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Deadpool Find Rogue in the Genosha Prison

In Deadpool, the hero’s shoe ship lands in the Genosha Prison. Hence Chapter 5 is aptly named Landed In Prison. The new age Rogue joins the adventures of Deadpool. She is unable to fly. Yes, seriously unable to fly. Deadpool and her hang upside down (well, Deadpool is upside down, Rogue is right-side up) shooting at bad guys, and then Deadpool’s ship gives up and drops to the ground at prison ground floor. And Rogue gets captured by Blockbuster. This will guide Deadpool as he tries to find Rogue in the Genosha Prison, culminating in the defeat of Blockbuster in the Arena.

Deadpool Follow the Red Writing On the Wall

Deadpool follow the red writing on the wall to get to Genosha Prison.

Deadpool follow the red writing on the wall to get to Genosha Prison.

Deadpool Search for Rogue in the Genosha Prison. Maybe You’ll Get A Kiss…

The search for Rogue begins…….. but first, Deadpool has to find his arm. It was severed during the fall. Follow Deadpool’s dog the right way. Well, since Deadpool’s head is now in reverse, forwards means backwards and so on. This part is easy enough. Look for the dog and reattach Deadpool’s arm.

Now, back to the serious part of the game. The key here is go find a way and activate all consoles to get to the Arena. Luckily, if the player looks hard enough, he can see some red writings on the wall that indicates the direction where Deadpool should go. Deadpool will have to face lots of enemies along the way. This is the way to the Arena –

  • Go up the collapsed wall and head up to the higher level.
  • On the higher level, jump back down to the ground floor (follow the red writing on the wall).
  • Fight some enemies here. There will be a new group of enemies here, whose powers behave like some kind of Gambit clones. These Gambit-like clones are suicidal, exploding when they are near the target i.e Deadpool. Deadpool has to teleport out of the way when they are about to explode to avoid damage.
  • After avoiding the clones, follow the red writing on the wall and then head upstairs. Defeat more enemies and then continue going up.
  • Enjoy the joke in the toilet and then move forward to defeat more enemies. Activate a console to let in more enemies and reach an area where Deadpool can go left or right into two corridors. The correct way is indicated when Deadpool tries to activate another console, but it leads to a retro game. Deadpool will make a phone call and the retro game is patched to the modern game.

Again, follow the “this way to the Arena” sign and continue. Eventually, Deadpool will arrive at a big red room. Defeat some tough enemies here and then activate another console to reach

  • the Surprise Prison Shower Party

After smchoozing with the ladies 8/8, Deadpool will receive the achievement! Congratulations!

Now to rescue Rogue, who is in the VIP section of the party. When Deadpool reaches Rogue, the illusion of the party fades, and Deadpool finds himself attacking some enemies, including some new enemies which can fade in and out of the walls. Anyhow, defeat them and then find a shower and take a shower anyway. After this, Deadpool needs to find a control console upstairs to open the door. The door does not open, because the wires have been disconnected during the fight. Fortunately, Deadpool has accelerated healing factor, so go downstairs and use himself as a conduit to complete the electrical circuit. The door will open.

Deadpool Get to the Arena

Deadpool follow more red writings on the wall to get to the Arena.

Deadpool follow more red writings on the wall to get to the Arena.

Deadpool Follow Your Nose and Sniff Out Rogue

As usual, follow the red writing on the wall and defeat more mutant clones and then reach the River of Filth. The helpless Rogue is being carried away by Blockbuster. The first part of the River of Filth is easy; just use the conversation bubbles and jump across.

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The second part of the River of Filth will be blocked by lots of enemies initially. Defeat them and then cross the River of Filth by jumping onto the solid pieces of filth floating on the river. Be careful; if Deadpool falls into the river, his health drops so rapidly that he cannot heal up fast enough to survive. Such is the deadliness of the River of Filth.

The final part of the River of Filth requires Deadpool to shoot at some explosive barrels to create a hole in the wall. Jump and then climb up the ledge to find a chest. Open it, because it is EMPTY! However, Deadpool is rewarded with the Long Teleport Skill.

Deadpool Use Long Teleport

Deadpool must move around and navigate until the long teleport sign comes up. Don't forget to come out and look back and upwards.

Deadpool must move around and navigate until the long teleport sign comes up. Don't forget to come out and look back and upwards.

Deadpool the Game Get to the Solitary Confinement Area

The next part of the Rogue Rescue requires Deadpool to use his long teleport skill to find ledges to teleport onto. If Deadpool moves and navigates around, he will find a teleport sign appearing on the ledges. Long teleport there. One of the ledges requires a bit of “reverse teleporting”, meaning come out of a narrow ledge and look back and up and long teleport upwards. Jump and long teleport through these series of obstacles until Deadpool reaches the next section.

Deadpool Defeat Blockbuster

Finally, Deadpool needs to destroy the whole structure of the Solitary Confinement Area so that he can save Rogue and impress her. To do this, Deadpool needs to plant explosives around the structures. So jump and teleport around the structure and get those three explosives planted. Remember to collect the DP tokens and points wherever possible.

After planting the bombs, Deadpool must sneak attack some enemies and then get to Mr Sinister. Sneak attack Mr Sinister and rejoice! Mr Sinister is dead! After tweeting all his followers (ie male alpha X-men and female X-babes), Deadpool realizes that this is in fact, another clone! He teleports back to the Arena and Deadpool must defeat Blockbuster.

Defeating Blockbuster does not make a blockbuster movie. It is dead easy for Deadpool. Wait for Blockbuster to charge, and then press E (on PC). This will stun him, and then rapidly use as much pulse rifle attacks on him as possible. This will drop his health somewhat. The average Deadpool hero using this technique may require three attempts to down Blockbuster.

The last attempt is the hardest, because Blockbuster will have summoned some minions to help him. Defeat the minions and then defeat Blockbuster. Beware though, the timing of the last charge attack by Blockbuster must be perfect, because the damage he causes at this point is very large indeed, and can take Deadpool out in an instance.

With Blockbuster gone, rejoice! The explosives go off, Rogue is rescued. Well severely injured when rescued, but because of Rogue’s ability to absorb powers, Deadpool “allows” her to touch him and become Lady Deadpool!

Enjoy the Lady Deadpool action and cutscenes at the end of Chapter 5 Landed In Prison!

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