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Marvel Eternals Thena

Marvel Eternals Thena

The Eternals

On November 5, the twenty-sixth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted, The Eternals. The Eternals film is based on the 1976 comic book story that follows the Celestials, a group of extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago and performed experiments on apes, resulting in the creation of three distinct species; humans, Eternals, and Deviants.

The film makes some significant changes to the comic book story. In the film, which takes place after the events of Avengers: End Game, the Celestials are the backbone of all intelligent life in the universe and they created the Deviants in order to protect the human race. However, the Deviants rebelled, and in turn, the Celestials created the Eternals, a superhuman group that was tasked with protecting humans from Deviants. The film shows viewers a background of human evolutionary events that Eternals had a hand in.

The film follows ten Eternals, each with shared powers which include superhuman strength, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, matter manipulation, levitation, creating illusions, and the ability to shoot cosmic rays out of their eyes and hands. Check out some that you should know before heading to the theatre.

Funko Pop! 735  From Marvel Eternals   It's Ajak

Funko Pop! 735 From Marvel Eternals It's Ajak


Viewers will instantly recognize Angelina Jolie as the stunning character of Thena, known as the “goddess of war” and also known as the greatest warrior within the Eternals. As mentioned above, all Eternals share a set of shared powers, but Thena has the ability to create elaborate weapons from thin air and wields them in the most graceful and powerful way. Viewers will see Thena display immense bravery in the final fight against the lead Deviants.


Played by Richard Madden, the Ikaris character has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes and has the power of flight. As implied in the film, there is a belief that the Eternals are the basis for many of humanity's myths, and Ikaris claims that he is responsible for the popular mythological story of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun.

Ikaris faces some of the toughest choices in The Eternals film, and viewers will have to see where this character's loyalties lie.


Sersi, played by actress Gemma Chan, has powerful matter transmutation powers, meaning she has the ability to change any non-living matter into something else. Sersi’s powers are some of the most unique in The Eternals and offer the heroine a huge variety of options when fighting against the Deviants.

In a surprise twist in the film, Sersi gains the ability to transfer living matter as well, creating a fun final fight scene for viewers.

 Marvel Eternals Sersi

Marvel Eternals Sersi


Played by Kumail Nanjiani, Kingo has the ability to shoot cosmic energy projectiles from his hands. Instead of lying low like some of the Eternals, Kingo actually chooses to “blend in” on Earth by becoming a popular Bollywood star. Nanjiani trained for months for an elaborate dance sequence that the character engages in during the film.

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Viewers will be thrilled to see ten new superheroes enter the Marvel Universe, all with a unique set of superpowers, backgrounds, and storylines. Although Marvel Studios has not confirmed the release of a second Eternals film, fans of the Marvel Universe can definitely expect to see at least some of their favorite Eternals show up again.

Marvel Eternals Dane Whitman

Marvel Eternals Dane Whitman

The Black Knight

The Black Knight is who Dane Whitman will become more than who he is right now. The part is played by Kit Harrington of GOT that Jon Snow. (And yes, there is a Jon Snow Funko Pop!)

The end of the movie (SPOILER?) has Dane ready to open the Ebony Blade when a voice speaks to him asking him "if he was ready to do that just yet".

Eternals Makkari

Eternals Makkari

The Ebony Blade

A ancient magical blade forged from the Starstone meteorite and, thanks to Merlin and Sir Percy, spellbound to tear asunder any object, to halt the expiry of the one who possesses it, and to draw away any magic. While it did all those things it also was cursed and it would imperceptibly pervert the user causing them to fall prey to barbarism, carnage and death. The blade was used by Sir Percy, and by the Templar Knights, all who were overcome by it's power.

Now this dark blade has come into the hands of Dane Whitman / Black Knight, who was a progenitor from the line of Sir Percy.

funko pop eternals marvel gilgamesh with chase 730.

funko pop eternals marvel gilgamesh with chase 730.

Who Was The Voice At The End Of The Movie

The voice that spoke to Dane Whitman was revealed to be that of Blade, the Vampire Hunter and a rare daywalker. A daywalker is a vampire who can walk outside during the day, Blade's mother was a human who was bitten while pregnant and carrying him. He seeks to avenge his mother's death and survives using a serum rather than human blood for nutrients.

So, is this voice foreshadowing a little and telling us that we will be seeing more of Dane Whitman/Black Knight and the Ebony Blade in the upcoming Marvel Blade the Vampire Slayer? Can you say Doctor Strange and The Scarlet Witch? How about Deadpool? Who else do you see as a possible character in this new Marvel endeavor? There are the two baddest of the bad guys the Blade world, Deacon Frost and Dracula. I bet we see them in it.

The Eternals Trailer

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