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Far Cry 3 Defeat the Ink Monster

Far Cry 3 Defeat Ink Monster

Far Cry 3 Defeat Ink Monster

Far Cry 3 Defeat Ink Monster

Far Cry 3 New Rite of Passage

In Far Cry 3, Jason comes back from the dead and embarks on the new rite of passage through Citra at the temple. In this new rite of passage, Jason will emerge as the leader of the Raykat warriors. However, he must first survive against the Ink Monster and his minions. This will guide Jason on how to defeat the ink monsters and his minions and accomplish the new rite of passage quest.

Far Cry 3 Meet the Ink Monster

Citra asks the hero to drink some unknown concoction. Drink it and be transported to an alternative realm within the temple. Or is it all in Jason Brody's mind? It doesn't matter, because the ink monster arises beyond the temple to attack Jason Brody. Prepare to defend yourself and take on the ink monster.

The Ink Monster will attack Jason using some mystical ball attacks. When these attacks reach Jason, they will knock Jason down. If Jason is near some inflammable vegetation, it will start burning. So avoid the mystical ball attacks and the vegetation.

The first thing that Jason will learn after meeting the ink monster is to run away from the dusky ball attacks. Run around the compound in a circle to avoid the dusky ball attacks and then when the three attacks are over, turn around and shoot at the face of the ink monster. Try to aim on the edge of the right side of the mask of the ink monster and then slightly inwards to Jason's left. This is because the ink monster will tend to veer to its left when it is about to launch its dusky ball attacks again. When Jason lets lose his arrows and the ink monster veers to its left, the two trajectories will meet and the ink monster will be hit in the face. Do this a few times and the ink monster will go down ......... temporarily.

Far Cry 3 Defeat the Ink Monster's Minions

When the boss monster goes down, his minions come out to play, and so the ink minions arise. These pesky humanoid creatures will run towards Jason and attempt to cut him down. So do likewise. Run at them and slash at them with the army knife. If Jason's health slots are down, run away (in a circle around the compound), and heal up and then return to defeat the ink minions.

Eventually the ink minions will be gone, to be replaced by the newly healed Ink Monster.

Far Cry 3 Defeat the Ink Monster One More Time

The attacks of the Ink Monster appear to be more aggressive this time. However, his attacks are much the same. Dodge the dusky ball attacks and then aim for the mask. Do this a few times and the ink monster will be defeated.

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With the Ink Monster defeated, it's time to wake up, rally the Rakyat warriors and then head off and defeat Vaas.

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