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Dishonored Escape From Slaughterhouse Row

Dishonored Find Billie Lurk and Escape Slaughterhouse Row

Dishonored Find Billie Lurk and Escape Slaughterhouse Row

Dishonored Find Billie Lurk and Escape Slaughterhouse Row

In Dishonored Knife of Dunwall, the hero Daud must finish off the Captain of Industry mission. To do this, he must leave the Slaughterhouse Row. Before he can do that, he must find his lieutenant Billie Lurk. Then they can leave together. This will guide Daud as he tries to leave the Slaugherhouse area. It will also cover how to open the safe in the Slaughterhouse Yard by uncovering the code behind the wooden planks.

Daud will leave the Slaughterhouse, and enter the Slaughterhouse Yard. As soon as he comes out, he will see some guards and a butcher conversing about the appearance of Daud and his assassins in the area. Blink behind the guards and take them down, and then fast blink next to the butcher and defeat him before he can raise the alarm.

Now, if the hero has not already opened the safe here, he can now do so. First go to the back of Slaughterhouse Yard and into an alleyway. There will be wooden planks on the wall. Smash the wooden planks to uncover a code and number behind the planks. Take the number and use it to unlock the safe in the room near the first wall of light.

Dishonored Find Billie Lurk

Billie Lurk appears to have been trapped by some overseers in an alley. To make this part of the mission fun and exciting, the hero should have done the following –

  • Have enough rewire tools
  • Have already rewired the wall of light and put the whale oil back to power the wall of light
  • Have already rewired the two arc pylons, one at the starting point of the mission and the other near the entrance into the sewer

Now if the hero encounters too many guards and cannot do a blink and stealth take down approach, simply lure the enemies into the wall of light or near to the arc pylons.

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Once all the enemies are taken care of, Daud must find Billie Lurk. Follow the marker and note that Billie Lurk has been captured by some overseers in an alleyway. Hide behind cover and peer into the alleyway. There are about three overseers here. Use sleep darts to take down two overseers and then blink in and take down the remaining overseer from behind before he can react.

Free Billie Lurk and then follow your lieutenant. Blink up to the roof and then the various balconies on the left. If the hero fancies any more arc pylon take-downs, blink down to the ground floor and run towards some enemies. Then lure them to the arc pylon.

Billie Lurk will wait for the hero at the starting point of the first mission. Blink up to this location and then leave for the second mission.

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