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Elephant Baby Shower Theme Ideas


A Pachyderm Party for the Little One!

Baby elephants make such a cute theme for baby showers! Plus, they look cute in all colors, from gray to pink and yellow to blue, so they're great for boys, girls, twins, or even gender reveals!

I've included plenty of adorable invitations and similar supplies for the shower, as well as many inspiring photos of décor and food ideas to make planning the perfect baby shower easy and fun!

There are photos of cakes and diaper cakes (instructions, too!), photos of fun party snacks and decorating ideas, plus recipe suggestions and a list of party games. Leave us a comment at the bottom if you have any suggestions to add!

A Few More Invitation Ideas:

All of them are customizable, too!

The invitations set the mood for the party, so be sure to pick ones that go with the color scheme you plan to use. Of course, you could always change your mind after you send out the invites, but one thing I like to do is frame the invitation for the guest of honor. Or place it in a scrapbook that also has a page that serves as a guest book.

Cute Cake Ideas

Cakes are an exciting part of any party! If you don't want your elephant cake to appear too circus-y, then you may want to stick to pastels. Or even a soft gray. If it's a gender reveal party, a cake with gray icing would work well if the cake inside is dyed blue or pink!

Here are some adorable cakes to get you inspired:

Not a Master Cake Baker?

No worries: there are plenty of other ways to supply cute desserts!

First of all, you could buy a ready-made cake or cupcakes. Or even cake pops in the colors of your shower. But if you want to do something yourself that's won't take days to prepare, you can use these options:

The cupcake wrappers and stand (left) can be filled with cupcakes you made or store bought ones. The chocolate molds (center) can be filled with melted chocolate or candy melts in the colors of your shower, as lollipops or without the sticks. And the cupcake picks (right) can be easily inserted into either homemade or store bought cupcakes. You may even want to combine the wrappers and stand with the cupcake picks!

Please Feed the Elephants!

Want an eye-catching snack that will be the talk of the party? Try peanuts!

They work as decorating in bowls or vases with the shells or without them. They can be placed in tiny cups or buckets on the tables (you'll probably want shelled for this), or you could put them in goody bags for guests to bring home with them.

If you or the guest of honor are not a fan of nuts, try marshmallow peanut candy instead.

Want something a little more unique? Try some of the candied peanut recipes listed below!

Candied Peanut Recipes - Fill cupcake liners with candied peanuts for a beautiful addition to your dessert table or as centerpieces! Here are some receipes:

Decoration Inspiration

I love these playful decorations! Some are a soft pastel, and others bright and playful, but all keeping in the spirit of welcoming the new baby!

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Try decorating with food! Put out candy in your party colors, and if your colors include pink - add in a bowl of frosted circus animal cookies:

Take a stencil or cookie cutter in the shape of an elephant, and trace onto colorful scrapbook paper. Cut out the elephants and tape to string to achieve this look:

Circus Animal Cookies

Or Make Your Own Cookies!

Diaper Cake Ideas

Check out these creative diaper cakes!

These diaper cakes will draw quite the crowd! They're beautiful but useful, too! They can be decorated with fun or necessary baby items, and, in most cases, the mom-to-be will be able to use all the diapers for the baby!

How do you make your own diaper cake? You'll need at least 50 small diapers. Wrap up each diaper (you may have to have them inside out to achieve an all white "cake"), and secure them with a rubber band.

Take these rolled up diapers and group together 4 or 5, securing them with a giant rubber band or a piece of ribbon. Add another layer to the outside of this group to make a larger bottom circle and secure with ribbon. You may need to attach this bottom layer to a platter or cardboard round with double sided tape if you need it to be sturdy enough to travel.

Then make a second and/or third tier in the same way, making each tier smaller then the one below it. Wrap each tier with decorative ribbon. Curl long pieces of ribbon and attach to the top (optional). Then stick in or tape on toys, tiny bath supplies, or other cute baby items.

Need a visual? Check out this video:

Video Tutorial of Making a Diaper Cake

Shower Game Ideas

Find the "Elephant in the Room"

Hide a plush elephant somewhere in the room. Show guests a duplicate plush or a photo of the hidden toy (maybe one taken with your phone before you hid it) and whoever finds it first wins a prize.

How Many Peanuts?

Fill a clear container, jar, or a large baby bottle with peanuts in the shell. How shower guests write down their guess of how many. Closest guess wins.

Clothespin Game

At the beginning of the party, everyone receives the same number of clothespins, usually 2 to 4, and they wear them somewhere on their person during the party. If you say a certain word, whoever hears you say that word "steals" the pin. Try forbidding words like "baby" and "elephant." At the end of the party, whoever has collected the most pins wins.

How Big is Baby?

Have all the guests guess how big the mom-to-be's belly is by measuring out a piece of yarn or toilet paper off a roll. Measure the mom-to-be last and use that piece of yarn or paper to compare those of the guests. Closest wins.

More Cute Favors and/or Prizes

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