and steal again. Normally, one has to go two rooms away for monsters to "reset." I've found the Crystalbug in the Stillshrine, at least, is reset if you just walk one room away and come back.

Therefore, don't kill them before you've Stolen lots of Feystones. So, let's change our Gambits for a Crystalbug Thief Expedition! Get two thieves with the most magic resistance you can, and then equip your best white/green mage with a bow so that she can stand back, out of range of the Bug's spells, and assist as needed.

Note: My party was all level 30. This may be tough if you're significantly below that; it's worth leaving and leveling up if you're having trouble.

THIEF1 Gambits: Steal Nearest Foe.

THIEF2 Gambits: Steal Nearest Foe.

Mage Gambits:

1. Ally < 60% ---------- Cura

2. Ally (Any) -------------- Shell

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3. Ally (Any) -------------- Regen

4. Foe < 1000 HP-----Steal

5. Foe (Nearest)----------Attack

This mage should have the Inquisitor and Martyr Licenses, recharging her MP in battle. Sometimes you may need to Charge her MP. You may also want to have her Haste the thieves. As you see, there's a failsafe (#4) to make sure she doesn't kill the bug accidentally.

Once someone has stolen an item, Flee with L2 button, leave the room, and come back. The bug has magically refilled its Feystone supply. Rinse and repeat!

Oh Shoot It's an Entite Get in the Car

Oh Shoot It's an Entite Get in the Car

Stealing Feystones from Entites/Elements

Uh oh, I already killed all the Crystalbugs

You probably won't kill the Crystalbug in the Nabreus Deadlands before reading this guide, but just in case -- okay, yes, you can get them from Elementals and Entites as a Rare Steal or Rare Drop.

DAREDEVIL THIEF TRICK: It's risky, but whenever I see an Element or an Entite, even when first crossing the Sandsea, I'll switch everybody's gambits to Steal, run over and poke it, then have the leader stand back (out of spell range) while the other two steal until they get something. Then hit L2 and RUN LIKE CRAZY.

There is a chance the Entite or Element will kill your party, so don't do this if you haven't saved in a while or have picked up an Item you don't want to lose. You may not necessarily get a Feystone with this trick, but you'll get something (hopefully).

HOW TO FIND/FIGHT ELEMENTALS / ENTITES: The Final Fantasy Wikia has a complete List of All Entites and Elementals including location, stats, spells and immunities.

At first, you'll just want to Daredevil Thief and Run Like Heck. During my first trek out in Giza's rainy season, I did this to the Storm Elemental that appears when it's raining (but not a downpour). There's also a relatively wimpy Water Elemental in the Garamsythe Waterway, fire-weak, and you can take it out with Quickenings. (Basically, once you've gotten all your Quickenings, you're probably strong enough.)

For Entites, I used the Daredevil Thief trick on the Salamand Entite in the Sandsea the first time I crossed it (I got a Fire Crystal). The first entite I actually killed was the Leshach Entite in the Paramina Rift which jumped out at me on the way to the Stillshrine of Miriam. It's only there when it's snowing. It's weak against lightning. My party was about level 30.


Credit Where Due: "O SHOOT IT'S AN ENTITE GET IN THE CAR" was inspired by a popular but less family-friendly LJ icon created by Houndstooth. PG-13 warning!

Fight Ice Elemental

Fight Ice Elemental

How To Fight Elementals/Entites: Strategy


Unless you're really strong, there's a chance they'll kill the party. (It varies by elemental/entite how strong you need to be.) But if you've saved recently and haven't picked up any loot / equipment you'd be sorry to lose, give it a try!

Here's my general strategy. I find the gals usually have slightly more magick resistance/magick, so I tend to use them (and there's never a bad time to use Fran.)


1. Use Libra to sneak up and take a peek at the Elemental to discover its weakness, then back off -- make SURE you're far enough away not to see its HP bar when casting spells.

2. Equip everybody with best magic resistant armor.

3. Equip a fighter with strongest non-elemental weapon or a weapon with the element it's weak against. If someone has Shear, make her the fighter.

4. Equip black mage with magic-boosting accessories/weapons and set her gambit to spam the appropriate Black Magic spell. If someone has Expose, make them the mage.

5. Equip healer with a bow so she stands back, out of range of most offensive spells, and set her Gambits to Raise, Cura, perhaps other supporting spells. If you have Rose Corsage, give it to the healer to prevent Silence.

6. Make sure you have lots of Echo Herbs and/or everyone with the Gambit Ally (Any) --- Vox. Two people should have Raise or Phoenix Down gambit ready to resurrect anyone who goes down.

7. Cast Shell, Haste and Regen on everybody.

8. Time to rumble! Run in and attack. If you've got a mage with Expose, do a few rounds of that to lower the Entite's physical resistance while the fighter pounds. If you've got a fighter with Shear, use that to soften up the Entite for the mage.

9. Use your healer as the party leader and keep her just close enough for Cura to work; you can monitor the battle from a distance and (usually) the Entite's spells don't hit her.

10. If all else fails, use Quickenings like crazy! If you don't have a full bank of Quickenings, you're not ready to fight Elements.

Got any tips on fighting entites, elementals, etc? Leave a note!

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