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Final Fantasy X Fanfiction: A Fan's Recommendations

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My FFX Fan Fiction Reading List

Here's my recommended reading list of some of the best Final Fantasy X fanfiction on the web, not just on, but on other fanfiction archives.

I've selected for variety: different ships, different characters, different authors. You'll see a slight bias towards stories spotlighting secondary characters or magic/summoning. Sorry there's no slash: I'm cool with it, I just happen to read more gen, het and yuri.

This is a totally subjective list of FFX fanfiction, so if you know of any other great fanfics out there, feel free to recommend FFX fanfiction below.

Fabulous FFX Fanfiction: An Annotated List - Auronlu's Favorites

Note: Stars by author names indicate multiple Final Fantasy stories under the author's profile; you may want to browse their other work!

Please consider leaving a review to let authors know their work is appreciated. Most also appreciate constructive criticism!

  • "Clarion" by Justira*
    Braska, Auron, Jecht, Yuna, aeons. Rating: PG. This vivid, powerful story tells of Braska's pilgrimage. It's already a great Auron, Braska and Jecht story, but the unique and uncanny treatment of the aeons in this story will make you see FFX in a dif
  • "To Know Foreverness" by Muggy Mountain / Storyless*
    Lulu/Wakka, Vidina. Rating: PG. Wakka looking back on a lifetime with the woman he loved. This is sweet, touching, and will rip your heart out and stomp on it, unless you are a complete cynic. (1370 words)
  • "Soldier of Spira" by rr1963
    Auron/Rikku. Rating: T. This justly famous epic peters out in late chapters, but its characterization of Auron in the early chapters is brilliant. It captures his voice, his dry humor, his pragmatism, his cynicism. It fills in backstory about his yea
  • "Periphery" by Ellnyx*
    Auron/Lulu. R for one non-explicit adult situation. Ellnyx has a crisp, poetic literary style that makes words stand on their heads. This unusual story explores their common ground: cynicism, familiarity with death, experience as guardians, and the p
  • "Absolution" by Lynnxlady*
    Wakka & Rikku, Rating: T There isn't enough good Wakka/Rikku out there. This is one of them, not so much a shipfic as a friendshipfic, playing with the whole mixed up Yevonites-hate-Al-Bhed problem. (14500 words)
  • "Erosion" by Luc Court*
    Yunalesca. Rating: G. Yikes. A brilliant portrait of Yunalesca which, incidentally, offers one possible answer for how she creates a Final Aeon without recourse to a normal Fayth statue. (1780 words)
  • "Dead Parody" by NetOwl
    Yuna, G. And now for something completely different... an FFX/Monty Python crossover. (1700 words)
  • "Modulation" by Siskin
    Tidus & Aeris, Rating: K+. I'm still looking for the perfect Tidus & Yuna fic, but here's a good crossover. Tidus bumps into an unusual person on the Farplane. Spoilers for X-2. Very good characterizations in this one-shot. (2500 words)
  • "Elemental" by owlmoose*
    Lulu, Wakka, Chappu, Yuna. (G) Lulu's first steps to becoming a black mage. Note: owlmoose is the writer for Paine and Nooj; check her profile for many such stories. (3500 words)
  • "Road to Sin" by Cupcakemonster*
    Rikku/Jecht (Rating: R) I try not to include R-rated, but cupcakemonster leaves me no choice. This highly original story imagines Rikku as the Final Aeon, getting some guidance from the previous Final Aeon. Poke around cupcake's fanfiction tags for a
  • "Those Who Come Closest" by dagas isa*
    All the Aeons, Yunalesca. Rating: K+. This author is best-known for her wonderful Kimahri one-shots, but here's an unusual anthology: each of the aeons telling their stories. A fascinating dive into many facets of the world of Spira through the eyes

Poll: Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, or something else?

In 2009, the Merriam-Webster dictionary added "fan fiction" to its list of official words in the English language. The Google Keywords Tool suggests that the term "fanfiction" is ten times more popular on the web. What do you think?

More Great Final Fantasy X Fanfiction

Some of these I selected because they're highly original, "hidden gem" stories, rather than because they're utterly awesome. (Although there is still much awesomeness.)

  • "And Shut the Gates of Mercy on Mankind" by sagdragon
    Isaaru, Yuna, G More people should read this insightful one-shot. Isaaru comes to grip with his failure as a summoner, and has a thoughtful conversation with High Summoner Yuna. (2600 words)
  • "Drawn Towards Unity" by a Person
    Cid/Lulu (PG) It could use a beta reader; nonetheless, this is a fascinating AU written for an "unusual pairing" challenge. Somehow, the author managed to make it work, and provides some interesting insights into both characters and the Al Bhed along
  • "Song of Prayer" by Ellnyx*
    Seymour, Jyscal, Kelk, Anima. Rating: M (R?) for gore, disturbing themes. This one's creepy, because it's told from inside Seymour's head, with Anima giving chilling suggestions. (Word Count: 1600)
  • "There Nevertheless Remains" by Malathyne
    Braska, Auron, Jecht. Rating: T. The final moments of Braska's pilgrimage. A tragic yet joyful portrait of Lord Braska and his guardians. (1300 words)
  • "Grieve" by Lynnxlady
    Auron/Lulu, PG Sorry to include two Auron/Lulus, but I couldn 't bear to leave out either one. This one isn't quite as poetic, but the characterizations are spot-on and funny. This has been my favorite FFX fanfic for many years. (8000 words)
  • "Oversight" by Parron*
    (Minor game NPC), Yuna (G) Time for some more humor. Remember that poor sod in the Calm Lands agency in FFX-2 whose father ropes Yuna into playing matchmaker? This is his story. (1100 words)
  • "For Love of the Game" by Mayumi-H
    Al Bhed Psyches, PG Hurray for minor characters! This very original story delves into the life of a blitzball team and the Al Bhed, giving one chapter each to all the players of the Al Bhed Psyches. Set a year or two before game. (9100 words)
  • "Against Strawberry Fields" by Gabi-Hime*
    Auron and Rikku, Rating: K. What if a very young Rikku had been at the Agency when Rin found Sir Auron dying? (3700 words)
  • "Three Men Walk Into a Bar" by TheRyRy
    Nooj, Baralai, Gippal. (PG) Here's a novel idea: a good self-insert. Three men walk into the same bar, on separate occasions. The bartender learns about all their troubles. (3800 words)
  • "Time/Plane" by katamillia
    Auron, Ellone of FFVIII (G) Unusual, poetic crossover with great characterization: during the Time Compression in FFVIII, Ellone winds up on the Farplane. (1390 words)

Update: More Final Fantasy X Fanfic Recs

Originally posted on my auronlu Tumblr blog, Dec 27, 2014. Some overlap with the list above, mostly new.

Elemental - Owlmoose
Ultima - Justira
Two vignettes on Lulu learning black magic that complement one another.

On the Precipice of the World - Yati
Rikku and Tidus trying to figure out how to save Yuna, plus a good Zuke cameo. In-game, the crossing of the Calm Lands.

Guardian - Mintywolf
This is a (long) graphic novel, but I rabidly recommend it: a rich prequel to FFX telling the story of Lulu’s three pilgrimages, her friendships with Lady Ginnem and Yuna, and brilliant cameos for pretty much every character in FFX right down to the lizard cat in the Besaid Crusader’s Lodge.

Aftermath - owlmoose
Owlmoose has written a TON of good FFX and X-2 stories, including many quick one-shots. I advise you to browse her Ao3 account thoroughly, looking for at least a few Paine and/or Nooj fics. But here’s an unusual one- the formation of the Youth League through the eyes of a character you had probably written off as much as I did: Beclem.

Stand Solid Among the Eclipse - WhiteFang72
Vignette: The Sending from Yuna’s POV

The Seeker Files — Jebus Creiss
Who would ever think that a fanfiction about Barthello could be such a good story? (bridge between FFX and X-2)

By Any Other Name - CyanIllusions
Short character study of Isaaru and his aeons (who had different names from Yuna’s, in-game)

On Guardians and Insomnia - Cy Fur
Yuna/Rikku/Lulu fluff (short)

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Faith - Storyless
A quick conversation between Belgemine and Sir Auron. Actually, I recommend all of Storyless’ FFX fanfic. She’s got more posted on, but here’s another great, scary story of hers on AO3: We Bring the Fire.
Auron’s childhood, Braska as a young man, and an AU ending to Braska’s pilgrimage.

Answer to the Call - SilverDagger
Lulu and Auron in canon, being the wary, consummate guardians they are. (no romance here.)

Slowly - brightspark
Gippal/Baralai, one-shot, a bit R.

Pilgrimage - M Li
Bridge between the good ending and perfect ending of FFX-2, exploring the world of Spira after FFX-2 is over.

In Blood and Gold - thousandth
Auron/Braska unrequited love and yet more angst.

Pride of the North Pole - dagas_isa
Kimahri finally given his due in a series of connected vignettes.

I need to bookmark more Tidus, Rikku and Yuna fic, but that’s a good selection.

In general, you’ll find a lot of good-quality writing by searching the DOINK! Final Fantasy fic exchange archive, here:

Where to Find/Post FFX Fanfiction - Good Fanfiction Archives

  • DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange
    The Final Fantasy fic exchange has been inspiring and archiving great Final Fantasy fic for years, bringing together fans on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, and now Tumblr. Fics are archived on AO3.
  • Archive of Our Own
    Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a fanfiction by and for fans, and it's my favorite. It lets us tag stories with X and X/2 (if needed) without consigning them to crossover hell. It has ALL the characters, all the pairings as built-in tags. Also, some very
  • FanFiction.Net
    The big daddy of fanfiction archives. I'm sure you know about this one. There are tons of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 fanfics, but there's a lot of drek.
  • FF_Press on Livejournal
    FF_Press is a daily newsletter of all (or most) of the fanfiction, fanart, icons and cosplay posted on Livejournal. It often picks up Dreamwidth and IJ works as well. It's a good way to discover excellent and obscure Final Fantasy stories. Thousands
  • Final Fantasy X community on Livejournal
    Got a FFX story you want to publicize? Post a link to it in this FFX community using FF_Press's standardized headers (Story title, fandom, characters/pairings, rating), and ff_press will pick it up and pass it along to ff_press' 1000+ subscribers!
  • - Anime FanArt & FanFiction
    There's a place for FFX fanfiction on this site, but it's not widely-read.
  • FicWad Fanfiction archive
    This was once a place used by a lot of great FFX fanfiction writers, but the buggy formatting has caused most of us to abandon it and move to Livejournal and/or AO3. However, you'll find some good FFX stories archived here.

Got a favorite FFX story I've missed? Post its title, URL, and (optionally) characters, length, rating here. I'm especially looking for a good Tidus/Yuna story to feature, since I haven't found the perfect one yet.

Unfortunately, due to spammers, I can't let you use HTML, but if you post the raw URL as text, we can copy/paste it!

Recommend FFX Fanfiction Here

Willow Wood on April 06, 2012:

This is a great idea and I appreciate this list of carefully selected stories. I like fanfiction but I don't spend enough time hunting through all the stories posted each day. I'll check back here bit by bit and expanding my fanfiction horizons (I tend to hang out in the FFVII section).

euro1965 on February 19, 2012:

nice to see you all

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AllyVuitton on April 12, 2011:

My brother used to play Final Fantasy when he was a kid. I've never been too techno, so I've never even known about Fan Fiction! I loved the first one.

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