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Dirge of Cerberus: Kill 100 Enemies Mission

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Dirge of Cerberus Walkthrough - Kill 100 Enemies Mission Tips & Strategy

This walkthrough guides you through the "kill 100 enemies" mission in Chapter 10 of Dirge of Cerberus. There are complete Dirge of Cerberus faqs/walkthroughs available on GameFAQ, but they don't give in-depth strategies on how to defeat the 100 enemies mission.

The 100 Enemies Sidequest is a great way to rack up gil for last-minute weapon upgrades (e.g. upgrading the Toy Gun from Chapter 3 to the Ultima Weapon). Shielded gunners drop 2000-5000 gil, and the last one drops the Gold Moogle Doll, which can be sold for 35,000 gil -- great for upgrades.

Note that I play Dirge of Cerebus in Normal mode. It's worse if you're playing Extra Hard mode.

Above: Vincent from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. Welcome! I think we're the only two fans of this game. ;)

General Tips for Defeat 100 Enemies Mission - Dirge of Cerberus Strategy

Below, I'll take you step by step through each wave of the "Defeat 100 Enemies" challenge. But first, here's how to survive!

  1. You can leave the room at ANY time; enemy count resets to zero. Gate will reset and let you through after you've visited vending machine room.
  2. Guns Prep: All with Blizzard Materia (chases targets), Power Booster. Blast Machine Gun and Cerberus (Handgun) with Materia Floater to boost Blizzard's power, Hydra (Shotgun) with Sniper Scope.
  3. Items Prep: You need a full set, or as close as you can get, especially Phoenix Down, Mega-Potions, X-Potions, Elixir. Until I got the hang of this room, I needed a Limit Breaker (or, sad to say, three).
  4. Phoenix Down Prep: Use a phoenix down before you enter the room and have a spare. AS SOON AS Vincent gets killed/resurrected, hit triangle, go to items and use your reserve Phoenix Down. If he gets killed/resurrected again, swallow your pride and leave the room -- or be very, very very careful.
  5. General Strategy: Take out all the wave except for one or two sword-guys, then go hide under the Mako Pad (far left when you enter the room) out of sword-range, heal up, refill guns, refill magic, and check list to see what's coming next.
  6. The Pause That Refreshes: Hit Triangle to call up menu, check inventory (how's your healing & ether supplies?), heal yourself. Nobody will hit you while you've got this menu up.
  7. If you get GAME OVER (i.e. out of phoenix downs, and you're dead), it's not the end of the world; you'll be allowed to restart at last save point (emerging from Nero's darkness).

    -- You lose any gil or customizations that you collected after that save point.

    -- But you get BACK any items you had at that time (e.g. Limit Breakers).

    -- You get to KEEP your XP gained in the Room o' Doom to level up, OR

    -- Convert that XP to gil to restock items.

    I suggest trying the Room o' Doom a few times, let yourself be killed and level up, then go for the full 100 enemies. After you've picked some decent gil, be careful. You don't want to lose gil from multiple visits to this room! You can always back out, restock at the vending machine, and try another round of 100, as long as you have gil to restock. Repeat run-throughs get easier and easier as you upgrade weapons.

  8. Keep Moving! Have your green target circle at the ready -- R1 to get it -- and fire when you see red.

    Exception: if you've got nothing but snipers/grenadiers up high on one side of room, hide or crouch behind cover.

  9. Ether: Try to have an Ether in reserve for the last four enemies. You'll probably get at least one Ether dropped during the previous 96.
  10. Item Drops: Most of the drops are totally random: an Ether here, a Mega-Potion there (VERY welcome), ammo for any of three guns. The SHIELDed shooters (see below) usually drop several thousand gil a pop.

The Enemies You'll Be Facing - Hide under the exact middle of mako pad to be out of sword range

shooter = ordinary guy with gun. (They're gray.)

sniper = ordinary guy with gun (same as shooter, but on rooftop).

Shooter/Sniper (with a capital letter) = shooter or sniper who takes 2-3 shots to kill.

SHIELD = shooter who is SHIELDED from ordinary ammo. You have to kill him with materia. These guys suck.

grunt = ordinary sword guy.

samurai = big ass sword guy.

grenadier = guy with grenade launcher. These guys also suck. Mostly found on second level (the catwalks midway up the wall).

DoC: Map of Room of Doom

Dirge of Ceberus Defeat 100 Enemies

Dirge of Ceberus Defeat 100 Enemies

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I use the positions labeled above to specify where new enemies will appear in each wave.

Defeat 100 Enemies Mission Step By Step - Part 1: Who Are These People?!

The 100 enemies usually come in waves: the next wave appears after the last is cleared out.

In a few cases, a new wave jumps in before the last one is cleared.


#: enemy count (e.g. 3 = third enemy to appear)

[a, b, c] zones around room: see map.

Level: ground (where you are), first level (lower catwalks around room, partly accessible via ladder), second level (upper catwalks, frequented by grenadiers), roof (frequented by snipers)

  • Enemies #1 and #2: shooters, ground, far end of room (east) between raised pads.

    Strategy: hop down into room and move left, squat behind near lefthand pad, creep left with gunsight and peg their feet.

  • 3,4: shooters, level 2, [b,c].

    Squat behind north (left as you go in) two pads and pick 'em off.

    You'll wanna scoot behind the Mako Pad now or in the next wave.

  • 5,6 two shooters, level 2 [b] and level 1 [d].

    It's easier to pick these off from behind the mako pad.

  • 7-10 One grenadier level 2, two Shooters level 2 [b,d], Shooter level 1 [d].

    At the end of this wave, squat directly behind the east side of the mako pad (far end of room from entrance) to be ready for roof snipers.

  • 11 solo sniper, roof west end (middle).

    For this and the next few waves you'll crouch on the east side of the Mako Pad and pick off the guys on the roof.

  • 12, 13 two snipers, roof west end (sides).
  • 14-16 three Snipers, roof west end, AND

    17-19, three grenadiers, second level, west end, PLUS

    20, SHIELDshooter drops to ground after you're down to one of #14-19.

    For this wave, I crouch behind Mana Pad, carefully pick off the roof Snipers with shotgun, then run back and forth on east end of room plunking grenadiers (shotgun, handgun, magic if I can spare it). Save or refill half MP for that SHIELD guy.

  • 21-24, snipers roofline [c,d,e,h]

    Easy pickoffs with shotgun.

  • 25-32: Eight snipers, evenly distributed around roof [a to h]

    Pick 'em off, hiding on one side of room or other for cover. SAVE the last sniper until you've

    REFILLED MP and HEALED completely for the Running In Circles section.

Defeat 100 Enemies Part 2: Running in Circles

For this section, get used to running around the room with sword guys pursuing while you deal with various menaces. A lot of waves jump in when you've culled the previous batch down to one.

Order of Priority for Each Wave:

  1. Pick off rooftop snipers with shotgun.
  2. Blizzard SHIELDed shooters.
  3. Handgun or machine gun ordinary shooters on the ground.
  4. Blast machine gun (handgun if you don't have it) grenadiers on ground.
  5. shotgun/blizzard/whatever grenadiers on upper levels.
  6. get down to 2 non-shooters (grenadiers are ok) and hide under the Mako Point to recharge/heal.
  7. While safe, check list and identify key targets in next wave.
  8. clear out the last two guys.

Now, on with the step-by-step DoC walkthrough:

  • 33-34, snipers [a,e], 35-37 snipers back (east) gable, 38 SHIELDshooter, 39,40 grunts

    In other words, FIVE snipers are up top on the opposite end of the room from the entrance -- if you plan ahead you can pick most of these off quickly with a shotgun before trouble hits the ground. Then blizzard the SHIELDshooter, then -- pant pant -- lead the grunts in a merry circle until you've healed up and caught your breath.

  • 41-44, four grunts

    For this wave and next three, when you've got 3-4 sword guys chasing you, knock 'em down with blast machine gun until you're down to 1, then heal/recharge MP and take out final one.

  • 45-48, three grunts, one samurai
  • 49-52, two grunts, two samurai
  • 53-55, three samurai

    Refill MP before you kill the last of this wave.

  • 56-60, SHIELDshooter, four samurai

    Blizzard the shieldshooter, then run around-- blast machine gun keeps 'em tame-- but do NOT kill last samurai until you've fully recharged MP and healed.

Defeat 100 Enemies Part 3: Survival

All right, that was your warm-up. NOW things get tough. But hang tight, you can do this!

  • 61-65, sniper [d], SHIELDshooter, grenadier [front? second level], samurai, grunt -- five total.

    Look! It's a full house! Nail the sniper with your shotgun -- hopefully before the rest drop in -- start running, Blizzard the SHIELD guy. After that just keep running until you get the grenadier, run hide on the Mako point once you're down to swords.

    Now brace yourself, get in position to pick off sniper in NEXT wave before you finish off the last guy in this one.

  • 66-70, two grenadiers (second level, front/west roof), sniper [e], shooter (ground), grunt -- five total.

    At first I needed a Limit Breaker in this stretch.

    As usual, plan ahead so you're ready to pick off the sniper, then start running. Ordinary handgun will take out ground shooter. But you can't relax, because the following two drop in very quickly, not waiting for you to clear 66-70:

    71, 72, SHIELDshooter, samurai

    IMPORTANT: save TWO victims until you've healed and prepped for next wave, which starts when you're down to ONE of this wave.

    In this case, I finally wound up leaving the two grenadiers for last .

  • 73,74 two snipers [back /east gable, h], 75,76,77, grenadier (ground), grunt, samurai.

    Nail snipers -- they're on diagonally opposite corners-- with shotguns, get grenadiers with blizzard if you've got Magic to burn or use shotgun, take out a sword guy (samurai or grunt) and do NOT kill last sword guy until Magic is full.

    In fact, I not only hide under the Mako Pad until my Magic is refilled, I go hide under southeast pad (with the ramp) until I hear the Mako Pad ping to say it's full (for emergency refills).

  • 78-80, three SHIELDshooters

    Blizzard. If you can take out two, you can hide on the Mako Pad and refill.

    Trick: sometimes they'll bounce in place while you're in hiding; then you can ignore them. Sometimes they'll try to sneak up on you; if you shoot them once or twice with ordinary ammo, they'll retreat and/or start bouncing again.

  • 81-84, four shooters

    These guys are on the ground and die easy -- no magic needed. Just keep moving.

  • 85-88, two shooters, two grunts

    Take out (ground) shooters, hide on Mako Pad to heal/recharge magic.

  • 89-92, two shooters, two grenadiers

    Yikes! All four are on the ground, shooting you at close range!

    The key is to keep moving. Also, use blast machine gun on grenadiers -- they can't blast you lying on their faces!

  • 93-96, two shooters, two samurai

    Almost there! Kill the shooters (on the ground), kill ONE samurai, but do NOT kill the other. Save him.

    Go thou to the Mako Pad. Fill Magic. Heal. Check items: got a spare ether or elixir?

    Deep breath. Go hide under NON Mako Pad (best is one with ramp).

    Wait until MP pings to tell you it's full.

    Square to lunge out of hiding, kill last samurai. Then...

  • 97-100, FOUR SHIELDshooters

    Of course! Make sure you're targeting in red, then let fly Blizzard. And again. With materia floater, it takes two blizzards to kill one of these guys. Problem: they keep bouncing out of the way, and can often dodge even blizzard.


    There is no way to get all four with one magic charge. You'll have to refill with an ether, or go hide on the Mako Pad.

    Remember the trick for 78-80: sometimes these guys just bounce in place, and if they try sneaking up on you while you're hiding, they'll retreat (briefly) if you hit them with ordinary ammo, buying you time.

    First three drop 3000-8000 gil apiece. Problem: collecting gil means getting caught in crossfire. Kill two of the four guys before you collect.

    LAST GUY drops a Golden Moogle doll which can be sold for 30,000 gil.

    But WAIT! Don't leave the room after #100 is dead! While catching your breath, go squat on the Mako Pad!

    NOW celebrate. :)

    Wasn't that fun? Guess what! You can go back to the vending machine room, restock, and try again! But make sure you've got everything -- especially a phoenix downcast on Vince and a spare -- before coming back.

© 2010 auronlu

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