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League of Legends - Evelynn (Eve) Guide and Build (Mid, Top and Jungle)


League of Legends - Evelynn (Eve) Guide and Build (Mid, Top and Jungle)

Are you looking for a Evelynn guide or a Evelynn build? This page covers the basics of playing Evelynn (Mid, Top and Jungle) effectively including skills, runes, masteries, tips and includes custom skins.

Evelynn (or Eve) is one of the few champions in League of Legends that possesses the ability to turn invisible (stealth). She is a powerful AP burst assassin with high mobility and a high skill cap. Playing Evelynn effectively requires careful planning and consideration for every move but can be very rewarding when done correctly.

This Evelynn guide and build aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Evelynn, it is recommended for people just starting to use Evelynn.

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Guide current as of: Release Notes v1.0.0.148

This Evelynn guide is also available in quick summary format (thanks to

Images on this page are sourced from the official League of Legends website and the game client. They are used for review, commentary and educational purposes.

Is Evelynn Too Strong?

Evelynn Skills

Evelynn Skills

Evelynn Skills

Shadow Walk (Passive): This passive makes Evelynn what she is, getting used to how her invisibility works and its range will come with game experience (thankfully Riot helps with its indicators). The mana regeneration is nice and helps keep your mana levels up while roaming.

Hate Spike (Q): Evelynn's main form of damage output and harassment during the laning phase. Its strength comes from its low cooldown, low mana cost and the fact that it can be used to last hit while also harassing an enemy champion This skill takes some getting used to, just remember that the skill targets the enemy you last attacked (if in range) or the enemy with the lowest health (this allows you to last hit while harassing the enemy champion by lining them up).

Dark Frenzy (W): This skill makes Evelynn very mobile and a great chaser, it also has no cost. The passive effect makes Evelynn a deadly chaser and also allows her to avoid harassment in lane (if you are constantly hitting Hate Spikes). While the active makes it very hard to escape from Evelynn and also makes slows useless. Be aware that using this skill will break your stealth.

Ravage (E): Ravage offers Evelynn strong damage output and also a massive attack speed boost which can help you deal that little bit of extra damage you need (also makes on hit/AD builds viable). The attack speed can also help in downing a tower (requires enemy minions).

Agony's Embrace (Ultimate): A very powerful ultimate that has a number of uses on Evelynn. Not only will this area of effect skill deal % health damage and slow enemies it also gives Evelynn a shield based on the number of enemies hit. This skill will serve you well in 1v1 situations and teamfights (where your goal should obviously be to hit maximum enemies).

Evelynn Skill Order - How To Level Your Skills As Eve (Mid, Top and Jungle)

Evelynn Skill Order

Evelynn Skill Order

The best way to level your skills as Eve is: Ult > Hate Spike > Ravage > Dark Frenzy

Hate Spike forms the basis of your harassment and farming so it is maxed first. Taking a point of Dark Frenzy at level 2 allows you to escape potential ganks and also gives you some added lane manoeuvrability (but it can be taken at level 4 instead). Maxing Ravage second adds to your damage output and is an obvious choice as one point in Dark Frenzy until late game is more than enough.

Masquerade Evelynn

Masquerade Evelynn

Masquerade Evelynn

Evelynn Runes

Evelynn Runes

Evelynn Runes

Red (Marks) - Magic Penetration // Attack Damage

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Yellow (Seals) - Armor // Health Per Level

Blue (Glyphs) - Ability Power Per Level // Magic Resistance

Purple (Quintessences) - Ability Power // Health // Movement Speed

As Evelynn deals magic damage, Magic Penetration Marks is a must to increase damage output if you are looking to play Jungle Eve then you can Attack Damage for faster clear speed. Armor Seals help reduce incoming damage from auto-attacks and minions and are great for Top Eve. If you are playing Mid Eve (and have them available consider running Health Per Level Seals available considering using them as they will perform better in mid lane (against AP champions).

Ability Power Per Level Glyphs support Evelynn's damage output throughout the game but can be replaced with Magic Resistance if you prefer a defensive option.

Quintessences over a few options, Ability Power is a great default for the added damage it provides but Health and Movement Speed are also good options depending on your playstyle.

To learn more about making effective rune choices, visit the Rune Page Guide.

Evelynn Summoner Spells

Evelynn Summoner Spells

Evelynn Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:



Flash and Ignite are your standard summoner spells. Flash allows you to get out of danger when necessary and also can be used to flash into enemies. Ignite offers an extra source of damage and helps Eve to secure kills.

Other Good Summoner Spells:



If you are playing Jungle Eve then Smite is an obvious choice.

Exhaust is another option available to Evelynn as it allows her to shutdown an enemy, this works especially well as Jungle Eve.

AP Evelynn Masteries - (Top Eve and Mid Eve)

AP Evelynn Masteries

AP Evelynn Masteries

As an assassin Evelynn wants maximum damage output to burst her enemies down quickly. As such you want to run a 21/0/9 mastery setup.

This offers great boosts to Eve's damage output with improved ability power, magic penetration, cooldown reduction and several other % damage increases. While utility offers movement speed, maximum mana and buff duration.

To learn more about masteries and your mastery options, visit the LoL Masteries Guide.

Jungle Evelynn Masteries - (Jungle Eve)

Jungle Evelynn Masteries

Jungle Evelynn Masteries

This mastery setup is your best option for Jungle Evelynn. It gives her some increased damage, extra minion damage and mixed penetration (spells deal magical damage but Jungle Eve also relies heavily on auto-attacks for better jungle speed and consistent damage output).

While the defensive tree boosts Eve's defenses (armor and health) while also offering reduced incoming damage and damage reflection meaning the jungle creeps deal less damage while also improving her speed.

To learn more about masteries and your mastery options, visit the LoL Masteries Guide.

AP Eve Build

AP Eve Build

AP Eve Build (Mid and Top)

Evelynn Build For Mid or Top Lane

Final Item Build:

-Sorcerer Shoes

-Deathfire Grasp

-Abyssal Scepter

-Zhonya's Hourglass

-Rylai's Crystal Scepter

-Rabadon's Deathcap


-Start out with Health Potions and Boots of Speed, this allows you to stay safe in lane and gives you some sustain.

-Your opening item should be to finish off your boots (either Sorcerer's Shoes or Boots of Mobility if you are able to roam). You'll want to combine this with Deathfire Grasp for the extra burst damage it offers.

-From here you'll want to get maximum AP with items such as Abyssal Scepter (also gives you magic resistance and a reduction to enemies MR), Rylai's Crystal Scepter (adds a slow to your abilities) and Rabadon's Deathcap.

-A good final game item decision is Zhonya's Hourglass for the armor and active it provides. Depending on the game though you may want to consider one of the alternatives below.


-Void Staff (For when the enemy starts stacking magic resistance).

-Hextech Gunblade (A powerful late game item that offers a great damage increase and some sustainability, great for longer games).

Jungle Eve Build

Jungle Eve Build

Hybrid Eve Build (Jungle)

Jungle Eve Build

It should be noted that Jungle Evelynn can use the AP Eve build shown above but this heavily impacts her jungle speed and early game. In the jungle she generally will not get enough gold to work as an AP burst assassin and is best built for consistent damage output through a hybrid build).

Final Item Build:

-Boots of Mobility

-Wriggle's Lantern

-Trinity Force

-Wit's End

-Maw of Malmortius

-Randuin's Omen


-Start out with Health Potions and Boots of Speed, this gives you some regeneration from damage and helps you move around to gank or avoid being ganked.

-Your first item goals are Wriggle's Lantern for jungle speed and Boots of Mobility to help you get around the map quickly and set up kills for your team.

-From here Sheen and Heart of Gold (HoG) round out your core items. Sheen is a great item on Eve because you can constantly use the extra proc damage thanks to Hate Spike. While HoG boosts your survivability, gives you some extra income and eventually can be used in to build Randuin's Omen.

-Getting your Trinity Force up followed by a Wit's End forms the basis of your damage output for the rest of the game. These items offer important stats including AD, AP, a slow and attack speed.

-However, if you need to be more durable look towards building a Maw of Malmortius (for magic resistance, still also offers some damage) and Randuins Omen (for Armor) earlier.


-Hextech Gunblade (Boosts your sustainability and damage).

-Guardian Angel (If you need more resistances).

-Infinity Edge (If you need more damage output).

Evelynn Champion Spotlight - By Riot Games

General Evelynn Gameplay Tips & Hints

  • Mid/Top Evelynn are very snowball based (like most assassins) be aware of your strength in each game. Some games you will be able to destroy enemies easily however if you fall behind you will not be able to this and have to play catchup.
  • Always use Hate Spike (Q) when fighting an enemy for the Sheen proc. Don't forget that it targets either the last enemy you attacked or the lastest health target.
  • Invisibility is a great asset to the team and allows Evelynn to roam easily. Be aware that if you pass by Sight Wards and your passive is not active you will be seen. You will also be seen by enemy Vision Wards regardless (these may be placed on Dragon/Baron) so be aware!
  • Keep a mental track of where you think your enemies currently are, Evelynn is just as vulnerable as any other champion when roaming near enemy champions as they can see her.
  • It's always a good idea to activate Dark Frenzy before someone dies, as the cooldown refreshes.
  • Don't always instantly run away if you get low, back away from the fight and use your passive Shadow Walk to stalk the teamfight and any fleeing enemies.

Early Game - Level 1-6

  • Top or Mid Eve wants to focus on playing safe during the early levels and securing last-hits with auto-attacks or Hate Spike. By lining up the enemy champion you can last hit and harass with Hate Spike at the same time.
  • For Jungle Eve when using Hate Spike you want to line up the minions so that you hit them all (see Eve Champion Spotlight featured above).
  • While completing your jungle route you are free to look at around the map, look out for potential early ganks, also observe the lane match-ups (which lanes have stuns/snares or may need more ganks).
  • Try not to gank till after the Red Lizard buff as the slow makes Eve incredibly deadly. Of course if an earlier gank presents itself take the opportunity.
  • If an enemy places a ward to try counter you, get your allies to point out its exact location, so you know which area in particular you want to avoid.

Mid Game - Level 7-12

  • Mid game is when Evelynn really starts to shine (especially if you have your Deathfire Grasp available). Start either killing your direct lane opponent or pushing the lane to roam (or do both!)
  • As mentioned previously Evelynn is very snowball dependent, if you just sit in your lane and farm you will not reach your full potential.
  • Evelynn is a very strong tower diver with her ultimate and movement speed buff, don't be afraid to go for some aggressive ganks.
  • If you are playing Jungle Eve don't forget to keep dragon warded with your free ward from Wriggle's Lantern.

Late Game - 13-18

  • In late game team fights let your team initiate, while you wait off to the side jumping on the enemy carry or support as they get out of position. If the enemy team groups up tightly and you can't find an opening you can use your ultimate to gain a massive shield.
  • Evelynn makes a great split pusher due to Hate Spike and her movement speed buffs, pushing lanes hard can work well to break up the enemy team.
  • Move the ward provided from Wriggle's Lantern to Baron Nashor (for Jungle Evelynn).
  • Evelynn's ultimate can devastate the Baron area, if you catch the enemy trying to call Baron initiate for your team with it.

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Samuel Franklin (author) on August 11, 2011:

@anonymous: Its still very possible (and quite fun) to do this, but if your looking to win there are much better jungler options.

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is this still viable?

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Gief more o these full vids. They're verry thoughtative. :-)

Samuel Franklin (author) on April 25, 2011:

@Fergo2: Its important for correct jungling time and purchasing of items, by not grabbing it you cost yourself a good 20-30seconds, waiting around for Smite to come of cooldown, or that extra bit of gold for your next item. After your initial run its not as useful.

Fergo2 on April 25, 2011:

Does taking improved smite help a lot or is it not very noticeable?

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