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Fake Monster High Wydowna Spider Doll


Monster High's Webarella Faked!

One of the rarest Monster High Dolls, Wydowna Spider, has been faked by doll counterfeiters. Originally released as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive in 2013 and going for $100+ on eBay, its no wonder the doll has been copied. The fakes have not gotten on eBay yet, but I have seen them in Asia. While happening upon the doll overseas, I brought it for curiosity sake. As a Monster High collector, its certainly the most interesting MH fake I've ever came across of. Posted below is my review and pictures of the fake doll.

Wydowna Spider on eBay

The going rate for the doll on eBay

Outside 2013's San Diego Comic Con, eBay and Amazon (by 3rd party sellers) are the only places to get legit Wydowna Spider dolls. The very limited edition doll set was deemed "Webarella," which featured two outfits (one very Spider-man influenced costume and an onomatopoeia dress and pant set), doll stand, brush, and comic book inspired box art. Also be weary of buying loose nude Wydowna dolls (unless the seller has the original clothes in a separate auction) and Wydowna replacement bodies (without the head), these could be high quality fakes. If you love the look of the doll but don't want to pay the price, WAIT! Late 2014, Mattel will release a mass retail version of Wydowna and you can have her for a fraction of the price.

Fake Doll Review: Can you spot the difference? - High Quality Replica

Real vs Fake Wydowna Doll Closeup

Real vs Fake Wydowna Doll Closeup

Most Monster High fake dolls, look obviously fake. The body, clothes, face shape, and face makeup are usually of very poor quality. This fake is an exception. Nonewithstanding it's cheaply made box, accessories, and clothes, the doll itself is a high grade fake. When the doll is photo'd nude, it looks very close to the real one. Almost a prefect clone. However to the MH fan, there are easy ways to spot the difference.

The fake doll has less hair than the other one. The original doll has a high bump in her hair, while the fake one does not. The fake one is a lighter pinkest red, while the real one is darker. The facial makeup is less saturated on the fake, than the real one.

Another sign, its smell and feel. After unboxing the doll, it reeks of gasoline. Some people call this the "Made in China Smell." It smells similar to a brand new plastic show curtain. This signals that the doll was made using phthalates, a softening agent to make plastic more flexible and difficult to break. Therefore unlike the real MH dolls, the fake's body feels lighter, more pliable, and softer (almost rubbery) than its original.Kind of reminds me of MH CAM bodies. Joints move a little too smooth but oddly the doll doesn't feel loose. Even though body parts are removable, they stay perfectly in place when snapped back in. There are random small scratches and chips around the lower back area. These marks can't be seen when dressed. Overall though, the body is solid, smooth, and doesn't feel stiff or cheap. Honestly if you are a new or casual MH fan, apart from the smell, you probably think the doll is real in its nude form.

The fake dolls hands match the real doll's hands, point by point. The only difference is that the real one has 1 red glove painted on the top right hand. The fake one is just plain black. Also this picture shows the real one having thicker hair than the fake one. Although the fake's hair may be thinner, its nicely and firmly rooted. The hair also has a nice shine to it but feels a bit rough. Not as wiry as cheap o' doll hair but not as good as official MH hair. Finally, the body has no doll marks. Doll marks are typically include model numbers, copyright dates, and manufacturer names. MH dolls have Mattel along with their copyright date marked under their head and sometimes place of manufacturer (i.e. Indonesia) on their back. This doll has none.

As far as fakes go, this doll was relatively expensive at $8. MH fakes generally run for about $1 - $3 in China. However you can see where the extra money went with this doll. As it looks and feels very close to a real MH doll, it's a very good albeit smelly clone. Although the clothes that come with the doll are very bad. The doll's skirt is poorly sewn and feels like crepe paper, the bracelets look cheap, and the only way to get the halter top off is to cut it (there is no velcro on the neck on the halter top). The only salvageable accessory is her boots, which are a nice white replica of the authentic ones.

Warning: I got the replica doll because I was curious about its quality and wrote this guide for educational purposes. Although my review sounds somewhat positive, I don't condone buying this doll because you can't get the real one. For three reasons: A. the doll's smell very bad, its smell lingers for days, and may irritate those with respiratory issues, B. Wydowna will be released mass retail by the end of this year, C. Replicas quality can vary extremely from doll to doll (the first batch tends to have the best quality, while subsequent batches get worst and worst).

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Unboxing the Real Wydowna Doll

The fake's packaging fails to reach the level of detail as the original. Which is a good thing because it makes the fake easier to spot in its "retail form." Anyhow for those who are curious, below is an unboxing video of the official doll and a screen motion cap of the Webarella comic included in the set.

New Monster High Dolls in 2014! - Wydowna's back with a few friends


A few new ghouls will be introduced in 2014, from left to right are: Neighton Rot ( Unicorn-Zombie), "name has not yet been announced" green Witch, InvisiBilly ( Invisible boy from the online MH series), Iris Clops and Manny ( MH online show regulars, may be a San Diego 2014 Comic Con exclusive), and Wydowna, repainted with blue lips and a yellow glove. Release dates for dolls are pretty vague at this point. But are rumored to hit the shelves in late Summer or early Fall.

New Guestbook Comments

Riff on December 03, 2018:

interesting. i bought a second gand wydona spider that i thought was authentic. but there were some points here and there that wouldn't match to the usual MH quality. one point i can add to your list, is the neck peg : there's none. i mean, it's just one ball, a bit like Mistress Headless. no hook thingy keeping the head from being pull off. that's when i started to think it may not be a authentic one. plus there's not much hair on the head, really less than a real MH doll. i confirm every other points you mentionned.

i bought it for customising purpose so i don't care that much if it's a fake. can't remember how much it costed, i think it was around 10€.

Joselyn on June 13, 2015:

Thank you, I've recently been sechiarng for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don't realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

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