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Dragon's Dogma Lure of the Abyss Quest

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Ogre

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Ogre in Lure of the Abyss Quest using Fire Spells

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Ogre in Lure of the Abyss Quest using Fire Spells

Dragon's Dogma Lure of the Abyss Quest

In Dragon's Dogma, the hero must head to the Everfall and investigate the strange presence. The purpose of this quest itself will send shivers down one's spine. This is the lure of the abyss quest. Before the hero can embark on this quest, the party of four must finish the quest - a Matter of Myrmidons. A Matter of Myrmidons quest allows the hero to speak to Mason and then Barnaby (at the Pawns Guild) and this will set in motion the Everfall quest. This will guide the hero on where to find and speak to Mason, where to find and speak to Barnaby and what to do in the lure of the abyss quest.

Dragon's Dogma A Matter of Myrmidons Quest

Once the hero arrives at Gran Soren, head up (there is only one path up from the south gate) to the fountain square. Mason will come forth and speak to the hero. He praises the hero for slaying the hydra, and tells the hero of the pawns guild quest. The hero may want to head to the inn at the fountain square to increase his skill sets and upgrade his skills before heading to the pawns guild quest; the hero will need the skills increase and upgrade for the lure of the abyss quest.

From the fountain square, when facing the inn, turn left and run down the street. Exit through an archway and turn left again. Head down the slope and turn left to see the Pawns Guild. Identify that this is the pawns guild by going inside and identifying the rift stone. Do not touch the rift stone unless the hero wishes to change pawns or companions. Instead, speak to Barnaby who will be somewhere in this building (there will be a red question mark on him). This will complete a matter of myrmidons quest; this is one of the simplest quest ever conceived.

Dragon's Dogma Explore the Everfall

This quest will be difficult. When facing the rift stone, turn left and go through a room and speak to Barnaby who stands just outside a small gate. Barnaby tells of a strange presence that has corrupted the Everfall. The hero must investigate this by exploring the Everfall. Face the gate and press the appropriate key to enter.

Once within the Everfall, the hero will follow a spiral slope all the way down to the bottom. There will be three main obstacles on the way down. The first obstacle is more annoyance than real obstacles. Some bats, spiders and even some undead warriors and corpses will attempt to stop the hero from going further down. Blast them aside with the upgraded mage skill sets.

The next obstacle will be a gate that blocks the hero's way down. To get past this gate, the hero must turn left, go down a corridor and face some skeletons. Defeat the skeletons and go along the passageway to reach a lever. Pull on it to lift the gate. Continue down the slope into the depths of the Everfall.

The final obstacle is a large monster blocking the way down. There are actually two ways to get past this monster, or ogre. Either defeat the ogre, or just run past him.

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Ogre in the Everfall

For the male mage hero who has upgraded his spells and recruited pawns corresponding to his level, the ogre in the Everfall will not be too difficult for many reasons. One of them is the ogre has a propensity to target females. So if the male hero surrounds himself with female pawns, then the ogre will attack the female characters and spare the hero. When the female warriors go down, simply revive them and the fight will continue. The hero will rarely lose.

However, to win this fight, simply target the ogre with the mage spell Comestion when he is busy targeting the female characters. Watch as the ogre's area erupt in flames and the ogre's health does down. Alternate this attack with the hero's upgraded Ingle spell - High Ingle. The ogre could be pelted with fire to the extent that he topples over. Attack the ogre harder when he sinks to his knees. Be vigilant though; the ogre will occasionally attack the hero too. If the ogre succeeds in grabbing the hero, then it could be over. Avoid this by jumping around the battlefield. Find a safe area and launch more fire attack spells at the ogre until the ogre is defeated.

Dragon's Dogma the Strange Presence at the Bottom of the Everfall

And then there is only the strange presence left to investigate. Head down to the bottom of the Everfall and activate the Flameservant's throne. Tentacle like creatures will rise from the ground. Avoid these at all costs. They can simply attack and bite off the hero's head. Turn around and run all the way up the slope until the tentacles are cleared. Speak to Barnaby and complete the lure of the abyss quest.

Next, head outside the pawns guild and speak to Ser Duncan to continue the main quest.

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