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EZ-Fort Kids Fort Kit


Looking for a over the top cool toy for kids? Need something that iis fun And isn't electronic? These kits feature 54 pieces & can work with any of the EZ-fort building kits...which are the bunker, Fairy Tale castle & all can use the BlingKeez LED lights. These are made by Toobeez but they are NOT interchangeable. You need to stick with the EZ-forts if you want more parts.....which is great since the kits are rather affordable for their size. Because they are so awesome they can be used inside or out & all you need is a few well placed sheets to finish off the kids fort. They are designed to not scratch floors so they are safe to use almost anywhere.

Ez-Forts are specially design for small hands so even little kids can play with this kit. It's also great for working kids fine motor skills & they are designed to help promote problem solving & reasoning skills. They are used in schools, child development programs, occupational therapy programs & recreational programs all over the country. Making these the perfect choice for a creative kids toy.

You'll relive your childhood when you help your kids build forts, houses, obstacle course, soccer goals & whatever else they can think up. They won't need directions to figure out this cool kit...just lots of imagination! You'll wonder why you didn't have these when you were a kid...I know I did! I actually recommend at least 2 of these kits, because we ran out of parts really fast & the kids needs more pieces....but mine are spoiled rotton.


Georgene Moizuk Bramlage from southwestern Virginia on January 10, 2014:

This really looks like fun for kids and parents.

Kathryn Grace from San Francisco on November 14, 2013:

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This looks like a lot of fun. Forts were always one of my favorites as a child, and we help the grandkids build forts today, so this will go on our Christmas-possibles list. Thanks so much!

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