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Darksiders 2 Use Deathgrip in the Foundry

Darksiders 2 Use Deathgrip in the Foundry

Darksiders 2 Use Deathgrip in the Foundry

Darksiders 2 Use Deathgrip in the Foundry

Darksiders 2 Use Deathgrip in the Foundry

In Darksiders 2, the hero will get the Deathgrip gear from the Foundry. After the hero gets the deathgrip gear, he will be able to transverse obstacles previously thought impossible. The deathgrip is also a weapon which can be used in normal combat to make foes become off-balanced. Then the hero can go in and tear the enemies to shreds with his scythes. In addition, the Deathgrip is essential in the Foundry to get to the heartstones initially, and then to get the heartstones off their mounts. This will guide the hero how to use the deathgrip to navigate previously impossible obstacles and to get the first heartstone. A small part will also be focused on the use of deathgrip in normal combat.

Use Deathgrip to Overcome Obstacles in the Foundry

First remember that to get the deathgrip, Karn had to haul the hero over the deep chasm. To get over back to Karn, the hero must use Deathgrip to pull onto the ring at the top of the roof and create a forceful pulley to launch himself back to the platform where Karn is. Karn will then lead the hero to the next part of the quest to get the first heartstone.

Karn and the hero will arrive at the room in the guardian main chamber where there is a shadow bomb on the right side of the wall, and a slab knob on the left side of the wall. The solution here is obvious with Deathgrip – use deathgrip to grab the shadow bomb and then launch the shadow bomb against the slab knob on the wall. The knob will turn in, allowing the metal bridge in the lava to rise above the lava. Go into the next chamber.

Here there are two levers which need to be pulled to allow another metal bridge to function. Use the video to guide the hero through the obstacles and operate the levers in the foundry.

With the second metal bridge formed, head into the next chamber. The next chamber is actually a medieval style elevator. There is a lever here which will allow the elevator to descend. Pull on the lever and watch as Karn and the hero descends into the depths of the foundry.

Find the Golem Construct in the Lava Depths of the Foundry

The depths of the foundry is a lava and magma filled natural cavern with tunnels that branch in and out of one another. The first heartstone is dangling somewhere above one of the chambers, but is inaccessible to the hero initially. The hero must find the golem construct somewhere in the depths of the foundry and then navigate it to find a path to get the first heartstone.

The hero is thrown by Karn and then must transverse some obstacles to get to the lower reaches of the foundry.

At this point, the hero will spot a golem construct in the distance sitting somewhere outside the reach of the lava-filled bottom. Transverse the wall on the left and then walk up to the golem. Mount the golem. Now the fun part comes. Drive the golem through the lava and just about smash everything in its way, including some crystalline structures. Finally the hero will arrive at a crater. Navigate the golem so that the ball of the golem fits into the crater. Now fire off the chain mount so that it attaches to the wall. Mount the chain and climb up to the ledge that contains the first heartstone. Use deathgrip to jump onto the heartstone and use scythes to take the heartstone out of the mould.

The first heartstone will drop to the ground, and Karn will pick it up and take it into the metal elevator. When the operator is operated, the hero is attacked by more monsters. Defeat them and then get out of the elevator at the main floor. Return to the main chamber of the guardian and watch as Karn releases the first heartstone which attaches to the guardian.

And then the supporting ramp and wooden pillars to the left of the hero falls, indicating to the hero that the second heartstone can be obtained along the path here.

Use Deathgrip to Defeat Monsters in the Foundry

At this point, the hero would have accumulated lots of abilities and wrath moves. But the deathgrip adds a further skillset to the hero – the ability to off-balance enemeis and then attack them when they are off-balanced.

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