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Dragon's Dogma Find the Stone of the Southwest

Dragon's Dogma Find the Stone of the Southwest

In Dragon's Dogma, the stone of the southwest is a fortress that lies far to the southwest of Gran Soren. The hero and his party must take on the stone of the southwest quest and eliminate the goblins who have seized this vital bulwark. This stronghold will be invaluable for use against the dragon. This quest is part of the wyrm hunt quest, which the hero accepts from Ser Macmillan after speaking to Ser Duncan. The wyrm hunt quest is a series of quests which includes the stone of the southwest quest. However, the stone of the southwest is not easily found and lots of monsters block the way between Gran Soren and the stone of the southwest. This will guide the hero in finding the stone of the southwest and provide some tactics in defeating the monsters along the way.

Dragon's Dogma Find the Stone of the Southwest

Dragon's Dogma Find the Stone of the Southwest

Dragon's Dogma Find the Stone of the Southwest

Dragon's Dogma Find the North Entrance to the Ancient Quarry

To get to the Shadow Fort (the Stone of the Southwest), the hero must first get to the north entrance of the ancient quarry. From the northwestern gate of Gran Soren, head out and then go south. Follow the path, heading in a general southern direction. This will take the hero underneath a stone arch. Lots of bandits are positioned here. The hero needs to have leveled up properly to defeat the bandits. For the mage hero, use the spell Comestion repeatedly to create a wall of fire. This wall of fire can be quite dramatic. When fired into the ground, it can launch some enemies up into the air. Defeat the remaining bandits and follow the road west to an area where some miners appear to be coming out of a mine. This mine is the Ancient Quarry. Go to the north entrance of the Ancient Quarry and get ready to enter and explore the Ancient Quarry.

The hero should use the map often here, and use a waypoint to mark out the location of the shadow fort (make this the priority quest).

Dragon's Dogma Ancient Quarry Walkthrough

The ancient quarry is not that difficult to navigate. Simply journey in a southernly direction. Where there is a gate that cannot be opened, the hero needs to redirect himself and move in another southernly direction until he reaches an intersection with lots of bandits. Again for the mage hero, use fire spells like Comestion and High Ingle to ignite the bandits and eliminate them. After they are eliminated, the path south is taken and this will lead the hero and his party to an ogre.

The tactics for defeating the ogre have been described elsewhere. This particular ogre appears to be able to go into a frenzy when his health falls below a certain level. He will then charge the hero and cause almost instantaneous death on this attack. Therefore, hide behind the walls, and use the spell targeting system to launch an attack from sideways behind the walls. Keep doing this and use female pawns to distract the ogre until the ogre is defeated.

Go beyond the ogre and continue heading south until a door is reached. This door may be deceptively hidden behind some shadows. Use the map often. Open this door and follow the path until the hero comes out of the southern exit of the ancient quarry.

Dragon's Dogma Reach the Shadow Fort

The shadow fort is almost within reach. Switch to the map screen and notice that the waypoint is to the west of the southern exit of the ancient quarry. Follow the narrow path and continue west until the hero reaches the Shadow Fort.

The final path to the Shadow Fort is not easy. The three main types of monsters that will stop the hero include -

  • goblins
  • hobgoblins - bigger goblins that are larger and more difficult to defeat compared to goblins. But they burn all the same when the wall of fire Comestion is cast.
  • saurians - these are armored reptiles that appear to be deadly. However, with the correct party combination, the pawns will cut off the saurian tails and make short work of these saurians.

When the hero is near to the Shadow Fort, there is a side quest called leave no prisoners quest. This quest involves defeating goblins and then rescuing a captive within a cage. Once the goblins are defeated and the prisoner is rescued, the hero has to follow the path west (either run past more goblins or defeat the goblins) and he will reach the Stone of the Southwest. It's time to liberate the fort.

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