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Eternium: Warrior, Bounty Hunter, or Mage

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Ken is a retired Soldier who enjoys gaming and Netflix. He currently lives on a farm in middle Tennessee with a German Shepherd and 3 cats.

I’ve been playing Eternium for about a year and half but have only recently started to appreciate the depth of the game. Making Fun has developed a game that even moderate to serious gamers can really sink their teeth into. It’s also simple enough to play and understand for the casual user.


Quick Eternium Intro

Eternium is a mobile RPG that is reminiscent of Diablo. It’s hack, slash, and push your way through levels filled with demons, monsters, ghouls, and skeletons.

As fun as the game is to play, there are a couple of important decisions to make when you first start out.

First, this is a mobile game with depth. There are so many different pieces of armor, weapons, and spells that each and every character can be different and really designed for what your end goal is. There are speed builds, leveling builds, and end-game builds. The first question you should consider is “are you a casual or serious gamer”? Either way is ok, and you’ll have tons of fun doing both. The game is that well developed.

Secondly, (and probably the first important decision you’ll make in game) is which class to choose. Those options (as far as version 1.5.8) are Warrior, Bounty Hunter, or Mage. This is the question we’ll be tackling and helping you out with here today.

Note: You will have the option of choosing a gender at first. This doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about cosmetics and the voice used for your hero throughout your gaming experience on Eternium. As far as gameplay, though, gender doesn’t matter. (As it shouldn’t)

Which Hero Class to Choose in Eternium


  • Strong Fighter.
  • Close-up combat with hand-to-hand weapons like swords and maces.
  • Can either wield two weapons and go ham on damage or wield a shield and weapon and be more defensive.
  • The warrior is built tougher than the Mage or Bounty Hunter because all of that close encounters with bad guys and hand-to-hand combat results in more damage.

The Warrior is a fun hero class to play. They’re the balls-to-the-wall, jump right in hero class in Eternium, as is the case with most RPGs with a similar class. They’re reminiscent of the Barbarian in Diablo and their beserker and rage talents.

While a hoot to play, you won’t often see too many Warriors at the top of the Eternium and Making Fun leaderboards after contests and events. Those spots are usually dominated by the next two classes.

Bounty Hunter

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  • Versatile.
  • Fast.
  • Main weapon is a gun and assorted ammo depending on the abilities and skills you develop and equip.

I’m not here to bust on a Bounty Hunter. They’re great to play with and I’ve had a lot of fun playing one for a bit. They can do more than either of the other two hero classes and they can usually do it quicker. I love shooting bad guys with guns, that’s for sure.

The Bounty Hunter is a strong option and when developed, equipped, and played with some skill can get you deep into end-game action and leaderboard standings.


  • Strong, Powerful damage spells (Think fireballs and blizzards)
  • Most “equippable” for end-game and leaderboard standings.

I’m pretty sure the developers at Making Fun were Mage players in World of Warcraft or Diablo because this hero class just has a lot more going for it than the other two.

While Bounty Hunter developing and equipping can turn out a very powerful playing experience, the Mage (IMO) is head and shoulders above the rest. And, they’re the class I have the most fun playing.

Device and Platform Considerations

Eternium is available on Android, Apple, and Windows. This means you can actually play this game anywhere. Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. It’s great! However, finger swipes on a phone and mouse & keyboard controls on a laptop make gameplay a challenge at times with different classes.

I personally find it a lot easier to play Mage on all platforms where I found Bounty Hunter and Warrior a challenge on phone and tablet. This is probably the main reason why I enjoy Mage the most. Everyone is different, though, and you may have a different set of skills and experiences than I had. The ability to make each hero by each player a unique fighter is what makes RPGs so much fun to play.

These are some really good tips for new beginners starting out in Eternium but the best experience and knowledge is that which is earned in the heat of battle so go out there and get your Eternium on!

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