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Dragon Nest - How to Create a Guild Emblem

Gunther - The guild alliance NPC in Saint Haven

Gunther - The guild alliance NPC in Saint Haven

Dragon Nest Guild Emblem

Guild emblems are likely the guild's identity, and in Dragon Nest, there is a unique way of making one. Never worry about a guild having the same emblem as yours, because with hundreds of combinations possible, you are sure that the emblem you'll make is unique.

The Guild Emblem creation window.

The Guild Emblem creation window.

How do you make a guild emblem?

To implement a created guild emblem, you must first of course, be a leader of a guild. Only the guild master has the option of creating the guild's emblem as well as managing some options of the guild.

The guild management NPC is located in every town as the 'guild alliance' NPC in the NPC search. Just look for a guard or something then select the NPC search option the look for the [guild alliance] NPC. Once you've talked to the guild management NPC:

  1. Simply look for and pick the Emblem/Badge under the guild management option.
  2. Choose the buy emblem/badge coupon option and purchase one for 100g.
  3. Right click on the coupon in your inventory and you'll encounter a window similar to the image in the right.
  4. You may experiment and simulate the best design for your emblem. Just make sure it looks cool and as much as possible it fits the guild.

After creation, to have a clear view of your created emblem, you may open your guild page by pressing 'O' under the community options and clicking in the 'guild' tabs.

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Note: If you want to simulate however, you have the option of creating a guild then simulate a guild emblem by buying the coupon. It costs 100g though.

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